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God Smiles

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Several times today, I had the sense that God was with me, and that he was smiling. I don't know how else to describe it. There was the moment in the shop where I bought a pair of cheap espadrilles and the salesgirl was rude to me. I bit my tongue and wasn't snippy back, and it would have easy to have done so on such a sweltering hot day. In fact, that's why I bought the espadrilles. My feet were so uncomfortable in my other shoes, that I invested in the light canvas things. That really made my day go better!

While preparing for my lessons at the language school, I noticed that one of my business English students was going to be having her 100th lesson this afternoon. I thought of bringing her a little treat of some kind, but, in the busyness of the day, I forgot. When I arrived at her office for the lesson, she brought me the usual glass of water - and a piece of fresh apricot cake that we split. And she hadn't even known that we had something to celebrate! That was especially handy because I had forgotten to pack the apples and protein bar that I meant to have as a snack, and was a little concerned about getting hungry on the way home. I just substituted the cake!

When I left Karin's office, I almost missed the tram because I had to wait for the automat to print out my ticket. The driver actually waited for me! That NEVER happens here - in fact, I think there are a lot of drivers who get pleasure out of pulling away when they see people rushing to catch their tram. Was this a "reward" for not being sharp with the salesgirl earlier in the day? I don't believe in karma - but I do believe in God smiles. When I got to the train station for the last leg of my commute home, I thought I would have to wait a half hour for the next train. But the train before it had a 5-minute delay meaning that I was still able to catch it and get home 30 minutes earlier. Another smile!

And when I got home and went to update my calorie tracker - the total including Karin's cake was exactly 1550 - the top of my range. With this eating plan I can have my cake and still be faithful to my goals and successful in reaching them. I think that's what God wanted me to know and he has such wonderfully serendipitous ways of getting his point across.

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ANGELWOOD 8/8/2007 9:59AM

    How truly inspiring! You should keep a scrapbook of all your "God smiles" or something! Awesome! Praise God! :)

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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This is usually a time when - if I'm not visiting friends - I catch up on email, maybe take a nap, go for a walk, and then begin planning for the week ahead.

Today is no different, but I keep thinking about 2 weeks from now when I'll be getting ready to take a two-week intensive course at the seminary. I know the subject will be interesting and I'm looking forward to that, but I'm concerned about maintaining my good eating and exercise habits, along with getting in the all the reading and studying.

Time to start eliminating all "peripheral" activities, get the apartment in order, and get a few projects taken care of so that I can do my best in the course. For the first time in ages, I was brave enough to make a monthly goal list. I need to print that out and hang it somewhere visible to help me keep focussed!

Almost forgot - went to Ikea yesterday and finally ordered the chaise and sleeper sofa I've needed for so long! When I sat on the chaise (called "recammiťre in the catalog), I was so happy because it felt so right. It will be my comfortable reading, writing, studying, tv-watching, listening-to-music place. It will be so nice to have furniture in the living room again after months of sitting on lawn chairs. :)



Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yesterday, I had an appointment with one of the personal trainers at the fitness studio (what we call "the gym" in Germany). This is a luxury I won't often be indulging in, but I wanted someone to help me put together a individual strength program that takes into consideration my problem zones and weak spots, and to have her really show me how to do the exercises correctly to avoid injury. At 55, and with some of my history, I felt like this was an important step and a wise investment.


As the Deer

Friday, June 08, 2007

Yesterday, I accepted a challenge on the 1-Day Challenge Board to "feel the burn" - in some way, to up our exercise for the day. I'd been planning to take it easy with a 30-minute walk but decided to go for my 45-minute loop through the woods. On the way back, I saw a young deer on the path not too far ahead of me. We stopped and looked at each other for a moment before he hurriedly disappeared into the brush. What a rare and precious sight! I had the thought that this was the Lord rewarding me for my diligence...and the song "As the deer..." came to mind. Alone on the trail, I started to sing that song with thankfulness for how the Lord is helping me along this lifestyle-change journey.

Even remembered the words to one of the other verses: "You're my friend and you are my brother even though you are a King. l love you more than any other, so much more than anything." And I do!

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ANGELWOOD 8/8/2007 10:04AM

    I sang that solo once. I actually forgot some of the lyrics. *facepalm* Hope you don't mind my spamming your SparkPage. I wish it was possible to save some entries as "memories" like in Livejournal.

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The Long Run

Saturday, June 02, 2007

From one of the Spark emails in my box today: "Donít give up on yourself. After all, itís never too late to be that healthy person you might have been." That's a pretty audacious statement for someone who is 55, but I'm holding on to that. More and more realizing I'm that I'm into this fitness thing for the long run. How great it would be to be healthier during my 56th year than ever before! With God, it's possible.


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