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Fast Fueler

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I finally got around to taking the profile quiz and it really nailed it. I continue to be impressed by all the tools and info on the Spark site. I'm curious how many others fit into the Fast Fueler type. Somehow, I have a feeling we may be in the majority!?

The strategies they suggested are what's been working for me. Only exception is number 5 because I don't drink coffee and rarely caffeinated tea.

1. Pack your lunch or have someone pack for you so it's there when you need it.
2. Have and use plenty of disposable resealable containers of different sizes.
3. Batch-cook food on Sunday (I try to do this on Saturday or Monday morning) for the rest of the week.
4. Make a point to have more fresh fruit and vegetables within arm's reach.
5. Try cutting the intake of coffee and soda in half or substituting with green tea


Balcony Blooms

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I got the 4 big flowerboxes planted and the trees transplanted before I ran out of dirt! All that bending and turning sure felt like exercise. My strength training per SP was a breeze after that. I probably could have counted it as cardio too :) I visited Elizabeth in the home where she's been for 3 weeks. I got there at dinner time and she was in the dining room with the other 10 or so people on her floor. Many of them suffer from dementia and it was very sad. No wonder her sister told me that she would be grateful for visitors! Came back, had dinner and did my walk. Off to bed soon, after I take my measurements for the May challenge.


May Day!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Tomorrow is a holiday in Germany. A free day at home can be dangerous because I may be tempted to snack! In the morning, I plan to work out on the balcony planting the flowers I bought at the garden store today. In the afternoon, I'll be visiting one of the seniors from church.

I'm also starting two new challenges on the forums. One is a measurement check-in; for the other, I need to stay withing my calorie range for the whole month. I tend to guesstimate on calories and still have managed to lose. But judging by my tracking the last two days, I may find I need to be more conscientious. I can do this!


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