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Lost 4 pounds this week, super happy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well my weigh in was great this morning and I couldn't have been happier or more surprised. When I first started doing the plan w/Sparks I lost 5 pounds the first week and then it was 2-3 after that. I don't expect those kind of results since I am not pushing myself as much this time, but I do hope 1 pound minimum a week. Happy Happy
Did Ok bowling. First game was a 139, 2nd game I couldn't get my spares. I would leave 2 pins and get one of them on the second throw or leave 1 pin and just blow the ball past the pin w/o knocking it down, my score 94. 3rd game improved again and I got 140. Bowling again tomorrow during free practice time. I am improving and very happy about that. Just want more consistency.
Thanks to everyone who wish my daughter Samra a very Happy 27th Birthday!

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DDOORN 1/13/2012 9:43AM

    Awesome deal on the loss! Keep the SPARK! :-)


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HIKINGSD 1/11/2012 12:23AM


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TXGRANDMA 1/10/2012 11:23PM

Wow, you did a great job! Not a bad job of bowling, either! emoticon

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TERRYT55 1/10/2012 11:11PM

    Excellent! Good for you. Happy you are having fun bowling.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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_LINDA 1/10/2012 10:35PM

    Well done on the weight loss! The amount you are bowling, you will be there in no time! Enjoy!!

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AYLEA56 1/10/2012 10:28PM

    emoticon on the weight loss. Keep having Fun with the bowling.

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TWEETYKC00 1/10/2012 10:24PM

    Whoohoo, you're rockin things now!

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HICKOK-HALEY 1/10/2012 10:15PM

    Your doing great. Good for you. Keep with the bowling. It's good exercise, and fun!

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27 years ago I gave birth to my daughter, Samra.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Today is my lovely daughter Samra's 27 birthday. She is a great kid and I have always been proud of her. I purchased a notebook/laptop for her birthday. She needed one that had Micro Soft Office on it. While looking I learned very few computers come with this program pre-installed. I found this one at Staples, contacted her boyfriend to see if it would work for her. A day and a half later, I went back to Staples to find all of them were sold out at our local store. I ended up calling about 15 Staples in the north OC/south LA county areas. I finally found a floor model and was able to buy that at a discount. They cleaned it and completely reinstalled everything to make it like it just came from the factory.

A little mad at myself because I went 3 calories over my max today. I have managed to stay on the lower end all week. Oh win some, lose some, at least I hope so. I should do my weight in tomorrow. I will be happy if I lose just a pound or two, three would be nice but I don't want to get too excited. Just taking it easy and if I only lose 1 pound a week, that is 52 pounds in a year! It would put me below my goal of 135-140#. Don't want to look too skinny at my age.

Bowling tomorrow on league. I hope I do well.

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_LINDA 1/10/2012 12:57AM

    Happy, happy birthday to Samra! That is an awesome gift, way to go the extra mile!
Please do not obsess over a few calories, particularly when you have been riding the lower end -that is a fantastic streak! Bet you will be pleased with the scale results!
Good luck with bowling, enjoy!!

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JAMER123 1/10/2012 12:21AM

    Hi Teri and a Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a neat thing you did for her. As far as getting mad at yourself, think of it this way, you were under during the week and we should be looking at the entire week, averaging it out for a calorie base and I bet you did it!! Don't beat yourself up:) You are on the right tack and are doing fabulous!! Keep it going!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TXGRANDMA 1/10/2012 12:17AM

    Happy birthday to Samra! I wouldn't worry too much about 3 calories over on one day! Just hang in there tomorrow, and eat your lower limit if you are worried......Good luck at the weigh in! emoticon

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TERRYT55 1/9/2012 11:40PM

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, Samra!

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TWEETYKC00 1/9/2012 10:15PM

    Happy Birthday to Samra! I bet she will love the laptop you got for her. You are doing a good job with your plan, try not to worry so much about the scale, we all have our fluctuations at times. It's the long run for your health that counts!

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LESSOFMOORE 1/9/2012 9:47PM

    Teri, blessings to you and Samra! emoticonGood luck on your weigh-in! emoticonHave fun at bowling tomorrow. emoticon

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Sunday, another nice day.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Woke up this morning to pretty strong winds but the died down by noon or there a bouts. Went over to Kmart to some of the things I forgot the other day. Picked up a couple of new night shirts, purchased 2 tops that I will have to take back. I didn't see in the label that they were junior sized. lol Took the dog b/4 I went to the store and washed my car when I got back. The boys wanted Wendys and I had no problem with that. I had the Cranberry Pecan Chicken salad. I went ahead and had the reg. size one instead of the half size. W/o the dressing it is under 450 + 1 pkg of the dressing @ 60 cal. (when you check this out online the product is shown with 2 pkgs of dressing). What I can't figure out is why so much sodium in this thing. The dressing has 0, salad makings have almost 0, so that leaves the blue cheese crumbles, pecans and grilled chicken breast. I don't think pecan's have very much sodium. So I say they put a lot of salt on the chicken because I know there is sodium in cheese. Come on Wendy's I know you can make this healthier?? Well. think about anyways because it does taste very good.

