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Weigh in & Marathon update

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I have managed to rope in a few friends to make up my Edinburgh marathon hairy haggis relay team! Woohoo! It looks as though I will be running the first leg which is 8.1 miles!

emoticon I'm 1lb down from last week! woohoo!

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JUICYSWEETS 12/9/2009 4:44PM

    Good Luck !!! :)

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FIRENUT34 12/8/2009 7:29PM

    Sounds like fun. Good luck with the Marathon and keep us posted.

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THEFITMAMA 12/8/2009 5:10PM

    Sounds like fun! Good luck and congrats on your weight loss!

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TWLIGHT1 12/8/2009 4:02PM

    I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Stay focuesd and motivated and you will continue to succeed and reach your weight loss goal. May God Bless You! Merry Christmas! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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just a quick note!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Just a quick one to say that today after work I was exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa... but I still dragged myself out of a really great slumber chucked on my running shoes and made it to the gym! I feel soooo much better! so much better!!! I'm so glad I went now (plusI burnt 678 calories!) Woohoo me!"

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WILDRICE99 12/9/2009 12:03AM

    That's AWESOME! Exactly what I like to hear! Keep up the good work!

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PERFECT01 12/7/2009 10:27PM

    Wow, that is a lot of burning! You're on fire woman!

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WHITE-HERON 12/7/2009 9:56PM

    Woohoo you, indeed !!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JOY199 12/7/2009 5:32PM

    Good for you emoticon

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My Weekly Review 29 November -5 December

Sunday, December 06, 2009


AM took Chewie for a walk 40 mins 440 cals after doing SPARK 10-minutes crunchless abs 10 mins 56 cals and the SPARK bikini workout in a circuit 15 mins 143 cals

PM went to the gym with Liz ( bike, running and working legs) 1hour 28mins 498 cals 55% fat hrm 161max 110 avg

Goal: This torches a lot of calories and helps me on my way to meeting my goal early on in the week! I'm gonna try and keep this up- make it into a habit!

Tuesday: Chewie took me for another walk! 37mins 291 cals 50% fat hrm 179 max 128 avg

Goal: I thought I'd change it up a bit and skip the spinning! I don't want my routine to be -well- too routine! lol!

Wedneday: I did nothing! I just rested -I was exhausted after the long night at work the previous day

Goal: I need to take a rest when I need it! Carry on recognising this need, but make sure that I can make up for it later on in the week.

Thursday: I had the day off work so that I could take Stephen to the hospital to get his arm cast off in the evening (although the bone STILL wasn't set yet and he must keep it on for another 3 weeks) So I took the opportunity to try new classes and get in much needed cardio!

I took Chewie for a walk/ run down to the beach (Granton - towards leith) in the pouring rain 37 mins 278 cals 50% fat hrm- 181 max 126 avg then I got one of the girls to come with me to try out an AQUA aerobics class 63 mins 255 cals 60% fat hrm- 130 max 97 avg and in the evening I made up my very own full body circuit! 46 mins361cals 50% fat hrm- 172 max 130 avg

Goal: Keep trying out new classes whenever I get the chance!

Friday: Circuits (back to our usual guy! Woohoo! 46 mins 466 cals 50% fat hrm- 184 max 150 avg

Goal: Keep up the circuits class, although hard it's a fun class!

Saturday: Well, we went to our "holiday home"- the in-laws went on holiday so we stayed at their place LUXURY in comparison to ours! lol! I didn't manage to get any yoga in (couldnt find any free dvds online!) but I did take the dog for a serious run (twice round the picturesque park! in the rain may I add) 51 mins 6495 cals 35% fat hrm- 187 max 144 avg then in order to meet my goal I did a last minute Yasmin special abs circuit at about midnight!!!! 46 mins 381 cals 50% fat hrm- 172 max 133 avg

Goal: Having goals (achieveable ones!) really helped me push that little bit harder! So I've made a new goal for this week!

Sunday (day of rest): I went shopping in the in-laws town and bought a new pair of running trainers, some running socks, running tees and a couple of tennis balls as a treat for Chewie! -She likes you to throw them so that she can run after them and eat them! (She maybe a retriever but she doesn't fetch!)


emoticon Foodwise: Not great at all: We ate out almost every night last week! Yes take-away bonanza!!!! ! emoticon emoticon Planning food in advance is a must, and I will also try to put it into the food tracker the night before, this always helps!

Goal: Continue planning food in advance, especially breakfasts and lunches as this is the easiest way to do it! I also need to go shopping and not get caught out with no food in the house!

Future goals:

Limit hidden salt intake -Still finding this difficult, I don't think I've ever been within the correct range or under!

Increase and be more consistent with strength training emoticon My Yasmin's circuit specials were great at helping me get here and I think I need to continue with this!

Plan exercise for the week -I've written it down again as this worked last week! (see Saturdays blog!)

To do: I pledge to do a SPARK abs video once a week (12 minute pilates abs; 15 mins abs; or 9 mins abs bootcamp) - emoticon I did it on monday, just to get it out of the way! lol! Then I also added in my own abs circuit on the Saturday! This worked really well!

