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New shoes for running & P90X

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been told that I drank from the toe-shoe koolaid. Hope it wasn't too sugary -- I'm trying to cut down! emoticon

I read about Vibram Five Fingers for the first time in 2009. Though curious, I wasn't really interested in trying them for myself. I don't like flip flops because separating my toes like that isn't comfortable. But since I know a few people who have them and absolutely love them, when I decided to get some new workout/running shoes, I had to give them a try. I have to admit, after having these on for about 10 minutes in the store today, it was almost like I didn't have shoes on. I couldn't believe it!

I wore them for about an hour this afternoon (with toe socks) and certainly need to "break them in" some. Not so much for the shoes, but for my feet! I will give them a short run on the treadmill tomorrow to see how that feels.

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MELWOW 2/29/2012 9:25PM

    Cool! Don't think my giant flat feet and XL bunion would fit in them. I would need ones that are shaped like flippers with arch support! Interested to know what a run feels like in them.

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ELISOS 2/26/2012 8:40PM

    emoticon emoticon

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ROCKINMOM77 2/26/2012 8:51AM

    Cool shoes! I think my nephew told me, he works at eastbay (shoes place) that they are really good for people who run on the balls/toes of their feet. I run like that! lol I am afraid to try them because I have heard of so many people hurting themselves while wearing them!!! OH and What about the P90X?

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VYVIENN 2/26/2012 4:39AM

    Neat!! I remember Runner's World had an article recently about how to break them in properly; maybe you can Google it.

May they bring you many successful workouts!

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    One of my favourite pairs ( I have a few....I drank the kool-aid 2 years ago). Enjoy them! I'm sure you've heard it before....but...be sure to take it easy for the first while wearing them if you're used to more structured foot wear. emoticon

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Friday, January 27, 2012

One of the emails I received from SP today contained a link to this article: No Pain = Big Gain www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness

I appreciate such reminders. Though I've been following along with the P90X program, which incorporates many of the principles of this article, I have found that MENTALLY (if not physically) I need extra days of rest than provided by the schedule. For those of you who haven't looked into this program, it is an intense schedule of lifting, cardio and yoga 6 days per week. Every four weeks, there is no lifting and more stretching/yoga.

My original intent when I started P90X was to go at my own pace, to work out maybe 4 times per week. As usual when I start something new, however, I was excited to "push play" every day. I joined a team here on SP and one on the Beach Body forums, started posting daily, and contacted an active coach to keep me accountable. My husband frequently reminded me to take rest days and that it was OK to take extra days if I was sore, or tired, or just didn't feel like working out that day. Some days I worked out anyway and I must admit that I never regretted doing so. Some days I rested and I often DID feel guilty about it, especially if I did it two days in a row... like this week.

No More.

I am hereby officially declaring that I will finish P90X on my OWN schedule. I realize that I may be sacrificing some gains by doing so... but honestly, I doubt it. I believe that this is just going to postpone them a bit. No, I won't finish the program in 90 days. I WILL finish it, it will just take me a little longer than that. And that's okay with me. It just might help keep me sane... ok, closer to it than not. ;)

Do you take rest days?

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ELISOS 2/1/2012 10:46PM


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    P90X is a wicked program. Even finishing at your own pace should make you stronger, leaner, and more fit. You go, girl!

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AMBERLEIGHM1 1/28/2012 12:14AM

    It is so good to listen to your own body and keep a schedule that is uplifting and motivating and doesn't feel like a chore, I think you've made a wonderful decision to finish this on your time table. I also agree you will still see significant progress even if it is a little bit longer to see it, keep up the great work. I can't wait to see how you feel at the end of the program.

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MOMFAN 1/27/2012 11:04PM

    Good for you!

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Double check your labels!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I was a little upset earlier this evening when I was putting my whey protein container back in the pantry. The nutrition label caught my eye and I had to do a double-take. I picked the container back up and headed straight to my computer, logged on to Spark and checked my daily entries.

Sure enough, the calories and nutritional profile do NOT match what I have been logging.

Given my daily servings, I have been consuming 190 calories MORE each day than I thought. What's worse, that includes almost 14g MORE fat! Every day, for the past ten days.

I will be picking up a different product tomorrow. My husband/kids will finish the current one.

Double check your labels match what you're entering!

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MOMFAN 1/27/2012 12:05AM


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ELISOS 1/26/2012 8:34PM

    thak you, hugs

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TOTALREDO2013 1/26/2012 12:28AM

    OMG, LOL...terrible, but funny. good thing is that you were getting some extra protein and calories in there for P90x...so muscle food at least!

