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Christmas Weight Loss Survival Guide

Thursday, December 08, 2011

So with the bourbon balls, steaks, cream sauces, multiple holiday events, wine, appetizers, etc. it is time to make a plan to survive the holidays.

1. Before I eat I will drink water

2. I will load my plate with 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrate

3. I will not eat appetizers

4. I will limit myself to one desert at the holiday parties

5. I will not eat desert unless it is during a holiday celebration.

6. I will allow myself one glass of wine with a holiday dinner otherwise I will drink water

7. I will not drink alcohol other then for the holiday celebrations

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MPRATER11 12/8/2011 7:41PM

  Great ideas!!!

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Romar's Top 20 Workout Mix

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

1 hour of exercise = about 15 to 20 songs therefore I am working on forming a list of my first top 20 work out songs:

20. Bleeding Love (workout remix)
19. Don't Stop the Music (workout remix)
18. Paralyzer (workout remix)
17. Into the Night (workout remix)
16. Sweetest Girl (workout remix)
15. Kiss Kiss (workout remix)
14. Take You There (Davidson Ospie Mix)
13. Love Like This (workout remix)
12. No One (workout remix)
11. Umbrella (workout remix)
10. Bubbly (workout remix)
9. Apologize (workout remix)
8. Lovestoned (workout remix)
7. Stronger (workout remix)
6. Let's Get It Started (Workout Mix)
5. I Want Candy (Workout Mix)
4. Everybody Dance Now ( Ronnie Maze Club Mix)
3. The Power (Ronnie Maze Club Mix)
2. I Like to Move It (Calimocho Mix)
1. Get Ready for This (Calimocho Mix)

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RAC1027 12/8/2011 6:35AM


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What Happens When You Stop Lying? YOU LOSE WEIGHT!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

My last blog was about the top 5 lies I tell myself even though I know better. Since then, I stopped lying to myself. Now it has only been a few days but already there is a difference. Every fat girl and former fat girl can relate to that moment they step on the scale, look down and notices that the scale say's less. In my case I am acutely aware of real weight loss versus normal fluctuations and I am a consistent pound down. Insert fireworks here emoticon add marching band emoticon.

I love being a loser:) I aspire to be an even better losers.

What's next? Keep the trend going. One of my past habits which would sabotage my efforts is letting that small feeling of success go to my head. It isn't uncommon for me to feel good and then reward myself with what else? The same things that got me on the diet wagon to begin with. Where does this get me? Back to square one. Obviously I know how this works so if I REALLY want to lose weight then I WILL change that behaviour.

I REALLY want to lose weight therefore I am NOT going to repeat what I know will put me back to square one.

I feel like blogging may save me tons of money in therapy. Both allows you to reflect however one is free and the other costs a crap load. Again, I love Sparkpeople.



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I stepped on the scale last night, woops. Not a pretty site. Lies I have been telling myself even though I know better:

5. I will start tomorrow! [followed by pass me the ice cream]

4. I am going to get up early tomorrow and work out, I am too tired right now to do it. [hit snooze until it is too late to work out]

3. A little bit of that yummy stuff won't hurt me [repeat several times until it isn't a little bit]

2. If I throw these fried chicken tenders on a salad, I am being healthy [better yet add some buffalo sauce and blue cheese too]

Drum roll please..........

1. Nothing's changed so I don't know why I am gaining weight! [followed by frustration and self-pitty]

The truth is, I was a former fat girl and quickly becoming one again. I know what it take to lose weight because at 15 years old I lost 50lbs. I got there because I really, really, wanted to be thin and was so scared of where I was going and unhappy with where I had gotten too. I stopped lying to myself, I stopped "starting tomorrow", I stopped taking "just a little" of what I know would sabatoge my diet, I ate healthy 7 days a week-not just week days, I know that taking high fat, low nutritional valued items and throwing lettuce underneath didn't make it healthy. I said no when people wanted me to eat something that didn't get me to where I wanted to be, I made wise choices, I worked out regularly -even if that meant being teased for doing a workout video in front of everyone who happened to be at my house in my living room. I cared more about where I was going then where I was. I was committed, I cared, I could smell thin and taste thin and I was all about getting there. Now so many years later (19 years to be exact) I am slipping down a slippery slope and I know it. I am seeking motivation through Sparkpeople and finding it. I am getting closer and closer to becoming that 15 year old determined girl again and I like it. I am scared, I am excited, I am going to stop sliding downward and start climbing upward.

I have drummed up a network of great friends who want to work out for me. I have taken up indoor rock climbing to increase strength and get over my fears of hieghts. I am ready, finally to improve, to be the person I want to be, to achieve my goals of becoming healthier, stronger, faster and leaner.

Thank you to all of you have inspired me with your blogs and with your words of encouragement. Thank you Sparkpeople for offering such a great resource for FREE. Fantastic. I am moved by the generosity of your creator.

Here is to staying strong, getting better and achieving results!

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SUPERSMILE37 12/1/2011 12:05PM

    Love it. Espically the fried chicken on the salad!!!

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NATARSHAD 11/29/2011 2:43PM

    I have told myself those same lies over and over. Now, I am being brutally honest with myself. It ain't pretty, but it's for the best. Keep at it!!!

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MISSB8604 11/29/2011 1:08PM

    You are not alone! We're in this together and we WILL lose this weight!

Here's to us!

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THISTIMEMYWAY 11/29/2011 12:34PM

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I have also told myself those lies many times. It's time to catch them. They are very sneaky! emoticon

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Monday, November 28, 2011

7:30 a.m. Dunkin Hines (double sized) Confetti cupcake with strawberry frosting

9:00 a.m. Dunkin Hines (double sized) Confetti cupcake with strawberry frosting + decaf coffee w/ half & half

12:15 p.m. Au Bon Pain Thai Coconut Curry Soup


Why am I so tired with all this sugar in me?

So in my quest to understand the inner workings of my body I sought advice from who else? The internet. What I have learned as the most likely cause of my post sugar crash:

When you consume sugar or product containing a high amount of sugar, then it causes an increase in the blood sugar levels. The increase in the blood sugar level results the release of insulin from the pancreas, which would result in sudden decrease of the blood sugar levels. This sudden diminishing of the levels makes you feel sleepy and tired. This can also result in cravings in your body as it tries to recover from this sudden change.

Lesson learned, if you need to focus, stay away from sugar. If you want better control over cravings, stay away from sugar.

Putting the lesson learned into practice = the hard part.

The many names of sugar:

corn syrup
maple syrup
corn sweetener
juice concentrate
natural sweeteners


The Glycemic Index relates to the way your bodyís sugar levels respond to certain foods. Foods are given a rating from 0 Ė100 on the glycemic index with glucose in the highest position. High Glycemic Index foods (such as simple carbohydrates) will increase the bodyís sugar levels rapidly whereas low glycemic index foods will increase the bodyís sugar levels slowly. A good understanding of the glycemic index can assist in weight loss and help control diabetes.

What is on low on the glycemic index: Beans, whole grains, most fruits, yogurt, milk, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, nuts, almost all veggies other then potatoes. I havenít figured out where meat falls on the glycemic index list but I will figure that out.

Still tired from the sugar- a bit of regret over eating it as a result. I need a nap!


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