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A Weekend with Juliet!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I had such a good weekend at Hood River. Met my son who lives in Vancouver and his ex-wife and her little 2 and half year old daughter. Jennifer was taking another Yoga class, so Gordon and I took care of Juliet.

Sat morning we had to take her to the emergency room at the Hospital. She had an infection in her eye and it was quite red. She was so cute as we waited for the doctor. We had the TV on and she was showing us all her "moves." She sure mimics her mother. Then we were off to Walgreens to pick up her prescription. Off she went to find the "animals". She found a floppy duck that is bigger than she is - and, of course, my son had to buy it for her.

At a park on the river, she went wading and played at the playground. Tried to get some pictures, but my camera had run down. I had taken too many videos. Of course, she is such a beautiful little one!! Just wish I could be more a part of her life - even tho she is not really a granddaughter.

But, she did call me "grandma" and that just warmed my heart.


A Bad Habit!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Still not taking my vitamins and calcium daily! I put them in my pocket in the morning and then take them out in the evening and place on my dresser!! Have found that osmosis does not work here.

Am reading Chuck Swindoll's bo0k, The Grace Awakening, and this morning found the following: "Old habits are terribly difficult to break". My behavior has become one of those habits!! Now that I finally recognize it as a habit, perhaps it will be easier to begin taking my pills. Have found that I do need to take them when I have eaten - cannot take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Now to find the best time during the day to take them - and form another habit. How long does it take to make a habit? How long does it take to break a habit??

Have been drinking more water - still not enough - but I am working on it!!!

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MESSENE 4/4/2010 8:09AM

    Calcium pills can be hard on my stomach, I might need to find a good liquid kind. I know what you mean about not taking them everyday, I'm just like you. The only thing I take everyday is my Ganoderma, but that's because I can sleep better during the night, and depend on good sleep. The water will take a bit of time, but emoticon emoticonI drink up to 10 glasses of water now, I take psyllium powder an hour before a meal 3x a day and need the extra water to take with it. Best wishes on drinking extra water. emoticon
Have a wonderful weekend! emoticon emoticon

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Coach Nicole's DVD

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just got Nicole's DVD "Fit, Firm & Fired Up" and did the first day yesterday - and, I can tell you - I have a long way to go. This is the first exercise DVD I have gotten - and i think it will be a real inspiration. I can tell that a variety in workout sessions can be beneficial - both physically and emotionally.

Will be glad when I can start walking outside again. The weather has not been the most inviting - actually i love to walk in the rain - but am not getting up earlier enough. Was for a while, but am just getting "lazy" in the mornings. I keep setting the snooze for another 30 minutes. Guess the best thing would be to quit doing that!! Maybe tomorrow - but, does tomorrow ever come?? Can't use that as an excuse.

Well, better get that DVD going so I can get in some time this morning before work.
Looks like 30 minute on the schedule for today.

Later, Barb



Lesson Learned

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have really!! learned a lesson the past couple of weeks. I have been doing some yard work and spring cleaning. Have been doing my cardio - walking (mostly inside) but have neglected the strength building exercises. And, today I am paying for it!! Big time. When I started, I was amazed at the effect just a few exercises each morning can have on the way I feel during the day - and the flexibility I experienced. Like being able to tie my shoes without a struggle.

And, now I feel like I am right back where I started. So, back to basics!!! Starting today. - - - - - I have been drinking more water - still not enough - and have been taking my calcium and vitamins - still not regularly. I think it is time to make a collage for the front of my fridge. I do not have a problem with my diet. I do love food, but can cut back easily. I love salads and fruit. Right now am on a spinach salad kick emoticon, spinach, tomato, red onion, and feta cheese. Yumm, yumm!!
Have unshelled peanuts for a snack at work - I count out ten each morning and that is my limit for the day. If I bought the shelled I would eat tooooo many.

Well, enough rambling for this morning. Just want you newbies to remember to be faithful each day! Some days even a little when you do not feel like it - just to keep up the routine. This is what I have felt in so many of the blogs I have read here. So encouraging.

Lesson learned - so off to do some exercises this morning - even tho it is not scheduled!! emoticon

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DOOBIE893 3/28/2010 11:10AM


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LRUFAM 3/28/2010 11:08AM

    I tend to drop out of site when I have one bad day. You know that day - the one where you ate too many calories or had a cocktail or two? I gingerly step on the scale and if it goes up I get down.

Keep your positive energy going!

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ANITA_66 3/28/2010 11:05AM

    Great inspiration for those just starting out and the ones that are having second thoughts! Thanks! emoticon

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A Good Day

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I enjoyed lunch with my daughter today. We walked from the church (where I work) to Subway. She had a sandwich and I had a salad. It is just beautiful here today - about 68 right now.

After I got home, I did some weeding out front. The bed was full of leaves. The ground is full of rocks - we are just above the river - the dirt is quite shallow. So mostly we here in the apartment use big pots.

I am doing better taking my vitamins and calcium - and have been drinking my water every day - now to get it all posted.

Also, talked to my son who lives in Vancouver, WA and we are planning to meet in Hood River in a couple of weeks. We did last year and had a great time.


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