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Is your weight stagnant? Important Information on the BMR!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION HEREIN! That's if your weight is stagnant...


When I read the above link at the beginning of May 2013, something clicked in my head when it said that my numbers may not be right. I was eating right, I was exercising right, but my weight was so slow in coming down.

Therefore, I went about looking at my numbers more closely. Something was bothering me - my BMR seemed quite elevated for my age group (it is at 1619 on Spark People). So I looked for a BMR calculation right here on Spark People. Once I calculated it, I found that my actual BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) was 1345, a difference of 274! Therefore, I was eating more than I should have been or not exercising enough to burn the excess. To top it all, we need to recalculate our BMRs as we lose weight. On the 20th of May, I started doing my own calculations with the new numbers at hand and did not rely on the Spark People (Daily Calorie Differential) report. I'm happy to report that my weight went down and from the 20th, I did lose 2 lbs. If you calculate your BMR and it seems correct for you on the SP site, continue to use it however, if your weight is stagnant, I suggest the following:

1. Recalculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
2. Calculate your Daily Calorie Differential this way:
Calories eaten: put your info here
BMR: put your calculation here
Calories burnt: put your info here
(Add the BMR and Calories burned and subtract your food eaten to get your Daily Calorie Differential.)
Daily Calorie Differential is -

For me it has been working. Finally, I have been seeing the scale number going down.

Don't forget to recalculate your BMR as you lose weight!


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FLAMENM 6/2/2013 10:12PM

    Great advice on BMR!

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MARF226 6/2/2013 7:48PM

    SP assumes in its calculation for our trackers that we do at least some movement during the day and so it multiplies the bare BMR by 1.2. That may be part of why it seemed high. But glad your weight is coming down again! Good luck.

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LOSTMYMINDX2 6/2/2013 2:10PM

    interesting info...I may have to recalculate

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NEW-CAZ 6/2/2013 8:20AM


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TONYA46 6/2/2013 7:54AM

    Hi Diva,

Very interesting article, however, I have never understood how to read or determine any of those calculations. I still didn't understand how to do yours, my amounts came to 3001.84 and I don't know what this means.

One day, just one day, I will understand...

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MJRVIC2000 6/2/2013 7:46AM

    There is HOPE in Jesus! Make your daily walk always with Him. God Bless YOU! Vic.

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BLUENOSE63 6/2/2013 7:39AM

  I did this 6 months ago and let me tell you it made all the difference as I wasn't eating enough carbs for the amount I worked out.....I highly recommend it to everyone else!

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June 2, 2013 - Inspiration of the Day

Sunday, June 02, 2013

"I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong."
~ Abraham Lincoln

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    Awesome quote - thanks for sharing!


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CARL-ASCHLUGE 6/2/2013 9:03AM

    Abe was a wise man.

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Traveling status

Monday, March 11, 2013

This is to inform all of you that I will be traveling back home tomorrow (March 12th). I will be in Dakar, Senegal on Wednesday but will not be online on that day. I will be catching up with my sleep as I do not sleep well on board the plane.

As of this week, I will be definitely more active online although I did endeavor to stay in touch while I was in Canada.

Love to all.


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NEW-CAZ 5/31/2013 10:55AM


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WENDYSPARKS 3/29/2013 7:03AM


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LUV2DNS 3/13/2013 11:44AM

    Hi there,
I hope you are safely and happily at home now. Have a good rest, travelling certainly tires one out. What is the time change for you?


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JANIEWWJD 3/12/2013 12:37AM

    Be safe and rest when you get home!!!! emoticon

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BARBANNA 3/11/2013 6:14PM

    Safe travels! emoticon

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have been in Canada since August 8th and will be here till December 12th. I do not look forward to leaving my dear homeland yet again, but my husband's work awaits him so we must go back.

Although I haven't been online as much as before, I do try to stay on top of emails, welcoming people on my teams, etc. My keeping tab of my food has been somewhat disastrous and my exercise level has come down a knotch and I have gained a bit of weight. However, my oldest daughter and I plan on continuing our exercise routine as we had begun. I do hope I have time to tally everything on SP.

The first three weeks I was here, I had to accompany my oldest daughter who has been trying to get her driver's licence. We drove so many hours of the day while we had my other daughter's car available to us. Once Mika got her licence we returned the car and have rented cars every now and then for her to practice on and to run some important errands.

In the meantime, on September 30th my daughter and I became certified Zumba instructors. I love Zumba-ing and love to do choreographies so it will be fun to prepare classes for when I return to Dakar where I plan to teach in certain gyms. I'm looking forward to this. Three times a week we both do Zumba classes with a friend of her's.

