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Up Too Late

Thursday, June 02, 2011

My days have been quite busy - again. And, I am running late this morning. Stayed up too late last night and then slept and extra 30 minutes this morning. I am really a morning person - and when I do not have at least a couple hours of "my time" in the morning seems like my day just does not go right.
So, we will see how today goes?!?!?

Am trying to get our little apartment back in order after the neighbor's apartment flooded last week. I don't think i blogged about that. Her hot water burst when she went to the club - 2-3 inches of water in the whole place. Now they are in the process of replacing the carpets. They placed an emergency cutoff valve for our apartment and the one upstairs just under the floor in our coat closet - so now I cannot put everything back like it was. Now am in the process of rearranging. Our apartment is really small - so it is taking some maneuvering. But, I am gradually getting things in place. Just hope I can finish up this weekend.

At church we are planning Vacation Bible School in a couple of weeks - will be so much fun. We have quite a few 3 - 7 year old now and lots of fun stories and activities are being planned. My daughter will be doing the crafts and she is so excited!

Well, time to get ready for work.


God's Plans are Always Better Than Mine!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well, last night did not go at all like I had thought it would. God had a better plan!! Met Greg at WalMart and we looked for the movie "Patton" - not there. So then to Rite Aid and then to BiMart. So picked up "Megaman" and "Green Hornet" for Geoff. Sunday was his birthday. (He is the son that lives with me). Then for dinner Greg suggested that we pick up something and bring dinner and the movies here for Geoff. The 2 boys (well, they are supposed to be men, now) have not ever gotten along very well. It was last fall that they - again- had a parting of the ways.

Anyway, when we arrived Geoff was a little hesitant, but when he saw the pizza and the gifts he warmed up some. By the time I went to bed they were talking about a computer game they had started writing a couple of years ago. Not sure how their evening went - but I did hear them talking some.

And, a good thing - I racked up more steps during our shopping. Love to go to WalMart just to add more steps. emoticon emoticon emoticon


A Rough Day

Monday, May 30, 2011

Am having a rough day! Dreamed last night - almost nightmares. Then woke stressed and with a headache. Have tried to do some things today, but have not accomplished much. Did a couple loads of wash and have sorted thru a couple of boxes of material that have collected. Got rid of some. Also, went thru old VCR tapes and discarded a few. Will get rid of more when my son goes thru them.

Monday is when I see Greg - for dinner. Will have him meet me at WalMart to pick up a few things and then we will decide where to go for dinner. Always so refreshing to spend some time with him.

It is sunny and warm here today. Wanted to put out a few more plants - may pick up a couple this evening. Have a couple of pots in front that need a face lift.

Tomorrow will be a better day!!

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PENNEYV 5/30/2011 7:31PM

    So sorry that you day was not well. Praying that the rest of the week will compensate for it. emoticon emoticon emoticon It seems that you were able to keep busy and that helps.

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Busy Week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a busy time - and it is not really summer yet!!

Yesterday my daughter came by the church office where I work and we went to Starbucks - right next door - just too close!! She got her usual (she has lost about 30 pounds in the last 6 months so she can) and I got the house blend. I really do not like all those "gooey sweet drinks"!

After work, ran a couple of errands and then came home. After dinner, I spent about an hour planting more plants. Replace a couple of geraniums in front that I got too early. And planted petunias in back - purple, pink, red and white. Also potted a couple of others that I do not know what they are - but will look nice on the patio.

Monday, our next door neighbor left about 8 a.m. to go to the club - she returned about 11 a.m. to find her apartment flooded with about 2 inches of water - her hot water had busted out on the bottom. In order to reach the pipes under the building to make repairs, they had to go down thru the floor in our coat closet. That meant that I had to take everything out - really not a problem.
However, they have now put in an emergency cutoff valve just under the floor in there - so cannot put back the metal cabinet I had in there. Our apartment is very small - very little storage. And, I had my cookware that I do not use often in there. No room in the kitchen so am now trying to figure out where to put them. They had eliminated some of the kitchen cabinet space when they put in the dishwasher. Am thinking I would rather have the space!!

Right now everything is in the living room - some on the card table that I put up.

But, I did get some exercise moving it all out - and now will get more when I figure out where to put it all. Some may just go in a garage sale!!

It is cool again this morning and we may have more rain today. We have been getting more than usual this spring.


A Full Weekend.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday was going to do some quilting - want to finish a quilted flag wall hanging I am making for my sister's husband. But, instead, went flower shopping with my daughter. We bought lots. Then we spent the afternoon at her home planting and planting. Such fun!! Now have mine to put out.

Sunday afternoon we had our banquet at church honoring the 4 students we have garduating from high school this year. It was such fun - hearing stories from the parents and then watching a video (prepared by our former Youth Pastor) of pictures of the lives of our students. Dinner was baked pork chops - so yummy!

Now back to work. Our Pastor is in Portland today to see a specialist about the psoriasis. He also has a lung infection that is slowly clearing up. I just pray they will be able to help him - a couple of weeks ago he spent another 6 days in the hospital. He just seems to be getting worse.

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MARTHA-ANN 5/21/2011 1:48AM

    Glad you enjoyed your day with your daughter, I expect to see flower piccies soon! lol..

Your Church banquet sounds lovely, it was a shame your Pastor couldn't attend. I hope he's doing well now, I have psoriasis so can sympathise with him.

Comment edited on: 5/23/2011 6:52:48 PM

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