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Heroic Mama Dog

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Never underestimate a mama!!!

Incredible photos of heroic mother dog carrying her ten-day-old puppies from a blazing home to safety
By Daily Mail Reporter

Touching pictures of a dog rescuing her ten-day-old puppies from a house fire and carrying them to safety have emerged on the internet.

The blaze broke out at a home in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, on Thursday after a car bomb went off.

The mother dog - a German Shepherd mix called Amanda - risked her life to pick up the puppies in her mouth and carried them from the burning house to the safety of the fire truck.

She ran between the house and truck over and over again until all puppies were safe.

After rescuing all of her pups from the blaze, Amanda sat down next to them, protecting them with her body as the firefighters fought the blaze.

Amanda and her puppies were then taken to a vet where one puppy called Amparo, who had suffered severe burns, died.

The other four puppies were doing well.

The vet, Felipe Lara, told Soy Chile that Amanda had defended her puppies when they tried to take them away from her to care for them.

Eventually she let them check over her pups but she wanted to stay with ailing Amparo and did not want to let her from her sight.


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    Wish the people that caused the explosion would see this and stop but I am so grateful that GOD shows with every act of violence there are acts of unconditional love not just by people but GOD's loving animals as well.

Thank you for sharing this....

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GOSPELCLOWN 12/29/2012 6:34PM

    Mom's love makes the world go round.

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GOLFGMA 12/20/2012 8:04AM

    Inspiring blog. Reminds us mamas of the gift God instilled in us to look after our children. As much as we love our children we can't love them as much as God loves us. emoticon

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GINGER_BEAR 12/19/2012 10:34PM

    I love this story. I love dogs! emoticon emoticon

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M77355 12/19/2012 10:08PM

    That she could sense that the firetruck was a safe haven for her babies, just so heartwarming. Hopefully someone goodhearted will come to their aid now.

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SADIEDOLORES 12/19/2012 9:30PM


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TEDDYBEARGIRL 12/19/2012 6:42PM


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IAMWINNING 12/19/2012 5:56PM

    How heartwarming, and heartbreaking that one of the puppies died and Mama didn't want him to leave her side.

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TEXASFILLY 12/19/2012 4:58PM

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Missy~ *hugs* BB~ emoticon emoticon

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CLAIRESML 12/19/2012 3:30PM

    Incredible! Awwwww....

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Quote by Mother Teresa... SO appropriate for us right now

Sunday, December 16, 2012

There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.

- Mother Teresa

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MI-ELLKAYBEE 12/19/2012 12:18AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DETERMINEDBABE 12/18/2012 1:06PM

    Amen to that.....if we just stop and look around, GOD will show us HIS loving light!

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BOBBIENORTHERN1 12/18/2012 11:03AM

  Missy, this is so true and just so awesome.

I love you like crazy Missy.

That book I am reading is helping me to lose weight and to fight my fatigue.

We cannot allow the enemy to bring us down with his evil acts right at Christmas time.

Yes, only our Lord has the wisdom, love and grace to allow those grieving people of Newtown to go on living.

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GINGER_BEAR 12/18/2012 9:30AM


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MINDYJ1 12/17/2012 7:22PM


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TEXASFILLY 12/17/2012 3:40PM

    Thanks, Missy~ *hugs* I look forward to Isaiah's prophecy being fulfilled: "And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children." Isaiah 54:13

Blessings to you and yours, dear heart~ *hugs* BB~ emoticon Pray without ceasing.

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TEDDYBEARGIRL 12/17/2012 2:14PM


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SIGLED 12/17/2012 11:16AM

    Thanks for that marvelous quote. What folks don't realize is that Mother T was a Christ Centered, Godward, spiritual servant in action who lived the action center of Christ's definition & example of Servanthood. She knew what it meant to self sacrifice on behalf of your fellow man (women & children). She truly knew what it meant to lose your life so others might live.

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SADIEDOLORES 12/17/2012 10:09AM


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GOLFGMA 12/17/2012 9:17AM

    God is with us all times and everywhere and I think this wisest of women knew that! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season! emoticon

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IAMWINNING 12/17/2012 8:45AM

    Thank you, Missy. We certainly need to read/hear good things to offset all the evil that is occurring. Praise the Lord for His goodness, grace and mercy

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IUHRYTR 12/17/2012 3:39AM

    Reminds me of all the firefighters, law enforcement and military, who run toward trouble or people in need while others are running away. -- Lou

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/17/2012 1:36AM

    emoticon emoticon

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NIGHTOWLKIM 12/17/2012 12:53AM

  I love this quote, thanks for sharing it.

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LJCANNON 12/17/2012 12:25AM

    emoticon Very good to be reminded of this at times like these!!

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ALICIA214 12/17/2012 12:16AM


She was a truly wonderful woman. A Shining Star .

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COLLEENROSTE 12/16/2012 11:57PM

    her words are so wise, and her example so poignant. thankyou for reminding us all

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Long Live Friendship

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

After losing his parents, this three year old orangutan was so depressed he wouldn't eat and didn't respond to any medical treatments. The veterinarians thought he would surely die from sadness.