Also, we both took a CPR course which can help us do first aid on people. This is necessary when dealing with people.

We also had to get her house ready for my husband and niece who were arriving on the 14th of October. Everything had to be rearranged because of lack of space. Not an easy task I can assure you! It was easy when the boys were small but now, the youngest is bigger than I am and the oldest is taller than his mother who is a good 5'9".

As you can see I haven't been crossing my fingers due to not keeping me busy.

I am trying to stay on top of things but do excuse my late replies and lack of presence online. It's not that I don't want to be here but it's a simple fact that there are only 24 hours in the day.

See you online guys! emoticon

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 12/11/2012 1:20PM

  Bonjour, Lise!

Je n'avais pas vu ce billet-ci quand tu l'as écrit.

Je te souhaites un bon voyage de retour demain! À bientôt!


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1BEACHWALKER 12/5/2012 10:20PM

    Glad you had a chance to go back home for a visit! Guess you will be heading back to Africa soon! Have a safe trip! Thanks for the update! I bet you will have a lot to blog about when you get back! emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 10/29/2012 11:11AM

    Glad you're having a great time

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KATHRYNLP 10/29/2012 8:55AM

    Canada misses you... emoticon

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WENDYSPARKS 10/24/2012 2:26PM

    Have fun with the Zumba!!!!!!

wendy emoticon

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EEJAA70 10/23/2012 11:11PM

  Glad to hear that you're having such a great time.

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DIANER2014 10/21/2012 7:09PM

    You're keeping busy. emoticon on becoming a Zumba instructor! emoticon

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MINNIE 10/19/2012 1:22PM

    nice to hear from you. i missed you. glad you were away for such a good reason. you've accomplished so much. looking forward to your return.

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 10/18/2012 6:53PM

    It's good to hear from you and nice to hear you are doing such happy things these days!

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LILBIT-2008 10/18/2012 10:32AM

    Congrats on Zumba. I have two left feet even if I go over the steps many times...lol.You'll get it all adjusted and together.

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OJ_2_OK 10/17/2012 10:31PM

    Wow you are busy! Don't let yourself get burnt out.

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JANIEWWJD 10/17/2012 10:17PM

    Thank you for the update and enjoy yourself!!! You deserve it and congratulations on becoming a zumba instructor!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PRAIRIE_MUM 10/17/2012 3:57PM

    Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you lately and was going to drop you a note to say Hi!
Glad to hear you're enjoying your time in Canada. It sounds like you've got loads of fun things happening.
Take care!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi all!

In the last couple of days, I haven't been online much because on Wednesday the 8th, I traveled to Canada to visit with my family. The time change is always difficult to get over but I'm getting there. Prior to my departure, my niece and her family (husband and two children) arrived on the Sunday so I was busy with them. I was happy to finally meet her husband and know her baby. Goodness, the latter is a big baby. At birth he weighed 5.5 kgs and at the tender age of 8 months, he already weighs 12.5 kgs. That's big and the parents are not big people. My husband, being concerned, asked that we bring the baby to a pediatrician for testing for gigantism. So far, everything is good but we await the lab work for the final results.

Today, my grand-daughter Michaella turns 13 so I will be spending a lot of time with the family.

Although I will come online, I will not spend as much time on SP on a daily basis for the next couple of months. emoticon

Hugs to you all.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JANIEWWJD 8/24/2012 2:55AM

    I'm glad you're traveling, Enjoy yourself; we'll miss you!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JLDACQ 8/23/2012 7:35AM

    Ô le grand voyage! :-D Je sais que tu prendras le temps d'apprécier la famille, tout comme la famille est sûrement excitée de vous revoir aussi. Pendant combien longtemps seras-tu au Canada?

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FLAMENM 8/10/2012 11:18PM

    Enjoy your time with your family!

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IAMWINNING 8/10/2012 6:47PM

    Hi Lise, Yes, your niece's baby is large, but it's good news that so far the medical field says he's fine.

Have a wonderful trip

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 8/10/2012 6:44PM

    Safe travels...hope you have a good time visiting your family.

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 8/10/2012 8:16AM

  Prend tout ton temps pour ta famille, Lise! C'est si précieux et si rare. Nous allons très bien nous débrouiller sans toi, tu sais, tu n'as pas besoin de te préoccuper de nous. Prend bien soin de toi et des tiens!


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REDHATSHAPELY1 8/10/2012 8:12AM

    I am glad you are having a good trip, in spite of concerns for your niece's baby. I am traveling as well, even though for just a week. It really disrupts your SP routines. But it has been great practice in adapting the SP lifestyle to real life.
Hope you can keep following your program while you are away.

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