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First Weigh in on week 3 of diet

Thursday, December 04, 2014

OK so weigh in day has come and gone and I have lost a gobsmacking 8 kilos (that is 17.6 lbs) in 3 weeks. I got my trainer to weigh me twice I was so shocked. That weight loss is backed up by:

• 4.5cm (about 2 inches) off my chest, the same off my waist
• 9 cm (3.5 inches) off my hips
• 2 cm (about an inch) off each of my thighs
• 2 cm off each of my biceps
• 2 cm off each of my calves.

It certainly makes the hardness of doing this worthwhile.

Week wise this second week has been very difficult, I have been very emotional as my mother’s estate was dealt with this week and that has been very upsetting (plus I think I am detoxing so that may have made me more emotional as well).

I have fallen off the wagon a few times because of the emotional state I was in but on the good side I didn’t throw in the towel I just got back on the wagon. I worked out I was in fact under-eating this week and that may have been a bit of a problem. I have found I need to be very, very, VERY organised, it is the absolute key to succeeding on this, I am not at the point where I can “freestyle” successfully. I wasn’t as organised this week and that had a real effect on my eating.

So this weekend it is back to a menu plan for the week so that I have what I need on hand or precooked.

I haven’t given up my coffee yet, and I am not fantastic at exercise, but I have cut the coffee down to 1 or 2 a day and I am doing between 8,000 and 11,000 steps a day a huge improvement from the 2,000 I was doing. The advice both my dietician and trainer have given me is do one thing at a time, don’t over extend myself, which will lead me to fail and then give up. So my plan is get the food right, keep the steps up, get to the gym twice a week until 1 January then up the gym visits. I have most of January off (it is summer holidays here) so want to use that time to get into a gym routine.

I have also found I have saved a lot of $, I go to the farmers market for my vege, $40 gets me more than enough to last 2 weeks, got large bags of beans from the local bulk food warehouse, beans are so cheap!. Not buying much other than cat food at the supermarket.
So findings for the last 3 weeks - great results, got through a hell week and feeling like I haven’t given up but just need to go back to planning and preparing.

On a very funny note, I found this week I was getting dizzy, had sore ears and some vertigo so thought I had an ear infection, I trot off to the Dr only to have him ask if I had been eating a lot of crunchy or chewy food, as I had inflamed my jaw. I felt like such a twit LMAO. Dr suggested more cooked veges until my inflammation settled.

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COFFEEMUG2009 12/5/2014 7:57AM


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KNEEMAKER 12/4/2014 5:52PM

  Terrific Thursday! Let's keep on keeping on!

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End of week 1

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ok end of week 1 on “the end of Diabetes” diet.

In general went really well, not as hard as I expected (but still really hard in a lot of respects) apart form the week of craving sausages. Fell off the wagon twice over the weekend, mostly due to the fact I wasn’t as organised as during the week. Gave into my sausage craving and of course it was disappointing and not as yummy as my craving said it would be, but the good thing is that craving has now gone. My other fall from grace wasn’t that bad really, just ate a few things I shouldn't have, like some rice products and a bit more seafood than I should have had. But I am not going to beat myself up about it, I am just going to learn from my mistakes.

Was feeling quite down in the dumps over the weekend, due mostly to factors that have nothing to do with the diet and issues I have to deal with going forwards, such as still grieving after losing my mum 2 months ago, and how do I deal with that in ways other than eating and swallowing my pain.

Weigh in on Thursday this week, so that will be very interesting. Although I want to lose weight, my primary reason for going on this particular diet is to get the health benefits and not go onto diabetes medication. I have to admit that after 3 days on this diet my general feeling of wellbeing has improved dramatically, I have gone from feeling sick and nauseous, tired and lack lustre all the time to not feeling ill and having way more energy. If for no other reason than how I feel now to 2 weeks ago it has been worth it.

Of course I want instant results across the board and do not think it is at all unreasonable to be on a diet for a week and wake up 100lbs lighter than before I went to bed (where does that weird thinking come from!!)

