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My Seven for 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is harder that I had thought it would be - I started with a list of about 20 things that i would like to accomplish in the year 2011. However, so many of them did not seem that important when I really thought about them.

Here is my list so far:

#1. Lose 25 pounds.
#2. Plan weekly menus and keep diet within recommended guidelines.
#3. Reestablish lost relationships.

Now the #4!! I have read thru the Bible a number of times - and have done some in depth studies of favorite books in classes with study guides. But, have not done a study like that with just the Bible!! Our Sunday School class is going thru the New Testament and we have a very good teacher - however, we do use a study guide and usually discuss things from that book. (Why do we call these Bible studies, when we are reading what another person thinks about a passage, instead of using just the Scriptures??? To me, these are book studies - not Bible studies!!)

So, #4 will be to choose at least one book and do my own study. Now to decide which book. Or, another idea is the life of Jesus. It is so hard for me to just look into the Bible instead of researching using all the wonderful guides we have today.

Another idea!! I have a 10 year old granddaughter who is having some relational issues. I have thought about doing something like this with her. Perhaps together we could study the life of Jesus. This will take some thought - - - - - - - - - - - -


My Seven for 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Still working on my Seven for 2011!!

#1. Lose 25 pounds.
#2. Plan weekly menus and keep diet within recommended guidelines.

Now for the third one. This one will be a real challenge for me. I have a daughter in Salem that I have lost contact with - she and my daughter who lives here in Pendleton do talk occasionally. I really do not remember the last time I saw Vicki - about 7 years ago. She is a very private person - and makes no attempt to visit family.
Also, Greg, a son who moved here to Pendleton about 3 years ago, is very sensitive and withdraws easily - which he has done again. It is hard to reestablish a relationship with him because he always wants to rehash all that has happened in the past. And, I feel like I have to be so careful that I do not cause him to pull away again.

So, my third goal is to reestablish some kind of relationship with them. Not sure what this will look like - so will have to think about this one some more.

Well, enough meandering for this note.

I am so excited about having 7 goals for 2011 - and have actually lost another pound - in spite of the biscuits and gravy that I "splurged" on at our Brunch here at Church here yesterday!!


Happy Christmas Season!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I keep wanting to blog some, but am really busy now. My computer here at work is back up and running - but am in the process of catching up. And, it is year end and the Church Boards are asking for their budget reports to see just where we are financially.

Our holidays are slowly being planned. My daughter works Christmas night - so she is having Christmas Eve at her house. And, my son-in-law lost his Father this past year, so he is taking the girls and spending Christmas and a couple of days with his Mother. She lives in Echo, about half hour from here.

So, my Christmas Day will probably be a quiet one at home with my son - and his Father, if he wants to come over, and my other son, if he will come.

Just want to wish every one a Happy and Safe Christmas!!
Love to all of you!!



My Seven for 2011!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feels so good to have #1 goal for 2011!! Now for the other Six!!

#1. Lose 25 pounds.

My son has high-blood pressure and we have been seriously looking at our diet. We have done too much take-out. One of his favorites is Burger King's French Fries - we have not done take-out for a couple of months. Don't remember the last time I drove thru to the take-out window.

We have been ordering from Schwan's - it is so good to come home to a freezer full of veggies and fruit (we recently bought a small freezer from Sears!) - and have plenty to pick from. A favorite that we always have on hand is the Beef Sirloin - one is just the right amount for us - with the veggies and a fresh salad. (I do love my salad!). We have been collecting menus that work for us - makes it so much easier.

We have been researching on line and found a Cook Book at mayoclinic.com that I am ordering. Looks like a good one! I do not enjoy cooking - we have decided that it is because our kitchen is so small. But, with all the right ingredients on hand - and a new cookbook, perhaps I can be inspired. I do like to cook, when I have a special occasion or even a plan in place. So having planned menus would be a great inspiration. And, some new recipes will add to the adventure.

So, #2 goal will be to plan weekly menus and keep diet within recommended guidelines.

Gotta think about this one a little more - later.
Now is time to get in gear for the day!!

My computer at work is still not functioning at "full". Just does not want to print some items - like checks from Quicken - prints reports, but not checks. And,do not have the program I use for the Sunday bulletin. - I use Publisher - and the one I had on the computer before the "crash" was transfered from the old computer - and that is no longer available - so have ordered a new copy. Will get next week - but in the meantime will do like I did last week - do here at home, print out, and make copies in the office. And, gotta do that today!!

So, it is off to work for me!!

See you all later,


My Seven for 2011!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Have never done "New Year's Resolutions". But there are some things that I want to accomplish in 2011. So I started a list and ended up with over 20 things. Now, that is just way too many, if I am going to be successful and actually finish all of them.
Got to thinking about the year 2011 and decided that seven rhymes with it - so am going to have a list of 7 things to accomplish next year.

My Seven in 2011 - Now to decide which 7 ????
Do have #1 to start the list. I have been playing around with SparkPeople and have seen others lose weight. Now it is my turn. I have lost about 6 pounds recently so have actually started. My goal is 175 by Christmas next year. There - it is now in black and well, green.

So my #1 item is to lose 25 pounds in 2011.

Now to decide the other 6 things.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARTHA-ANN 12/11/2010 3:13AM

    Great idea...I might start a list myself! emoticon

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MESSA82 12/9/2010 11:46PM

    so doable... thats only about 2lbs a month!!! I'm sure with hard work and focus you'll do it in no time at all!

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PENNEYV 12/9/2010 9:21PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Looking forward to seeing your other "6".

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GLMOM2 12/9/2010 9:14PM

    You are off to good start. #1 is done the others will fall into place! I'm working on my list too for '11. I like that 7 in 2011. Catchy, I like it!


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VELVETCATT 12/9/2010 7:42PM

    I like it - go for it!

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