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Foot feeling better! Seems like 2nd round of cortisone did the trick!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well, 2 days after my cortisone shot in my heel, I am not waking up and whimpering with my first few tenuous steps! And if I have been sitting for a while, I also do not whimper or wince when I first start walking!! Such a simple normal act of life and I am thrilled to be able to do this!!!

I passed on doing my elliptical yesterday opting instead for a workout that would not require as much time on my feet. I also tried my Bean for the first time. My midsection is a little sore today so that means it must have worked new muscles that I am not used to working! YEAH!! It did seem like a pretty good workout for my midsection so I will have to find a way to implement it on a regular basis.


Foot feeling a lot better today! But I doubt I will elliptical today, tho.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

So the second cortisone shot has left me feeling much better the day after than the first go around!! I am walking pretty much without a limp and not wincing or whimpering when I walk!! What an improvement!! Now I am starting to finally feel that when it comes time for our summer vacations, I will be able to enjoy all the walking around that will be waiting for us!!


Wow!!! 2 doctor appts and a Cortisone that shot hurts!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

So this morning I saw the ophthalmologist as a kind of follow up to when I had the episcleritis (some weird infection of the eyeball!). Back then we had discussed the negative impacts my thyroid medication had been causing to my body all around. First, since 1988 I have had to deal with thyroid cancer. The endo purposely has kept my thyroid supplement (since I have no thyroid, it is pretty easy to get to the right dose!) high as a means of suppressing the cancer. But now, 18 years later, this high dose has started to take its toll on my health. It has thinned my bones and now I have been put on Fosamax D to try to rebuild my bones. I am still dealing with settling down my heart palpitations. This has been a big problem and has been the main driver in reducing my daily dosage. I am still on Toprol and am ready to slowly wean off of it once we reduce the thyroid dose to a good point. But if we go low enough, there is the possibility that the cancer can recur. NOT A GOOD THING!!! It sucked fighting it the first time!! So we have to find the right dose to make sure the cancer is suppressed while I do not get too much damage to my heart. (The cardiologist really freaked me out when he warned me that I need to be careful as he recently had to do a transplant on a hyperthyroid woman!) OK, now back to this morning! So the ophthalmologist wanted to test for any Graves disease type damage. They did the peripheral vision test and then they dilated my pupils. Long story short, my eyes are fine and show no damage from being hyperthyroid all this time!

So I rushed home from my appt and did my elliptical and Bowflex and then slammed down my lunch because I was expecting the podiatrist this afternoon would put another shot of cortisone in my heel. Sure enough, after much discussion about the pros and cons of another shot, I said I wanted to hit it again. I am way too sore (limo way too much!) and there are too many vacation plans that will be ruined if I am unable to walk any distance. So I sit here at the computer with my foot propped up and cursing my decision because I am really hurting!! But in the long run, I plan to be happy with my choice and enjoy a summer filled with running all over amusements parks and having a high velocity blast!!


As of Thursday night, I have already worked 42 hours this week!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boy, with a schedule like that, no wonder I have been looking for a transfer!! Life is too short to have to work those kinds of hours consistently!! So I am living what I teach my children: if you are not happy about something in your life, either find a way to accept it or find a way to change it!! And that is exactly what I have done. I applied to 4 different places for a transfer and was called in for an interview at 2 of them. I am finding a way to change what I do not like about my job!!

Otherwise, I am proud of myself as I have had two major reports to work on and one invoice AND I did not cheat on my diet even as I was stressing about my tine limits. Tho I have not had the time to do my elliptical or Bowflex as I would have like to. But I am in the process of fixing that!!


Too much work!!! Not enough time!! And I am tired of staying late!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I stayed until 10pm on Monday and then 8pm last night and I still feel like I am drowning in work!! And then more work keeps getting piled on me!! Oh well! I keep thinking that any day now I should be hearing back from the interviews I have been going on and soon this part of my life will be a thing of the past!!

But I have been doing good as far as not cheating on my diet, in spite of the added stress. I am sure it is boiling up somewhere and this stress will come back to haunt me later!!

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AMYN73 4/18/2007 3:11PM

    I hope the job lightens up soon...what a stressor. I would be so sick of work by that time of night..UGH.


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