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HIKINGSD 1/9/2012 2:57AM

    It's crazy how much salt and sugar are added for "flavor".

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_LINDA 1/9/2012 1:15AM

    Its amazing how much calories are in restaurant salads. High sodium is a given. You did well with that one though!

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JAMER123 1/8/2012 11:49PM

    It does make you wonder why the food establishment has to have so much sodium in all the foods!! it is amazing when you look on line at menus and see the nutritional values. I really prefer to prepare things at home but don't mind going out on occasion. I have been after mom and her friends about eating out everyday and all the unhealthy foods they do eat. They could take turns 5 days a week fixing for each other and make it feel like they are eating out. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Thanks for a good blog!

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Finish all the videos for the January Challenge

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Got up this morning (yeah I know everybody does that too) lol. Anyway did a load of laundry (bed sheets, towels), made the beds with clean sheets. Cleaned the bathroom. Took Phred for a walk. Jeff worked most of the morning for his job not on the house. I made lunch and then watched the dvr while eating. I taped "Merlin" the tv show on Syfy, which I really enjoy watching. Jeff took a nap after that and I headed over to the bowling alley to get some practice in. I am trying to get more consistent in scoring. I will have some pretty good games, then blow it and just make it over 100. Game #1:119, #2:161,#3:109, #4:171, #5:127, #6:153, #7: 127. Still a bit all over the place but getting better. After I got home I did the last day workout video for the January Challenge, so I am all caught up now. Woo Hoo for me!
I made pork loin, mashed potatoes (scratch), apple sauce and corn muffins + I drank a glass of 1% milk. I also ate 2 mini tootsie rolls today for a treat, 6 is suppose to be 160 cals., so only having 2 was a nice chocolate surprise.
Our weather cooled off today and we didn't see the sun until close to 11:30am but turned into a nice 69 degree day.

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_LINDA 1/7/2012 10:20PM

    Wow! That is a lot of games for a practice! I don't remember ever doing more than three, you have good stamina, especially having your better scores towards the end!
I like Merlin too, but my Mom doesn't really so I have to catch him when she is not watching our TV (I don't have it on my TV -I only watch when I am staying with her) I gave up watching TV for other things that kept me busy and I didn't want to become a couch potato again having to watch all my favorite shows all the time.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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Nice warm day again.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Our weather has been just beautiful for the last couple of weeks. Most days in the upper 70s.
I went to Costco this morning, always fun. Did not sample anything, so I gave myself a pat on the back. I always look to see if Costco has trout, I was lucky and they did today. I couldn't even finish the trout I had for dinner, but my husband finished it for me. lol
Took Phred out for 2 walks for my cardio and did 2 of the bootcamp videos. I think I have caught up with them all, since there isn't one for Sunday.
Tomorrow I will do day 6 video and most likely head over to the bowling alley to get in some practice. Won't be any marathon bowling like I have been doing since those were specials for Christmas and New Years Days.
No working on the house today and tomorrow since Jeff had to work. The boys headed over to Home Depot to get the stuff they will need on Sunday.
Have a nice weekend everybody!

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TXGRANDMA 1/7/2012 2:24PM

    Teri, so good to see you blogging again, and hearing about Phred! Good for you not snacking at Costco! We were 70 degrees here yesterday, too. Had a front come through and are in the low 60's and cloudy today, but actually not too bad. emoticon

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JAMER123 1/7/2012 12:49AM

    Sounds like you are getting back to the norm. and able to work on other things than the house. I don't have a Costco's membership because there isn't one (yet) in the TX. Valley. It is a work in progress. We have always had a Sams though and get lots of good meats & fish there. Love to be in a position to get fresher fish than frozen but for us that is the best. Enjoy the weekend & the beautiful weather. We keep hearing about our weather at home and can't believe how warm it still is. no snow and lakes are losing the ice. Weird weather for us!!

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_LINDA 1/7/2012 12:31AM

    Way to work it Teri!! Great discipline not sampling -I sure can't hold back on certain things -cheese and chocolates :P
I love Costco trips.
Enjoy your weekend and great weather!!

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LESSOFMOORE 1/6/2012 10:57PM

    Teri, you are doing a great job of getting back in the groove!

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