Xmas goal: To be 200lbs

Dec 8th: Goal of 205lbs to meet! 206.6 darn it! 1.6lbs away from meeting goal- perhaps if I hadn't had take away every night last week I may have met it!

emoticonRmemeber my relay marathon challenge? -update: My bosses at work are also up for the challenge so we are considering setting up our own relay team to run for our work (a registered charity) I'm going to get more information about it on Tuesday! I'll keep you all updated -Well I got more information, and it looks like we're gonna run it! We need one more person on our team and we're gonna try adn rope in one of the girls who have been oh holiday in south america for the last 6 weeks! She wont know what's hit her when she gets back! lol UPDATE: Well she's back from South America and totally up for it! SO I have a team for the hairy haggis relay at the Edinburgh Marathon in May! Aaaaggghhhh scary!!!!

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YASMINSHORTER 12/7/2009 4:30PM

    Theres so much data to input it's taking me ages! I'll get it on here as soon as!!! Just back in from the gym! So I'll eat then post!

Thanks for being so eager for my updates!

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WALKINGANNIE 12/7/2009 2:18PM

    I bet you're going so fast that your computer couldn't keep up with your blog!

Or did Chewie eat your homework?

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WALKINGANNIE 12/7/2009 2:17PM

    I bet you're going so fast that your computer couldn't keep up with your blog!

Or did Chewie eat your homework?

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WALKINGANNIE 12/7/2009 2:17PM

    I bet you're going so fast that your computer couldn't keep up with your blog!

Or did Chewie eat your homework?

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SALDRU 12/6/2009 4:38PM

    I missed it too!

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FITWITHIN 12/6/2009 4:06PM

    What happen to your blog?

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Next Weeks Plan

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Well it's just after 11:30pm and I've just finished my circuits! Why so late? Because I kept putting it off and putting it off; but then in the end I said to myself: NO, I've got a goal to meet (3500 calories for the week) and I'm still 200 odd shy of it. So I made up an abs circuit, I set the intervals to a manageable time limit (30 seconds) and I went for it! 46 minutes and 381 calories later I'd busted my goal!

So this shows how important it is to set goals! And on that note, I'm gonna go ahead and set a tentative plan for next week:

Monday: Dog walk/ run ............. PM gym session
Tuesday: Spinning ............... Dog walk/run or DVD
Wednesday: Dog walk/ run or DVD ................... a Yasmin circuits special
Thursday: Spinning ............... DVD
Friday: Circuits ...................... Swim
Saturday: Dog walk/ Run ............ a Yasmin circuits special

I'm going to:
1. Change up my goal this week to getting in 350 minutes instead of 3500 calories (they should both bring about the same amount of exercise, just it's a different way to record and monitor things!)
2. Double up: I'm gonna try for 2 workouts one in the morning and one in the evening (even if it's just splitting up my regular routines) FitSugar says: Working out twice in one day will burn more calories, curb your hunger, and work your muscles double time. Not only will you feel better about how you look, but you'll also have more energy and sleep better (so I might as well give it a try and change up my routine a bit!)

1. Pre make lunches
2. have a vague outline of what tea will be (We've had take out nearly every night this week!!! How did that happen? No planning!)

Non food/ exercise:
1. Write a to do list each night before bed
2. Pack my bags the night before (ie gym bag and hand bag and over night bag if applicable!)

Right, it's only 23 minutes until next week so here I go!!!!!

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DEESJOURNEY2FIT 12/7/2009 12:09PM

    Way to go! Kick some butt girl!

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WHITE-HERON 12/6/2009 1:34PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WALKINGANNIE 12/6/2009 11:32AM

    It's great that you're so focused on what you're going to do. You might have to change that new swimsuit for a smaller size at this rate.

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KAYTEENTRIPP 12/5/2009 7:31PM

    You do have a lot going on. I think it's good to set weekly goals those are usually easier to meet than long term goals....Good Luck!

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TRIGFROST 12/5/2009 6:57PM

    Boy do you have a lot going..Hope you sick with it alll...
Best of Luck...I only work on one or two things a weeks...
emoticon I believe you can do it... Go for it...

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New Swimsuit pics

Saturday, December 05, 2009

To treat myself I bought a new swimsuit as my old one was almost see through from overuse! This is it:

However, I bought the same size as last time (they come by cup size you see) and I had my old swimsuit on the other day and it was too baggy (Eeeek!) I've paid a pretty penny for it too; and there are no other sizes for me to swap it to! I'm just hoping that when it arrives it fits! Perhaps my old one was just baggy due to overuse?! I hope!!!!

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YASMINSHORTER 12/25/2009 4:08PM

    Update: My suit arrived on christmas eve! It fits and I am sooo pleased! Woohoo!!!

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JUICYSWEETS 12/7/2009 12:15PM

    love the suit...sometimes a one piece can be sooo hot!! I'm sure it's gonna look AWESOME:)

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DEESJOURNEY2FIT 12/7/2009 12:11PM

    What a great suit, I hope it fits and you'll look fab!

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HEATHERDOW87 12/5/2009 6:54PM

    looks awesome! i hope it fits! way to reward yourself!

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YASMINSHORTER 12/5/2009 6:42PM

    Yes it is very ooh la la isn't it! Lol! I really really hope it fits!!
Oh and just to clarify, that is totally not me in the pic!!! lol! I wish I looked like a fashion model! (Well not quite so stick skinny!!!)

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LABYRINTH 12/5/2009 3:39PM

    ROFLMAO! Hm YOU are looking AWESOME!!


Need to photoshop Chewie's Stormtrooper head on her...


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JCARDINAL 12/5/2009 2:06PM

    Cute suit!

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AVMAURA 12/5/2009 1:56PM

    you look Mar-va-lous emoticon emoticon

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WHITE-HERON 12/5/2009 1:50PM

    Oh la la! NICE choice ... :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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