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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Like many previous posters, we also keep a list on the fridge of things as they run out. This way, I'm never at the store thinking "Do we have enough yogurt?" We try to write things on there when they are CLOSE to being out, or if there is only one left in the pantry, so that way it gives us time to watch for sales. If we already have an overload of something that will go bad if we don't use it fast enough, fresh broccoli for example, we make a note on the list DO NOT BUY ANYMORE BROCCOLI! :) Seems silly, but it helps us not waste food.

I make my meal plans by scanning through the grocery ad. Except for apples and bananas, I only buy produce that is on sale during a particular week.

I try not to buy packaged products unless they are on sale AND I have a coupon (unless it is an emergency). I do always check the price of the store brand items. Sometimes they are still cheaper. I stock up whenever possible on things like pasta, rice, chicken broth, pasta sauce, etc. Anytime boneless, skinless chicken breasts are BOGO, I buy two and freeze one. It is SO expensive to buy it when it's not on sale.

Packing lunch saves a ton of money. I used to buy at work every day. Not only was this unhealthy, but I spent a fortune. Now, after dinner, I pack up a serving of whatever we had, and stick it in the fridge for next day's lunch.



Thursday, May 01, 2008

All the sudden, I'm intrigued by the Sonoma Diet...I decided to buy the book on a discount rack for $3.99 and I read half of it the day I bought it. I was so convinced that I started doing the introductory first 10 days and I'm loving it. There are a few glitches, and I've been hungry in the afternoons when I get home from work (my usually "raid the kitchen" time of the day and now I can only have a small meaningful snack) but overall, I feel really good. I feel like the whole plan encourages all of the things I try to do anyways, like eating a lot of veggies and protein and whole grains and plenty of water. The plan also encourages whole foods, which is obviously a great goal. I'm sticking with it because it's only ten days. I'm determined. When I hit the ten days, I get to add on new foods.

The other night, we had a friend over for pizza and beer, and I actually made myself a really healthy dinner and drank water.

Is anyone else doing this, or has done it and has any feedback?