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Santa Ana River Walk and Samra's 25th birthday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My friend Irend and I walked along the Santa Ana River today. It was so beautiful and warm. Irene had to walk slow because she has a hairline fracture on her knee to we had to take a lot of breaks. What should have been about a 2 hr walk was closer to 4 with all the breaks.
Today is also my daughter's 25th birthday, I will call her in a few mins. because I always talk to her at her birth time of 9:48pm PST. I don't care if she lives in OK that is when I will call her.
James (her partner) and her went up to Tulsa today to do some shopping. I hope they had good weather and no snow. Cold she can handle pretty well, it the blizzards she hates.
My dog Lucy is doing well, still going for doggy walks but gets tired more easily and is drinking a lot of water and losing weight. She is a trooper!


Woke Up Sick, Yuck!

Friday, January 08, 2010

My husband and son have been sick with bad colds for the last few days. Last night my throat started to bother me but I was sure I would be OK. Woke up this morning with my throat just killing me, rinsed my mouth & throat with warm salt water, took Dayquil (took Nightquil last night) and my head hurts and nose stuffy. Will do today's bootcamp video and walk the dogs later but unless I start to feel better will not do much today in the way of cardio workout. Really needed to get to the gym to do a good workout with weights but I can do some stuff here with my 5# weights here at home, if I feel up to it. emoticon emoticon


Bootcamp day 5

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today I did exercises here at the homestead. I had to run to K-mart to get some new bras, buy Samra a birthday present (it won't get to Muskogee on time because of weather) but it is on the way. I looked at the wrong month on my calendar and somehow thought the 9th was Monday. Oh well I purchased a small handbag for her and hid $30 in the pocket.
Lucy seems to be doing Ok, still playing with Phred sometimes but she gets tired on her walk and takes her time getting up the 2 steps to the frontdoor. She is also having some problems getting in/out the doggy door. She is a trooper and I am hoping that she has longer then the 1 week to a month that the vet predicted.
I think the medication the Vet gave me for her arthritis is helping with her overall pain because she does not seem to be moaning as much. I don't know if this is just me being hopeful or not. emoticon emoticon


Bad News and bootcamp

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I am doing my bootcamp videos b/4 going to the gym. It is easier. I also took my Lucy Dog to the Vets this morning. She has been acting strange and winy alot over the holidays. I know her eye site had started to go because her eyes have gotten clouded over, this has been over the past 2 months. The Vet said her levels were extremely high and that because she is such a good dog she probably didn't let us know how bad she has been feeling and only just started to wine. I thought it was arthritis because she has had that problem with her hips for about 4 yrs. We put her on some meds for that problem but the doctor really doesn't think she has too long. Jeff and I have to agree, we are not the type to give out dogs diabetes shots everyday and check her blood. We have watched her diet over the last few years and she has lost some weight but not enough to keep from getting diabetes. I truly love my dog and have had her for over 11 yrs, she is a good old girl, the sweetest thing. I got her at the pound where they were getting ready to put down the next day if she wasn't adopted. She is part American Fox Hound and Boxer (I never worried about flys or bugs in my house because she could catch one in her mouth). She weights in at 70 pounds and was a house dog. We have another dog but he is my husbands and is crazy, whoever thought it would be a good idea to mix a Jack Russell and Poodle was not using their thinking caps that day. Anyway we will see how long my Lucy hangs in b/4 we take her over to the Vets to have her put to sleep. I will miss her so much, she was with me when I had elbow surgery, chemo for my kidneys, staff infections, a TIA, Hysterectomy among other things that have gone wrong with me. She was my house and walking buddy for years. What can one say about a good dog! emoticon emoticon


2nd day of bootcamp

Monday, January 04, 2010

Well I got through another bootcamp workout. This was stuff I had done b/4 so wasn't too hard on me. Hit the gym for a good strength workout and it felt good. I have a lot of energy today.


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