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To quote from the Beatles song "the sun is out, the sky is blue, its beautiful!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally we get a couple of days break from our stormy weather. It was a great day to take a nice long walk along the Santa Ana River again. My Irene and I went a little bit father and had a bite to eat bwt morning and noon. It was a bit more calories than I am use to so just had a few snacks after I got home and only had a t-bone steak for dinner with 1% milk.
Talking about the weather like so many do. It was a typical beautiful weather after a storm in S.CA today. There is a lot of snow on the San Bernardion Mountains so when we were walking we were looking East towards those fantastic mountains ranges. If you have never been to S.CA in the winter when there is snow surrounding the LA/OC areas in the mountains is is really something to see. The skiiers will be having a field day this weekend at the local ski resorts. Yes there are locals ones here, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead is only about an 1 to 1 1/2 hr drive up the hillside. For even better skiing you can head to Manmoth in 5-6 hrs or drive north futher to Lake Tahoe. Wow they have some great skiing up there.
That is about all for now.


Doctor visit and weight loss/20#

Friday, January 22, 2010

I had my visit with my Rhumatologist today and things are going very well. According to their records I have lost 20 pounds since the middle of Oct. Woo HOO. I do not do my official weight in until Monday so I will wait to put in the new numbers. Hey maybe I will lose another pound or so.
I have been pulling some old VHS exercise tapes out and it has been a long time since I used some of these. I forget what I am suppose to do and just keep moving if I can't remember the moves. They will come back to me. lol
I know we need the rain but I hope it stops for a few days. Enough already!


Driving in a rare cyclone in S.CA

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I should have gone to the gym a little bit earlier and I would have been fine. I spent time on the phone trying to get the agency that ATT turned me into to understand that I had already contacted ATT and was a victim of ID theft and had notified them in Jan. 2009. Until ATT gets their act together and sees that I had a 8 year hold on credit and this person is already in jail in NV for stealing my person, the stupid people will keep calling. I will call back ATT every week until this is taken care of. I already thought this was all over because the guy was arrested and in jail already.
Anyway driving home from the gym was very scary. My wipers could not keep up with the rain because it was coming down so hard, so I was blind driving. My defroster wouldn't keep up either. The streets were flooded and you had to drive down the middle of a four lane road with a center divider. I drive a 1981 Corvette so I had to use lower gears just to keep the car going. I was sure she would stall on me but she kept going (thank goodness). When I got to my neighborhood it was even worse than the main streets. I had to make a right turn and just floated around the corner with the water about 1/2 up the door. My street was so bad the water was way over the curbs and about 1/2 up the yard. I was very glad to get home.
After I came in the house and turned on the ABC news I learned I had been driving in a cyclone/tornado with lots of thunder and lightening. I think I will skip the gym for the rest of the week and do my exercises at home. The people who are suppose to know say it will be very bad here for the next 3 days. emoticon emoticon


Back at working out

Sunday, January 17, 2010

After taking the 3 days my doctor wanted me to take off from exercising to see if this nasal/cold problem would clear up using the benedryl. Well the answer is not really. I still have the post nasal drip that makes me feel like I have a big wad of gunk in my throat. I see my Rhumatologist on Friday and is I am not better see what he thinks I should do to get better. Worked out at the house today, the rain has started and it will be here for about 4 days or so. Will be very heavy rains so I expect some flooding in the local foothill areas. We really need the rain.


Doctors and buying "The Spark"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well my husband and I went to the doctors today. I was lucky in that my ears do not look infected but I do have a swollen gland. Doctor put him on antibiotics and cough medicine, I get benedryl and no cardio for 3 days. This to see if the dizziness goes away on its own. Since I have a doctors appoint a week from Friday with my Rhuematologist if I am not better by then, than he could put me on something.
After this we drove up to Brea to buy my book at Barnes & Noble, only to find that the bookstore he drove me to was a Borders. We called information at this point and found had we got the other direction from the doctors office it was than 10 or 15 mins away. Jeff took the long way around with what should have been a 20 - 25 min drive back took us closer to an hours.
Now he is hungry again, so he see's a McDonalds drive thru in the parking lot. I say just drop me off, I'll buy my book and meet you out front. I did try one fry, I rarely eat at McD's but I haven't tried the fries since they supposely changed the way they make them a few years back. Taste the same to me, too much salt and oil for me.
We called the pharmacy on the way home so we can stop and pick up his medication. Doctors faxed it over around 2:15pm now it is 4pm but no it's not ready yet and could we pick it up in an hour. Which just means they haven't checked their fax machine all afternoon.
Why do they bother to have the doctors do it this way if they are not gonna even have the stuff ready. Guess who gets to go out in a while an pick it up, ME! The traffic is just really bad around my house at this time of day up until after 7pm.


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