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Getting Back On Track!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh my....this is some hard freaking work...I am finally losing what I feel like I should be losing with as much work as I am putting into it!! I have worked out at least 3 nights a week for at least 50 mins for the past 2 months and I have worked out everynight since Sunday this week, and I have half the week left...I know if I want to see better results that I should push myself harder...but I do have 2 kids and a husband and I feel that this is a good pace for me...It is doable as long as I have the will power to stand and fight the cravings, although they are getting few and far between right now...last night for my snack I had 1/4 of a bowl of pickles...don't know what that is about but I love Dill Pickles...Anyways part of me staying on track is blogging about what I am doing during the week and I feel that I am really doing good. We still go out and eat fast food for lunch at times, and those times I get a kids size meal....so small fry, and small cheeseburger or 2-3 chicken strips, and compared to what I would normally get either a double with a med fry, i say thats pretty good, and I don't feel deprived either, I know its not the best eating I should have a side salad or something along those lines but I need to let myself have more of the options that I had before but just smaller portions of them...that's what its about anyways...PORTION CONTROL!!!

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BEVFOLK 10/27/2010 7:52AM

    Keep up the hard work, sounds like you are doing great!!!! emoticon

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No rest for the wicked!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seriously!!! I think I am trying to self-destruct...The past 2 weekends we were doing wedding festivities, (bach parties, wedding) and this weekend I have a football game to go to...My husband is a total RAMS fan and this will be his first time going to see a game...Its against the Chargers, so we will see if he leaves disappointed or not:) But he wants to do the tailgating and everything...I have already sworn off the beer for this weekend...I will not drink at the game....I will not drink at the game....maybe if I keep repeating it will actually sink in!!! LOL!!! I haven't really gained anything...I just haven't lost anything within the past 2 weeks either...so I am looking for a change next Tuesday!!! I work about 3-4 days a week and watch what I eat...I don't log it, because I am lazy...I just have figured out when enough is enough...Once it starts getting harder then I will log more of my food, and see what I am doing, but right now I am losing weight as long as I stay away from the booze!!!

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KIMBERLYLUDWIG 10/13/2010 11:01AM

    Yo can do it, keep going!

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Taking your damn sweet time!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

This weekend is not coming any faster with me willing it to get here!!

Last night I made my hubby clean out the cars with me...I swear they were a freaking mess, we are only in them 1/2 hour a day and you would think we lived in them...I filled up a trash can full of trash and did a whole load of laundry with the clothes I took out of there...we have 2 kids, just so you know we don't get naked in our car, and run around... LOL!!!

Then we went for a nice walk around the block with the boys and came back in and I worked out for about 1 hour last night again...going to work out again tonight, and have pancakes for supper...

Today at work seems to be really hard...I feel like I am a total crabass, but I don't really give a crap...nobody bothers me when I am a crabass...maybe they are scared!! LOL!! I know my husband is!!!

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LAURA9021 10/7/2010 2:21PM

  I could have written this blog myself!

I hope you feel better after your workout!


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Hurray It's Wednesday!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Actually got to work out last night...blessing, but I feel like I ate more than I should've...Oh well...I am just glad I did work out and didn't say I'll do it tomorrow!!!

Have a wedding to go to this weekend, and my sister asked me if I was going to buy a new dress for it?? Well since we don't really have the funds for me to buy a new dress, is it bad that I am going to wear an old dress, I only wore it once for my sisters 21st birthday party...and it still fits!!! (that was 3 years ago) I feel that it should be fine...nobody would really notice anyways...and if they do I will tell them where to stick it...Didn't know what anybody else would do in this situation, my mom was asking me if I was buying a new outfit also??? Oh well not doing it!

So glad its Wednesday!! Only a couple more days till the weekend...Trying to lay low this weekend, besides my Uncles Wedding!! Tired of spending to much money, it seems like we can never have enough!!!

Well I am done for today, Hope everybody has a great Wednesday!




Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well I had my weigh in today and last week I was 170 even....today I am 169.6, does it even count...I mean realistically I am still 170, what does the "." mean??? To me it means that I am still losing no mater the difference, as long as I see that number go down I am going in the right direction, would I have been dissapointed if I saw 170 even again??? ABSOLUTELY!!! I don't know what it is with me and that number that I just can't get over, I can't wait to see how much difficulty I have getting past the 160's...Well long story short, I didn't workout at all this weekend, I had a bacholorette party on Saturday, with a soccer game that morning, Sunday I was recouping from Saturday and Monday had a kid at home sick with a fever, and his birthday party that night (he is fine now)...So I had a couple of days off, I believe that if I had worked out this weekend, I would have definetley made it past the 169 mark and well on my way to 160...So this is my rant.. Next week will be better, even though I have the wedding this weekend...I don't plan to put away the Keg!!! LOL!!!


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