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been away for a while

Friday, May 01, 2009

Well i've been away from sparkpeople for a while, we moved house and things got a bit crazy. I let things go a bit because it seemed much easier to get take aways than to cook when things were so mad, and strangely i didn't put on any weight and contintued to lose. I guess because i was still controling my portions and all the stuff you do when you move house is quite good exercise.

Unfortunatly when things calmed a bit i've found it really hard to get back on track. the motivation i once had has ebbed, I think the fact that i stopped logging was my big downfall - since i'm losing the relationship in my mind between eating & excersise and weight loss/gain - but tracking is SO hard, it takes such a long time and with so many other things i should be doing i can't help feeling guilty about how much time i'm 'wasting' on the computer.

Also a new house means a new lifestyle, my daughter's now at home full time which makes it nearly impossible to get out for a run - i know i should just to a sparkpeople routine andy my streangth training but I can't seem to motivate myself.

I've restarted back at level 2 since i didn't feel i was really following the program before - i'm hoping i can use it to motivate myself. I think i just need to put some time aside to read some of the motivational pages and refocus my priorities.

anyway, swimming lesson to take my son to, so i'm off again

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LAINEYFROG 5/9/2009 9:08PM

    Hang in there Duaa, I'm right there on Stage 2 with you!

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SORAYA 5/4/2009 6:10AM

  Its hard to find that motivation but once you get back into it, you'll want to keep going. You've done really well so far.
Come and chat on the board sometimes - I could do with some motivation too :)
Congrats on your new home.

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Taking A break

Saturday, January 24, 2009

As i'd come down with the lurgy, the last couple of days i've been taking a 'diet' break - basically i'm not logging my food and eating whatever I feel like and skipping excersise. I'm up and about today, but yesterday I felt like death warmed over as they say.

This morning, fully expecting to have put on a bit of weight since I had a takeaway the night before, I'd lost 3lbs since the last time i'd weight about 2 days before! Now I'm wondering, is my muscle already started breaking down (not good), am I dehyrated (also very not good) and I'm going to go back to my previous weight just as soon as i'm better :( or have I genuinly loas the weight and i can consolidate on it once i'm better?

I admit I skipped lunch since i wasn't feeling like it, the day before i'd had soup for lunch and a healthy dinner, so meal wise i gues i was doing reasonably well - but not that well. I'll just have to wait and see once I'm well again if it's a permanant loss or i'm going to spend the next 2 weeks misrably trying to lose the wight which psycologically i'd already lost.

Either way - i'm no longer obese! yay. BMI 29.7

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LAINEYFROG 2/2/2009 10:57AM

    Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are feelin' better real soon.

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REKHAKAKR 1/26/2009 10:45PM

    emoticon for your wt loss sometimes letting go does the trick as when we are too stressed about doing everything right our body gets stressed too and does not allow those pound or extra water to go away.

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Long boots that fit!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

today, I saw a pair of knee length boots that i really liked for only 15 and tried them on. For the first time in my life - I could actually zip them up! (just about) - I've always had huge calves and ankles and never been able to wear long boot even though i've always wanted a pair - even the elasticated ones were too big. When I was in the US, i tried on a few pairs, and only a couple fit and they were way too expensive, but here in the UK i've never found a single pair to fit.

All that excersise is finally paying off, I'll probably never have slender calfs, but this is some serious progress! horray!

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UMMZAYNEB 1/24/2009 6:13PM

    Mashallah thats awesome! Insha'allah you will be able to zip them all the way up to the tip and you can walk out that store with them on! emoticon

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Lost 20lbs!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've now lost 20lbs! woohooo!
Only 2/3 more to go then i'll officially no longer be obese. AND be almost half way to my goal weight.

I feel really motivated again, for a while I was flagging, but I've come so far, I CAN keep it up.


I can run 2.5 miles - bring on the 5K

Friday, January 16, 2009

This week i managed to run 2.5 miles! i'm so pleased with my progress. To think i struggled to run even 100yards when i started.

I have to admit my calfs were pretty tired 2 days later and had to run a much shorter run (i really didn't want to injure myself after such great progress. :) Having said that my idea of a rest run was to do the same run i started out with (1 mile) just faster. I'm goint to start speed training soon I think to get my speed up.

Next step - 5K - how about a proper race?


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