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Slow week, glad to have my DH home.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It was a slow week around here. Bowled on Tuesday and Wednesday. My son Frank had a date on Valentines so I spent it by myself. Watched a movie I had wanted to see,.
Went to the market on Thursday. Had a bunch of coupons, also $35 earned money for the previous 3 months from Ralphs (Kroger's in other areas), bill was down to to just under $38 after $60 worth of coupons and special prices. I still had $44.10 cents on a AE gift card, so used that and it cost me nothing to shop. I got fresh chicken and beef strips, milk, cheese , salad and a bunch of other stuff. The man behind me asked the clerk if he could have my bill. lol
Did the laundry also.
Cleaned house on Friday and have been taking Phred for a walk most days. We have been having weird weather, one day warm, the next cool or cold with chance of rain. Today it looked like it would rain but it didn't but cloudy and cool.
Went bowling earlier, thinking I would make it back home b/4 my husband got back from Tulare, CA, but he was here when I got home. So happy to see him, I think we hugged for about 5 min. with Phred the Wonder dog trying to butt in the way. lol Phred sure missed Jeff.
Hope all is well with everyone, I am so happy to be back on site and have my computer to use.

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HIKETOHEIGHTS 2/23/2012 1:40AM

    It sure is nice to have a sweet DH home to love!

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TERRYT55 2/22/2012 2:09PM

    Hi.......happy your DH is home. I spent Valentine's day home alone too as my hubby was gone for the week.

Great grocery bill. I have absolutely no couponing abilities. I usually shop on the fly and forget any coupons I happened upon.

The weather is nutty this winter.....80 today and in the 50's just three days ago. I wonder what summer will bring.

Take care

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LESSOFMOORE 2/20/2012 9:07PM

    Your grocery bill was awesome! I'm glad to hear that Jeff is back and that you, he and Phred had a group hug! emoticon

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TWEETYKC00 2/20/2012 5:36AM

    Heck, I'd like to have that kind of shopping bill as well! I'm glad you have your DH back so you can be together now. Enjoy the time together.

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_LINDA 2/20/2012 12:03AM

    Now THAT is extreme couponing! Well done on the grocery bill!!
Our weather is just like yours, freeze and fry, except our 'warm' is probably a lot colder than yours, but with the sun out, was enough for some melting!
Hope you were pleased with all your bowling game results!
When you have a fur baby, group hugs are mandatory! Nice you are all back together again!!
Have a Fabulous week!!

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DDOORN 2/19/2012 11:51PM

    Welcome back! :-)


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HYE101 2/19/2012 10:44PM

    Looks like you had a great day !!

Hope you have a great week !!

Sam emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Thanks you everyone.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last blog. I just haven't been feeling the energy and excitement I had b/4 regarding Sparks. I felt like a fraud for encouraging others when I myself had lost my motivation or Mojo as one of my friends said. I hope get back on track this week.

I have been busy. I bowled free practice bowling on Wed. Took sort of a rest day on Thursday. Took a river walk with my Irene on Friday. Of course I had to ice my ankle after everything I do now. I even split up my walks with Phred to shorter ones rather than one longer one.

Today I went to the market, took Phred for a walk (iced my ankle) and this evening my son and I went to the Anaheim Art Crawl. It was pretty cool as we went into one of the museums to see a show for free called "SteamPunk" which I really loved. My daughter Samra would have like this show. Went into another studio where we had free wine and they had a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and banana's to use. I didn't do this because of the strawberries (which I am allergic too) but did have a nice sample of white wine.

Then we walk around for a bit and headed up the block to the Anaheim Brewery to sample the local beer. (Anaheim originally started out as a wine/beer community in the mid 1800's by the Germans.) They just reopened this brewery, for $10 you get to try 6 different types of beer, just under 1 C each. These were all excellent beers. I am not much of a beer drinker and I only took a couple of sips of each type but these were fantastic. Then we walked back to the main area and I purchased a couple of t-shirts that I liked (one for my hubby for Valentines Day).We were gone about 3 hours total and it was very enjoyable. Any of you beer drinkers out there who like beer and decide to visit the Anaheim area of CA. This is a great place to try a micro brew and in fact they have one beer that uses an original recipe from 1888.

So that is about it

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JAMER123 2/13/2012 12:35AM

    Please take care of that ankle! You will only have that one and the other once in your life time. You can use me as an example.......surgery is needed to walk better but being off one's feet for 6-12 months isn't conducive to weight loss!!. Take care now. Thinking of you as you begin to heal! emoticon emoticon emoticon Eileen

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_LINDA 2/12/2012 11:34AM

    So sorry about your ankle pain :( At least you could get out and have some fun anyway. I absolutely can't imagine being allergic to strawberries, they are my favorite fruit :( I think some people react to the thorns attached to the seeds. I always scrub them up good enough to get rid of them. You didn't say how you bowled in practice.. I don't drink beer or spirits for that matter, don't like the taste..
Its hard to get motivated to do much with that ankle. Maybe it needs a closer look by a Dr. in case something more than a sprain is going on there..
Hope you have a restful and relaxing Sunday..

