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What Does God Want for Me in This Life?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have been more tired this week - but have had lots going on. Most every evening this week there is some place to go. Tues evening am in a study called "Walking with God" by John Eldridge and have been impressed with the thought that God promises us that His burden is light and that He truly wants us to have joy in our lives each day. But, how can we have that peace and joy when we are so busy every day trying to "do everything."
I am learning that He just wants me to "Be" each day and to take in all that He has for me.
I don't think He is as concerned with what I "do" as I am.
So, did not go to Bible study this evening - my Pastor tells me it is OK to say "No".
It is 8:15 - and am soon off to bed.
Tomorrow will think about all that is on my calendar the rest of the week.


Drinking Water

Monday, May 10, 2010

Am having such a hard time drinking water!! Love my coffee in the morning - but just having a time getting that water down.
A few years ago, would slice a lemon, quarter each slice, and freeze, Then I would add a piece to my water bottle for the day - and that helped lots!!! Had forgotten about doing that until recently when I picked up some lemons at the grocery store.
So, have a piece in my Camelbak today. Will see if that will help. So far, 16 ounces down and it is only 11 a.m. Maybe I can reach my goal of 32 ounces today.

Exercising each day is getting so much easier. Have a couple of Nicole's DVD and just love them - do something different each day. Even yesterday when i did not have anything scheduled, found I just had to do something!!

Dieting is not an issue for me. I just need to eat healtier. Our Farmer's Market is Fridays - missed it this past week, but plan to shop there each week - that will help. I do love salads and that is a regular for my lunch. I find lots of items to add: pickled beets, chickpeas, frozen corn, frozen peas, tuna, spinach. Always looking for something different to add.


Does Housework Count as Exercise?

Saturday, May 08, 2010

This was a question on one of the poles recently. I don't work hard enough when I clean house to burn off many calories. However, this afternoon, I must have burned off a couple hundred. Well, maybe not that many.
Am doing some rearranging in my tiny, tiny bedroom. First, moved 3 boxes of books from one corner into the end of my closet. Then moved a treadle machine from the living room into my bedroom. Those things are heavy and the machine has a terrible squeak - should have looked for the WD-40. Then moved a hutch from one wall in the living room to another wall - not so heavy - just awkward to handle.

So, now am taking a break - drinking a cup of milk with a half piece of bread and 1 tbsp. peanut butter. Love that peanut butter!!

Waiting for my daughter to call so we can go shopping. We are going to a new craft store that opened recently.

Waiting for my daughter to call so we can go shopping.

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ZITADEVI 5/8/2010 5:39PM

  Honey, I say if it FELT like exercise it WAS exercise.

Moving boxes is FOR SURE strength training-

I mean it's the strength test we've been "training" for emoticon

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A Better Day

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I started to write a blog this morning, but it was so negative. Where did that come from? I had started reading Charles Stanley's book, The Source of My Strength. The chapter was about dealing with Abuse in our lives. And, I found that the more I read, the more depressed I became. I have dealt with the abuse in my life - it is a settled item. But, I think that ol' Satan was trying to ruffle my feathers - and he was definitely making progress. So, I have put the book aside.

Instead, I did my exercises with Nicole - have her Cardio Blast DVD and it is great. It starts with a warm, then 10 minutes of workout, and ends with about 5 minutes of cool down. Just what I needed this morning to get back on track.

So, today will look for another book here in our church library - we have some wonderful books - and know I will find one that will be uplifting - and not so depressing. I am sure Charles Stanley's book is a great resource for many people, but just now what I need today.

I did start a new study with a group here at the church - Walking with God by John Eldridge. Last night we listened to the first segment on the DVD - and it was just what I seem to be needing right now. Isn't it amazing how God knows just what we need. And, He then supplies all our needs at just the right time.

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BEESPARKLE 5/5/2010 5:01PM

    That study , Walking with God seems to be such a perfect study for you.
It is for all of us. Walking with God.
We have the Lord but we need to take baby steps with God and then mature in him.

So was good you passed on Charles Stanely. He preaches for more of the meat of the word little stronger.. Perhaps your just in the milk of the word. Baby steps.. You need to know . Who you are in Christ Jesus.That way is when you start walking with God.


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Another Beautiful Day in Pendleton

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is overcast, windy and much cooler here this morning. And, this weekend is our Spring Bazaar at Church. Hope it is warmer by tomorrow - no wind or rain would be nice. But, I love the weather - whatever it is. The rain washes the air and makes it smell so sweet and fresh. The wind blows the dust and leaves up around my front door - (more exercise sweeping and cleaning up). And, the cooler weather causes me to appreciate the warm days that are coming. I do love the bright, sunny, hot days of summer!!!

Got a couple new toys yesterday - a set of resistant bands and some weights.
Gotta get them out this morning and put them to work. They gotta earn their time in my apartment - can't just take up space.

I saw my teenage granddaughter at church last night. She has been rather rebellious recently and is now mostly living with her father. She has been with her mother this past week and is doing better. At least, she is staying in school and has a part-time job at Safeway. She looked better last night - not all the heavy make-up that made her look like she has a couple of black eyes. And, she is such a pretty young girl. So, I just pray for her daily - that God will protect her and keep her.

Time to get those new toys out and start training them.


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