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Christmas shopping with the husband

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I warned him not to complain but he did. We were in the store less than 10 mins. and he didn't want to hear the music anymore and was mad that everything was mad in China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Maylaisa, or some other 3rd world country.
I was looking for a new jacket for Christmas, I had to go or who knows what he would have picked out. OMG he went over to men's area to try to find a jacket for me, when I pointed this out, he was "How can you tell?". He went out to have a cigarette and left me alone for about 15 mins. One lady who had heard him, both of us looked at each other and laughed after he left. I told her he doesn't go into clothing stores much (we were in Burlington Coat Factory), another younger girl also thought he was funny. I did finally find something I liked, it was a little over $50. He said of course you can't find one that has a sale price on it. I said, "You told me you had $100 to spend on me and I didn't go over your budget".
He also got me a new waffle iron ($80), like the kind they have in the hotel breakfast buffets to make your own. Those are so neat and that is what I asked for besides the jacket or boots. Still no boots I will have buy those for myself.

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SUBSMITH 12/29/2009 8:49AM

    Yeah... our men can make us laugh. Took me years to realize it's better to love 'em for their manhood and laugh that what makes them tick sure annoys the heck out of us women!

When I visited my mom, poor gal with TWO men to annoy her constantly... I finally got her laughing at it all too instead of cowering. The men are just sure we should be like them in every way. LOL. Can you believe Dad complains how she cleans the sink and thinks his way is better???? She's been with him almost 50 years and taken care of him... He rarely lifting a finger to help around the house unless great fanfare was done to announce his martyrdom.... but NOW she is supposed to change EVERY way she cleans to please him. Nope. Put it wrong. Dad just took over and left her doing NOTHING. Grrr! Another reason I really need to go visit more often. Mom needs some female companionship to laugh with and keep her morale strong.

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No one to help me bake boo hoo

Friday, December 18, 2009

Plans have changed for my Christmas goodie cooking day. I will have to do it all myself. My friends daugher whose has helped me for the last 6 yrs is going to Mexico with her father. The only nice thing is now I will be able to meet up with my sister, her husband and her son on Sunday for a brunch type meal. Jeff the husband will stay home and Frank the son will be going with me. Should be a nice day. Will do my strenght training tomorrow at the gym and try for about 65 min to 100 min of cardio.


Nothing worked out today

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well this morning I was to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle to have breakfast as they past by my town on their way south to Carlsbad/Oceanside, CA. My Aunt has stage 4 cancer and has been in a research project. She was still sick with a cold and didn't want to risk getting me sick because I take immuno suppresion drugs. She did get great news that whatever they are doing is working to get rid of her tumors on her liver. The doctors will be using her information to write a paper on how well she is doing.
I went to the market and did some stuff around the house. I forgot to check my message machine and that was mistake. I went to the bank for my husband and then headed over to PPH to volunteer only find it had been canceled until Monday and Julie had left me a message.
Got home and went to do some shopping for Christmas and just didn't have timeto get to the gym. Did get the dogs their walk. Oh well tomorrow is another day!


I have had better days at the gym

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I got through my strengh workout today just fine, but it was hard for me to get through the cardio. Then I remembered I hadn't used my inhaler b/4 coming. My lung doc has told me to use it b/4 the gym because it gives a little extra boost.
I always remember my towel, water, club ID and cell phone, why can't I always remember the inhaler. That should be the most important thing.


Christmas parties/Doctor appointment

Monday, December 14, 2009

I had so much going on this weekend that I didn't make it to the gym and I really tried to watch what I ate. It was too hard to figure out the calories. The first party ('Sat. evening) it was all lasagne and Italian foods. Love them but not too much. I had mostly salad w/o any dressing. Did have about 1/2 - 3/4 C lasagne and a small amount of some macaroni with meat in it. I had water only and one appetizer that consisted of 2 cherry tomatos, (2) 1 inch sqs of cheese and a green olive. I probally did Ok on the calorie count. I had no dessert.
The party on Sunday afternoon was a wedding reception and it was all Mexican food and Chinese egg rolls. The egg rolls are to die for and yes I had 3. I had a small amount of beans and rice and 1 small soft shell toco with carne asada.
I had no wedding cake and this was easy because it had strawberries in it, and I am allergice so that was a no brainer.
This morning I had a doctors appointment and he congradulated me on going from 202 the last I saw him in mid Oct to 188.7 today. I will be seeing him at the end of Jan and hope to have lost another 10 pounds.


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