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CAROL- 2/12/2012 6:41AM

    Sounds like fun!

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Sparks Motivator not Motivated. So now what?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I use to be so "gun oh", about using this site. I loved the people I met from joining groups that meant something to me. I lost weight and was down to 143 at one point. I became a Sparks Motivator, which thrilled me to no end. I was doing everything correctly. So what happened?

At first I blamed it on the house construction and stress, not keeping to the plan. Not entering my food intake or exercise mins., pretty sure I was just being plain lazy. I was sure I could keep the weight off all by myself. I knew what to do? Right? Knowing what to do and keeping up with that plan, is a whole other story.

I let myself slip, thinking it would be no big deal to gain a few pounds. I think it first started last Jan., 2011 when I fell down on the street. I was injured but kept going because I wanted to do my first 5K. I completed that in June, 2011, with a pretty good time. Now I decided to take some time off because I had reached my goal of running a 5K, all alone, with no family support.

I joined a bowling league, met some new people and enjoyed myself. Maybe a bit too much some would say. I wasn't going to the gym as often (in fact I haven't been now since the end of Oct.) my excuse was the spain ankle I got bowling on 11/1/12. Doctor told me to keep off my foot for 10 days. I tried but I hated sitting on my butt. Got a bit depressed and ate things I shouldn't have. Kept thinking I will get back to exercising in no time. How much can a person gain in so short a time? One would be surprised. After 10 days I got an eye infection that bothered me in bright lights, so kept out of the sun and the gym. Then I got the flu for 10 days. Oh great now the whole month of Nov. was gone and I had gained over 12 pounds and this did not count the weight I had already gained back. So now it was December and Christmas was just around the corner. Too hard to think about dieting when the holidays come around. I'll get back on track after the first of the year.

Jan. started & I did great for about a week and lost 4 pounds. But once again I lost my motivation when sweets were calling to me. Ouch! I went up to 179 but was back down to 174.5, when I saw the doctor on 1/31/12. And now I have been cheating myself again at night. I do really well up till after dinner. I tell myself I did so well all day what's one little treat, only one treat leads to two treats and sometimes three. I haven't gained back the 4.5 pounds back but I do need to get myself back on track.

This is where the problem lies. I wanted to start to train for either a 5K or 10K this year. But my ankle keeps swelling up every time I do my long walks or hikes and after bowling. So no jogging or running is allowed by my doctor. He wants me to use the bikes at the gym and I agree. Only thing is I can't get myself over to the gym, again no motivation to go. I have only done a few exercise videos over the last couple of months too.

So I guess, what I am asking my SP friends is, what happens when you lose the motivation to do the right things?? Also how do I get it back?? emoticon

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WISLNDR 2/13/2012 5:28AM

    I'm a little late in posting . . . . .

It's hard to stay motivated; I struggle with this a lot. I've started working with small but attainable goals:

-lose 10 pounds from the beginning of January to the end of February (I'm at 7 off right now),
-be able to wear that cute sweater by 2/14 (maybe yes, maybe no, we'll see tomorrow!)
-I've started making most of my food from scratch; that reminds me to not eat everything all at once since I probably won't have time to make more.
-Exercise for 10 minutes every day (I usually get more than that in each day but if I don't feel like it, 10 minutes is very easy!)

I'm not super-motivated yet but there's a quiet satisfaction in what I'm doing. I hope you can find some small steps for yourself. I say this a lot: Even the smallest steps still move forward!

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JAMER123 2/13/2012 12:32AM

    I guess I can say the same things. Where did the motivation go? I haven't lost it for helping others but I need to begin to help myself as well. Maybe together, we can getter" going again and feel good about motivating others!! WE emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEDICATED2HIM 2/11/2012 1:45AM

    h Teri,
I think your problem is one common to all of us...We all have a special "Sparkling Time" that we look back on with chagrin, desire, longing...and a touch of hopelessness. We feel that never again will be so "on our game"....but you truthfully haven't fallen too far to recover....and without too much trouble either. I too am struggling to come back after health induced weight loss and it is a frustrataing hurdle isn't it? Whan your mind WANTS so much to do something your body can't. But just make sure you don't take it as a carte blanche to slack...As one of your commenters here said, there is always some other avenue of focus, some other way of losing that weight. PURSUE it girl. You can do it! Time to just get around the "stinkn' thinkin'" as I believe AA calls it. Hang tough...YOU ARE BIGGER than Your loss of determination! So put er in gear and plow ahead. I'll be excited to hear of your victory!

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DDOORN 2/8/2012 6:06PM

    Certainly can understand the frustration when what USUALLY Sparks you (walking / running) isn't available to you, courtesy of your ankles!

So it sounds like you need to experiment with some new activity. Swimming? Pilates? Something that won't challenge your ankles. Perhaps focus on strength training? Is there something you've thought might be cool, fun to try but haven't yet done so?

Keep at it! Bang that stone on the rock till the Sparks FLY!