The zookeepers found an old, sick dog on the grounds in the park at the zoo where the orangutan lived and took the dog to the animal treatment center. The dog arrived at the same time the orangutan was there being treated.

The tw0 lost souls met and have been inseparable ever since. The orangutan found a new reason to live and each always tries his best to be a good companion to his new found friend. They are together 24 hours a day in all their activities.

They live in Northern California where swimming is their favorite past time, although Roscoe (the orangutan) is a little afraid of the water and needs his friend's help to swim.

Together they have discovered the joy and laughter in life and the value of friendship.

They have found more than a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Long Live Friendship!

I don't know... Some say life is too short, others say it is too long, but I know that nothing that we do makes sense if we don't touch the hearts of others... while it lasts! May you always have Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends who Care... even if they are a little hairy at times!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEXASFILLY 12/15/2012 9:11PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing such a precious story, dear heart. Be blessed for you are dearly loved~ *hugs* BB~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IAMWINNING 12/7/2012 8:04AM

    What a wonderful thing to happen. I'm so glad God put them together. I know He loves even the littlest animals, and provides for them. Thanks for posting. Nancy

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GINGER_BEAR 12/6/2012 6:23PM

    How cute are they! Terrific story. Friend....I wish you the same...Love, health and caring friends....(Me be one for sure!!) emoticon emoticon

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MISSG180 12/6/2012 6:07PM

    Every time someone says that we should hate certain people for being different - black, gay, fat, whatever -- I think of things like this and concentrate on the love that is out there. Thank you for making me smile.

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PRINCESS1309 12/6/2012 5:27PM


What a beautiful story !!!!!!!

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BOBBIENORTHERN1 12/6/2012 10:28AM

  This is so beautiful and yes I am a big cry baby and am crying with joy to see these two critters laughing and smiling because they have found each other to hold and love because a soul is forever and never ending and all animals have souls just like us.

Love is the only thing that matters.

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M77355 12/6/2012 9:21AM

    Thank you so much for posting this heartwarming story!

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IUHRYTR 12/6/2012 1:30AM

    Having a true soul mate like that is a true blessing. -- Lou

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TEDDYBEARGIRL 12/6/2012 12:14AM

    Very cool!

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SVELTEWARRIOR 12/5/2012 10:39PM

    I love this!!!

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SADIEDOLORES 12/5/2012 10:14PM

SADIE emoticon

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NELLIEC 12/5/2012 9:47PM

    I really love my hairy friends -- and my non-hairy friends! emoticon

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/5/2012 9:08PM


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What little boy wouldn't LOVE this? (Or BIG boy, either!)

Saturday, September 08, 2012


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ROZEEROZ1 10/2/2012 1:51PM

    Amazing detail.

Comment edited on: 10/2/2012 1:52:34 PM

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1GROVES2 9/28/2012 7:58AM

    That is really neat! I had to quit watching cause ....well i had to go to work, but plan to watch the rest after work. Thanks for sharing.

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RONNIEHUEY 9/24/2012 11:50AM


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ROZEEROZ1 9/21/2012 9:45AM

    I have to agree - this was awesome.

Loved the plane flying thru window too.

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BEESPARKLE 9/12/2012 4:20PM

    I watched this also todaySept 12/ 2012

. Boy never seen anything Like that.

Loved how the airplane flew throught the window. My hubby got a kick out of it.

He even read the one airplane Lettering. We Love Flying.

My Hubyy is Dutch but he could read that.

Oh Awesome!!!!

Comment edited on: 9/12/2012 4:20:52 PM

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BOBBIENORTHERN1 9/11/2012 6:33PM

  This is really great and awesome and had such fun watching this.

Even grown men and women would love this LOL

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MISSG180 9/10/2012 7:35PM

    That is really cool!

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GINGER_BEAR 9/9/2012 4:04PM

    Really cool!! emoticon

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SADIEDOLORES 9/9/2012 10:28AM

SADIE emoticon

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GOLFGMA 9/9/2012 6:32AM

    God certainly blessed someone with knowledge and allowed them to engineer this project! Loved it!

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    That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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KATHYSCOLLIES 9/9/2012 12:06AM

    That is pretty awesome, Missy! Thanks for sharing it!

Someone certainly had a vision, and were lucky enough to be able to make it a reality - clever soul!


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SUSAN134 9/8/2012 11:39PM

    That is AMAZING!!!! Must show this to my hubby, as he does a lot of flying and is also
a big geek that will love and appreciate the engineering and work that went into this.

Thanks for sharing this Missy!


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MI-ELLKAYBEE 9/8/2012 10:55PM

    Love it! You find the greatest things! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BLONDWUNN 9/8/2012 10:24PM

    Oh, wow. Awesome!

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PASTORMIKE7 9/8/2012 10:12PM

    Can I play too!!!!!!!!!!!!

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IUHRYTR 9/8/2012 10:01PM

    Pretty cool. -- Lou

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IMAVISION 9/8/2012 9:45PM

    This older gal enjoyed it, too!

emoticon for taking the time to share with us, Missy.

