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Wow - looking back

Monday, May 27, 2013

So today I realized that it has been a while since I've been to the gym. It's amazing how one week, turns into another week and I'm coming upon the month mark now. So I get to refocus. This week is going to suck because I have to switch from nights to days for a class on Wednesday. I will go back to the gym tomorrow and when I have days off I will be more aware of what is going in my mouth.

I looked at my calories today and realized my V8 VFusion have 30 carbs in them in each can! I just need to find more veggies I like to eat, or just buy more of the Green Giant Just for One. I'm addicted to the corn one. It's so good and has just the right amount of butter.

On a side note, True Blood will be back on in two weeks. So I've started from the beginning of Season 1 to re-watch it again. Yeah True Blood time.

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 6/2/2013 12:36PM

    Well done for getting back to it!

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LOVINGAFRICA 5/28/2013 12:00PM

    Good for you! Enjoy those veggies. You can get many delicious recipies on Spark.

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GAYLLYNNE 5/28/2013 6:52AM

    I hear you how putting things off can result in long stretches!! Good luck getting back to the gym!

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Noticing a Pattern

Monday, May 27, 2013

So I've noticed lately that on my days off, I tend to ignore spark and also most of my diet. I go over my calories, but I don't go over by much. I think a lot of it is because my husband was on board with losing weight and then suddenly has decided its too much work. We have been going out to eat a lot and when he has the attitude of "I don't care," it makes me have the attitude as well.

However, I know I'm seeing results and seeing stuff change. I mean, the biggest thing now is that my wedding ring is on a necklace instead of on my hand because it just doesn't fit anymore. I have sizers ordered but they may take up to 2 weeks to get here.

My pants, unfortunately, are in the in-between stage. i can put on the size smaller but they are still pretty tight.

I've also noticed when I'm at work, I'm extremely focused and I watch my calories and eat a lot better. I think I just need to realize that Mike can eat at McDonalds as much as he wants, but I don't have to eat there as well. I can always make a sandwich at home or find something else to cook. I can just go with him and sit while he eats.

Anyone else know what I'm going through? Weekends are rough for me and ti's worse because I work a 12 hour job, my weekends last 3 and a half days!!!

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RUNNING-TURTLE 5/27/2013 7:48AM

    My husband can tend to be that way too, in the beginning it was all good. But the last several months he's been slipping up. Wanting to go out to eat more again, wanting more sweets and junk in the house. And it is tough. We just have to be tougher.


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SPARKCHANTAL 5/27/2013 3:23AM


so I've turned weekends into 'weight losing concentration days'. that's when I can decide best what to cook and eat (and how much);
and most importantly, that's when I really have time to exercise... walk in the woods, swim, dance or clean house.
and I've set my weigh-in day for Monday morning.

watch out for that "I don't care" attitude! you will care... when it's too late!
been there, done that.

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My first 5K

Friday, May 24, 2013

I signed up for my first 5K today. I haven't been nervous about it until the moment I hit accept on my credit card payment part. My friend and I have discussed it in detail and we are going to just walk the 5k. I know that my body is not ready for me to start running yet.

Other than that, the calories have been really good and I've been doing a great job making sure to eat my veggies every day. I'm trying to eat 4 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruit so I can make it a really good habit.

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MICHELELYNN777 5/24/2013 9:55AM

    emoticon I did my first 5K in April with my best friend and it was a lot of fun! We mostly walked with a couple of bursts of jogging. We just talked and talked like we were out for a casual walk and it made the time go by so fast. The energy surrounding the event is very exciting and you will feel so proud of yourself when you cross the finish line!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MELISSA25231 5/24/2013 9:20AM

    We have a 5km run/walk in our hometown in October, I've made it a goal to get my butt there. Being nervous is natural i think but once your out there and doing it imagine the joy you will feel and once you cross that finish line you're going to be so proud of yourself for accepting the credit card payment!! good luck and let us all know how it goes for you emoticon

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RIGEIN24 5/24/2013 8:37AM

    emoticon with the fruits & veggies! I'm going to sign up for the Color Run this year. I definitely understand the nervousness once that "confirmation" goes through! But hopefully it holds you accountable. Can't wait to hear about your experience when you've finished it!

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COFFEEMUG2009 5/24/2013 7:42AM


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RUNNING-TURTLE 5/24/2013 7:34AM

    I wanted to do a 5k this summer as well. But husband's work schedule isn't going to allow it with one vehicle. I wish you luck on your first 5k. Don't forget to tell us how it goes for you when you get there.

emoticon emoticon

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My new Day

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Today, I got up a little late and instead of doing the normal routine (just going to McDonalds), I went ahead and made us our salads. We had steak for lunch at work (because we all pitch in and it's like 2 dollars a person). One of my goals for this week is to really be considerate of how much fruit and vegetables I am eating.
Tomorrow is a trip to the farmers market. I think I'm going to get some bell peppers to try dipping my hummus in. Maybe some celery as well.

I think for work this week I'm going to take some advice and make sandwiches and chips.

I'm also back on sparkpeople.com for at least the blog. I love having an outlet to vent about things that are going on.

We're not going to the gym tomorrow but my goal tomorrow since I'm off is to wake up tomorrow and go mow the lawn. I really kind of enjoy doing it now. I'm noticing the smaller I am getting, the more I enjoy outside activities I have never enjoyed.

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RUNNING-TURTLE 5/19/2013 11:57AM

    Agreed, I feel the same way. And way to go for you. That is awesome. Hope you enjoy your week.


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CAKAROO 5/19/2013 8:17AM


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My Week of Bad Habits

Saturday, May 18, 2013

So like i've previously mentioned, I've taken this week off of being good. I"ve had a weird work schedule and we have been going out to eat. I haven't gone super crazy any day but I've really looked back at this week and just saw the crap I was eating. I tried re-creating this Carne Asada Burrito I love very much but I cannot seem to re-create it.

I need to find some more foods to eat while at work. I just get tired of the same thing over and over again.
I've also been finding myself snacking a lot more. I think some of that is because I haven't had my oranges that I normally eat. I know I need to find more snacks and veggies I really enjoy. I've been eating hummus lately, but I like it with pita chips.

I always feel like I'm re-learning everything that I already know.

I think I'm just venting right now. Starting tomorrow, it's a new day. We're going to start eating healthier if it kills us lol. Just because I have to work doesn't mean I have to spend the whole night snacking.

Anyone reading this that maybe works 12 hour shifts? I need ideas on good meals to bring to work. And good snack ideas for low calories.

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XSCAPEREALITY82 5/19/2013 4:51AM

    I always get tired of the same thing but I haven't made sandwiches in a while. Thanks for all the great ideaS!

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FISHER011 5/19/2013 3:25AM

    I used to work 12 hours shifts eons ago...Bless you! I always bagged my lunch, a bag could hold all my food!
I packed sandwiches with protein & veggies-chicken or turkey,cheese...
I would cook chicken or meat that was for the sandwiches for 4 days.
I made deli style sandwiches, sometimes a pbj.
Snacks- baked chips, pita chips, hummus, avocado,cheese sticks, pretzels, fruit, I love those baby bell peppers & fruits!

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