We're with you all the way! :-)


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LESSOFMOORE 2/8/2012 4:19PM

    Teri, you have already overcome so much, I'm sure you can beat this. We will all help you find your spark! emoticon emoticon

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SHERREMAC 2/8/2012 6:55AM

    ((HUG))) I am right with you on this one. I am hunting for my spark too!!

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TERRYT55 2/8/2012 1:42AM

    Hi Teri.......I am fighting the same battle right now but I am still able to run & walk. I think that is all that's keeping the pounds off of me at the moment. I start every day on the right track but seem to fall off the wagon during the day and in to the evening. Maybe we can help each other stay on track.........Don't give up, keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know we can do this!

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_LINDA 2/8/2012 1:21AM

    You have been dealing with this ankle problem since November?? That is a heck of a long time for a sprain!! I wonder if something else is going on there with it..Does your Dr. have any ideas? Its not normal that long. Its hard to get motivated to move when a body part refuses to cooperate or you get sick. Looks like the stress of this long, ongoing reno may be getting to you. Can't be very peaceful living in an unfinished house, with constant dust and things stacked in boxes, or things put away because there is no place for them. Its not much of a 'home' when there are bare walls, open plans, etc. You can't really be at peace and relax.
Just one suggestion to get your mojo back. Promise yourself you will do ten minutes of exercise before you do anything else in the morning. One of Spark's videos, what ever comes to mind. When the snack demons come visiting in the evening, find something to do to keep your mind and hands busy -anything from a much needed chore to be done, to something that will require your full concentration.
You can break out of this slump -you have done it before!
Here is to getting your Spark back!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TXGRANDMA 2/7/2012 11:25PM

    So sorry to hear this, Teri, I can certainly sympathize! Didn't realize you were having so much of a problem. Night time snacking is my problem too, the habit is very hard to overcome. It is hard too, when you have physical injury issues! Just don't give up, realize that healthy food is so much of a help to your body and an insurance policy of sorts.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Took a couple of days off.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Thursday I was a bit tired. I went to the market and did some other errands. The day seem to just go too fast, but did do 6 loads of laundry. I took Phred for a walk that was just under 2 miles. My ankle was bothering me, so didn't get too much done.
Friday got up early and took Phred for a good 45 min. walk. Came home drank a Slimfast, took a shower & did my hair/face, headed over to the credit union. Came home, paid bills. Then my son Frank and I headed out to Lake Elsinore to meet up with my sister Doreen (Firery1), her husband Fred and my friend Sandy (Subsmith, here on Sparks). We met up at the local IHOP and I did OK on my calories because it was already afternoon and I knew I would only be eating lightly for dinner. Well that was the plan but I ate an apple for dinner and then about a hour later I was so hungry I ate Power Bar, so went over my calorie count.
Was suppose to walk this morning but the Santa Ana Winds are up again and my head was killing me. Took Phred out for a walk around 1:30pm went they slowed to a light breeze. They are already back up to breezy again. I plan on bowling tomorrow, all day for $10, so will meet up with some of the others that I bowl practice with. It is the same today but I don't walk to bowl 2 days in a row.
Did my exercising but my calories haven't been within my range for the last 2 days.

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MOMFAN 2/4/2012 10:52PM


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_LINDA 2/4/2012 9:33PM

    Good you could enjoy an outing with family and friends!
I am with you on hating winds, get tired of them blasting the cold in my face every time I go out!!
Hope you enjoy and do well with your bowling tomorrow!

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TXGRANDMA 2/4/2012 7:37PM

    Good luck with the bowling! With all the exercise you are getting, you may be all right, depending on how many calories you are over........ emoticon

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LESSOFMOORE 2/4/2012 7:03PM

    Teri, good to see you back! Good luck with bowling tomorrow!

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Got a bit done today.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Woke up and ate a nice breakfast, then dusted the whole house, vacuumed and mopped. Time for lunch and off to the bowling alley for free Wednesday practice. Everyone I practice with showed up today including Merilyn who wasn't with us last week. Didn't do so hot in practice but trying some new stuff with my bowl that really didn't work. Some of the other better bowlers were having trouble too. I hate bowling on lanes 13/14 the pinsetter doesn't seem to put the pins down correctly. It has been a problem b/4.
Came home and took Phred for a walk. Not too far because my ankle was swollen up yet again. Then had a snack, pear.
I purchased some bison burger yesterday at the store, so made those into burgers for Frank and I. Boy are they tasty, and I learned that they do not shrink as much as reg. hamburgers do. Give it a try if you see it your store, although it is cheap. emoticon

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DDOORN 2/2/2012 1:33PM

    Kudos on keeping up with the house!

Hope your ankle heals quickly...!

Thx for all your support and sharing YOUR successes for MY inspirations too! :-)


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_LINDA 2/2/2012 1:43AM

    Sorry about your ankle :( It doesn't affect your bowling at all? I can't imagine trying to throw with a wonky ankle..
Practice is the right time to try out techniques..
Hope you have a Terrific Thursday!

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