God bless!


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GARDENQE2 9/8/2012 9:36PM

    It's wonderful!! Can girls play, too???

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    That is awesome! I'd better not show that to the Mr or he'll be looking to see what we can sell to fund a similar project!

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Lessons from Pearl Harbor

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I love Admiral Nimitz's attitude. A positive outlook is a HUGE key to happiness and success. I hope you will be inspired by this wise man's words.

Tour boats ferry people out to the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii every thirty minutes. We just missed a ferry and had to wait thirty minutes. I went into a small gift shop to kill time. In the gift shop, I purchased a small book entitled, "Reflections on Pearl Harbor " by Admiral Chester Nimitz.
Sunday, December 7th, 1941--Admiral Chester Nimitz was attending a concert in Washington D.C. He was paged and told there was a phone call for him. When he answered the phone, it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the phone. He told Admiral Nimitz that he (Nimitz) would now be the Commander of the Pacific Fleet.
Admiral Nimitz flew to Hawaii to assume command of the Pacific Fleet. He landed at Pearl Harbor on Christmas Eve, 1941. There was such a spirit of despair, dejection and defeat -- you would have thought the Japanese had already won the war. On Christmas Day, 1941, Adm. Nimitz was given a boat tour of the destruction wrought on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Big sunken battleships and Navy vessels cluttered the waters everywhere you looked.
As the tour boat returned to dock, the young helmsman of the boat asked, "Well Admiral, what do you think after seeing all this destruction?" Admiral Nimitz's reply shocked everyone within the sound of his voice.
Admiral Nimitz said, "The Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could ever make, or God was taking care of America. Which do you think it was?"
Shocked and surprised, the young helmsman asked, "What do mean by saying the Japanese made the three biggest mistakes an attack force ever made?"

Nimitz explained, "Mistake number one: the Japanese attacked on Sunday morning. Nine out of every ten crewmen of those ships were ashore on leave. If those same ships had been lured to sea and been sunk--we would have lost 38,000 men instead of 3,800.

"Mistake number two : when the Japanese saw all those battleships lined in a row, they got so carried away sinking those battleships, they never once bombed our dry docks opposite those ships. If they had destroyed our dry docks, we would have had to tow every one of those ships to America to be repaired. As it is now, the ships are in shallow water and can be raised. One tug can pull them over to the dry docks, and we can have them repaired and at sea by the time we could have towed them to America. And I already have crews ashore anxious to man those ships.

"Mistake number three : Every drop of fuel in the Pacific theater of war is in top of the ground storage tanks five miles away over that hill. One attack plane could have strafed those tanks and destroyed our fuel supply. That's why I say the Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could make or God was taking care of America."

I've never forgotten what I read in that little book. It is still an inspiration as I reflect upon it. Anyway you look at it -- Admiral Nimitz was able to see a silver lining in a situation and circumstance where everyone else saw only despair and defeatism.

President Roosevelt had chosen the right man for the right job. We desperately needed a leader that could see silver linings in the midst of the clouds of dejection, despair and defeat.

There is a reason that our national motto is: IN GOD WE TRUST.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

1GROVES2 9/11/2012 3:12PM

    I have never heard this before....even though my Dad was a WWII Army Veteran and my husband spent 8 years active duty in the US Navy. We had many friends stationed on the USS Nimitz. That is just an amazing story and I am so glad I wandered over to your once again :)
Thanks for sharing this....makes me shiver!
Hugs to you my friend,

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KATHYSCOLLIES 9/7/2012 12:13AM


What an incredible man Nimitz must have been. It takes someone who is very special, I think, a true optimist to find the positive in such an horrible situation.

If your President had chosen a Commander of the fleet who was more of the 'glass is half empty' mentality, or someone not willing to believe in divine intervention, I shudder to think what the eventual outcome of the war might have been.

This is a truly wonderful and inspiring story Missy, and I thank you for sharing it.


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SUSAN134 9/6/2012 9:21PM

    This is a fascinating account of General Nimitz and also very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing Missy! emoticon

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ROZEEROZ1 9/3/2012 12:48AM

    Neat blog Missy.

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SVELTEWARRIOR 9/2/2012 11:47PM

    Wonderful blog!!!!

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BLONDWUNN 9/2/2012 9:25PM

    Great post! And remember, Adminiral Nimitz was BLESSED and vindicated by being able to sign the Japanese SURRENDER document on the USS Missouri in 1945!

And if we ever needed the Lord, we need Him now.

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IUHRYTR 9/2/2012 7:13PM

    If we can get that spirit back into our country's people, think what a glorious change that would be from today's climate of gloom and despair. -- Lou

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NELLIEC 9/2/2012 6:31PM

    I certainly think Nimitz was very wise!!!

God does have our back!!! We just need to look to Him!!!

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PATRISNA 9/2/2012 3:15PM

    Awesome Blog and very true. Thanks.Hope you and yours are doing well. I know I haven't been by lately.


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