The other challenge is exercise…..I do struggle with this but am trying to be more active and have joined a gym and have a great personal trainer. Again my issues relate to wanting to be fantastically perfect from the start…hmmmm I am spotting a pattern here.

Overall my learnings are
1. I need to be very organised foodwise so that I have what I need to succeed
2. I need to cut myself some slack, just as I would to anyone else doing this…. Perfection IS overrated but planning is gold!!!

I will touch base again on Thursday after my weigh in ……..

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SOOZIEQUE55 11/30/2014 6:35PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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day 3 going strong

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well it is day 3 on my new programme. It is hard... really hard going from being a major meat eater to a Vegan.

Having said that, I am enjoying the food, don't feel hungry and most important of all feeling better than I have in months!

I have worked out I need to be really organised to avoid getting into a situation where I end up making poor choices. Went out to dinner with friends and was able to stick to the programme for 80% of the meal, so I am pretty happy about that, because you know there were a lot of very yummy things on the menu I could have had even though they would have been all the wrong things to have.

Oh also made it to the gym for the first time. emoticon

overall feeling petty good and very positive about sticking to the programme for the next 11.5 weeks (not that I am counting) emoticon


day 1

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Well my first official day on Dr Fuhrman's "end of diabetes " diet. Breakfast was fine, lunch was mostly good, made the mistake of putting balsamic vinegar on my salad when it already had lime juice. Not the best of mixes, I certainly feel full although slightly weird - most likely that is the withdrawal/detox effect.

Spent Sat cleaning out my pantry, fridge and freezer and Sunday doing prep cooking.

No real excuse for not doing it 100% just going to take it meal by meal until I get the habit of it.

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KAREN4HEALTH 11/23/2014 7:32PM

    Good luck! I'm going to follow you to see how the diet works for you!

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New lease of life

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So I have just finished reading Dr Joel Fuhrman's book "the end to diabetes", totally inspiring.

It has really given me a wake up call as far as my diabetes diagnosis is concerned. Really I haven’t been prepared to make the changes I need to make to get “well” and I knew the current mainstream approach to diabetes management was not one I was going to be able to cope with. Frankly the “normal” carbs balancing approach not only drove me nuts but often I would end up feeling sicker than before I started.

Absolutely cutting out added sugar has made a huge difference, but after that initial gain in my health it has pretty much been at a standstill or almost going backwards in how I feel.’

I have decided I need a circuit breaker and this it is, something radical (well radical compared to the “normal” approach which I don’t think is very normal at all) that will kick start me into another gear and break with all those bad habits that got me into this situation.

I have committed to following the programme for 12 weeks (starting Monday 24 Nov 2014), I know it is going to hard and frustrating and frankly a bit scary but I no longer want to feel, sick and tired and spend all my time thinking about food and eating things and then feeling even sicker.

So from Monday no:
Coffee (nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo)
Bread or wheat products
Dairy products

So what does that leave me with? Well as much leafy greens and salads and soups as I want. ½ cup of oats,2 cups of beans and 28 gms of nuts a day. I can have fish twice a week, as a condiment (so no more than 30 gms) not sure I can be bothered but useful if I get desperate. Thank god for the internet and bloggers I have found some great sites with fantastic recipes. I think the secret will be nice presentation and variety so that it doesn’t become a drudge.

Once I get to phase two I can add in some brown/wild rice and quinoa.
Needless to say this weekend will be all about de-junking the pantry and freezer and stocking up from the farmers market, then making a number of things that I can freeze so that I can grab them and go. If it isn’t in the house I can’t eat it and by the time I went to get it I would have lost interest (I hope).

So I intend to blog about how this goes, just to keep myself on track, I know I will have the occasional moment, after Christmas is coming but I am keeping my social events to 3 meals out (including Christmas Day) just to limit my chances of self-sabotage!

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DMAIRE1977 11/19/2014 8:51PM

  keep up the great work your story is a great testimony

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