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ROCKINMOM77 1/25/2012 9:44AM

    Yikes! What kind were you using? Anything that I use on a regular basis, I put in the info myself. Good reminder to double check!

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TRULYVISIBLE 1/24/2012 10:05PM

  Good advice, Thanks

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PJBONARRIGO 1/24/2012 9:56PM

    Hmmm; great reminder to read those labels. emoticon

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    Good reminder!

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60 Day P90X Results (measurements)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Haven't taken pictures yet but I'm liking my results so far. Can't wait to see the picture results!

I started Phase 3 this morning with ARX, which is still kicking my core. Now I'm starting to debate what to do when I finish. Options at this point are: Another round of P90X, Chalean Extreme (which arrived after I started P90X so I haven't tried it yet) or Insanity (which I do not yet own). Definitely sticking with Team Beach Body programs! I also want to start running again this spring, too.

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ELISOS 1/26/2012 9:12PM


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TOTALREDO2013 1/26/2012 12:22AM

    You are getting great results!!! Way to go!
I own a lot of programs, including BB ones.

I like Asylum much more than Insanity. Did Insanity fully once and hardly touch it. Don't love it and has cringe factor for me. Asylum is hard as hell too, but is one month and includes a lot of strength. It also comes with a hybrid to do with 90x, which would be fun for later. But Asylum has many moving parts and more interesting. Insanity has the same kind of stuff over and over and Asylum adds more challenge and fun with the equipment...agility ladder, jump rope, resistance loops, weights, pull up bar, etc.
All items I had already..except for the ladder...amd they use that ladder to the max!!

I blogged about ChaLean Extreme with my monthly results last year. Loved the program once I finished. I found it just as hard or harder than P90x because it is slow and heavy...and I lifted super heavy and with compound moves and balance....it was hard!!! So, do that next after P90x...then do Asylum!

Or do Asylum and then ChaLean.
My opinion.

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ROCKINMOM77 1/25/2012 9:47AM

    Looking like great results!! Keep up the great work!! I can't wait to see pics!

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    WOW! Congrats for sticking to the program. P90X is tough and time consuming. I managed it for only 6 weeks and was so much stronger than when I started! YOU ROCK!

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VYVIENN 1/22/2012 7:58AM

    I love CLX so far, and because the workouts are short, compared to P90X, there's enough time left for running. Although, when I did P90X, I used the Lean option, which also left me with plenty of energy for the runs, so perhaps it partly depends on how much time you can dedicate to working out.

Congrats on your P90X results!!!

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MOMFAN 1/21/2012 3:54PM


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MOSTMOM1 1/21/2012 2:44PM

    Great results!!!!

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Merry Christmas, Sparkers!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Merry Christmas, Spark Friends. I pray you are all enjoying time with treasured family and friends.

I am still working my way through P90X. At the beginning of my recovery week (week #4), I was sick so had a few days off. Then it was difficult to get my motivation back. I tried to push through and make up a few days but it seems to have backfired. For every day I did two workouts, I took at least one day of rest, so I didn't make up any time. I started Phase 2 on Thursday with a Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout. Then Plyo on Friday.

Yesterday I was a busy bee with cleaning, baking and general preparing for my family get-together. I bought more food than necessary, and definitely ate more than necessary. I enjoyed each morsel and had a wonderful time visiting with my parents and one of my brothers. My legs were (and still are) quite sore from Plyo so I chose to rest, thinking I had a legs workout scheduled. Nope - Back & Biceps. Ah well. I'll do that later today.

Anyway, I had been expecting 15 people (including 2 toddler/pre-school age kids) for all the goodies yesterday. Only 8 were able to make it, due to conflicting schedules with work, other family, and car troubles. I had hoped to send most of the cookies and candy home with everyone... with 3 less families arriving, I still have a LOT left. Maybe I'll punish...errr... I mean spoil my coworkers with it next week.

God bless!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ELISOS 12/26/2011 1:17AM

    have a great day!!!! hugs

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NYC_NATIVE 12/25/2011 8:40PM

    Merry Christmas!

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NERVOUSWRECKIAM 12/25/2011 12:37PM

    P90X is tough. I succeeded ritually for 6 weeks until an injury sidelined my exercise buddy. I sure was stronger and felt more fit than ever. Now back to weakling. lol

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REDROSEMARIE 12/25/2011 9:26AM

    Merry Christmas, God bless you and your family! emoticon

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