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Husband OK

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Last night my dear husband thought he was going to die from stomach pain but would not let me take him to the ER. After a few hours and many antacids and aspirin he started feeling better. Whatever it was it scare him very much. Today he called me at home and told me to call the doctor about getting some Chatrix(sp) some kind of stop smoking pills that all the guys he works with have use with great success. He has tried others so I really hope this time that he does stop smoking. Thank everyone who commented and sent their prayers.

Was tired last night and slept over 9 hrs. Got up and did the normal routines, took Phred out for a good morning walk, watched AMC and did 2 exercise dvd's and walked Phred a 2nd time after dinner.. I really wanted to get into the gym but I do plan on getting there tomorrow.

Thats all for today. Night to all

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MARENAMOO 6/10/2010 4:25PM

    I am glad that he is ok. It always makes sense to follow up on these things especially if he is a smoker - there are a lot of risks with that. I will pray that all is well and that he is also able to quit smoking.

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SERENEMOM71 6/10/2010 8:45AM

  Hope you can get your hubby to the doc. You can't be sure what it was - just because it went away doesn't mean it wasn't serious. I had a pain like that - ignored it the first time and the 2nd time I went in. The ER ignored it too, until 6 hours later I kind of crashed and they found my lungs full of blood clots. I nearly died. He could have an ulcer that is bleeding, appendix that is ready to rupture, who knows? His life is too precious to mess with. But I know how stubborn people can be and you can only do so much!

Glad you are getting in so much exercise! Good for you!

I will pray for you both!
Love, your friend,
Amy L emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOMFAN 6/10/2010 1:12AM


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MAYLINGSNW 6/10/2010 12:21AM

    glad hubby is ok but you need to get him to the dr to check it out..better safe than sorry. hope you get back to your excercise !!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PAT3ONTHEBACK 6/10/2010 12:03AM

    Glad everything is OK, for now. It might come back! That is how my appendicitis was. One evening it would hurt, but just felt like gas. A couple months later I would get it again. Finally one time it didn't go away overnight but was worse. Went to Dr then to hosp for surgery. It was a cinch once it was diagnosed and treated.

Sounds like you get a lot of exercise!

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Possible trip to the ER tonight.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My husband came home from work and laid down to take a nap. Didn't tell that on the way home his stomach really started hurting him. He ate dinner but complained about the pain getting worse. He can't lay down and get comfortable. He does not feel warm but has cold sweats. He is having trouble doing the do do and has taken 4 antacid tabs in the last couple of hours. He says the pain is getting worse but still does not want to go to the ER. His mother had a history of Gallbladder/stone problems and his dad had stomach problems too. So if I don't get back on site I may be gone for a while. I really hope it is nothing too serious.

The day started out pretty good with a hike/walk over 6 miles. Came home and ran up to my doctors office to get a note for the Court House about not being able to do Jury Duty. With Lupus I have a blood clotting factor and can't sit for long periods of time, also because of my kidney problems I have to pee more than most people, at least every 2 hours if possible. Really can't sit no more than 20 - 30 mins. or my legs go to sleep. I have to take a note with me when I fly, and I always get an aisle sit or where the emergency door is so there is more room. For 12 years I have been getting these notices for the 2 local court houses. They have been told it is a permanent condition and they keep saying they are going to take my name off the list. But CA is all screwed up so they keep wasting my and other people's money by sending me notices over and over again.

Did take Phred for one walk today and Frank came along. Then went over to vote today.
Hope everyone voted in their states today. emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 6/9/2010 10:40AM

    Hope everything went okay and hubby got better. Let us know what happens.

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MOMFAN 6/9/2010 1:58AM

    Praying for your hubby! emoticon

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MUSIC66 6/9/2010 12:44AM

    sorry about your dh hope it is not too serious . both me and my husband both had to get our names take of the jury for medical reason and they have not contacted us since.

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Marketing Monday and stuff

Monday, June 07, 2010

Got up this morning and headed over to the market to get some stuff until later in the week when Jeff can give me my weekly grocery money. Came back and read some of the paper and then took Phred for a 38 min. walk. It was pretty warm by then but we had a nice breeze.

Didn't feel like I had too much energy today for some reason. I asked my son to go over to Kmart with me and we could spilt the price of the Father's Day present that I had seen for Jeff in Sunday's ad. He has made some comments about how nice it would be to have a hammock for the deck. Kmart had an $80 one on sale for 1/2 price and Frank said he could spare the $20. Frank hasn't had a job since March '09 but is a great saver and still has a good amount set aside. He even got close to $500 back on his taxes.

Anyway when we came back I did one of my Leslie Sansone dvd's "5 miles fast fat burning".
I then took my shower and started dinner and did Phred's short after dinner walk.

Going to bed early tonight because I am walking the SA River path with Irene tomorrow and we plan on 8 miles or so. Got to do it b/4 it gets too hot. May go over to her house later in the day to swim in the pool but have to go over to my RA doctor to get a note to seen back with my Jury Duty summons. Because of a blood clotting factor I have with Lupus I can not sit for long periods of time and with the RA, Fibromyalgia and kidney dysfunction I have never done JD.
My name was suppose to have been taken off the list because it is a permanent condition but I keep getting them every 2-3 yrs. Hope everyone had a nice day.


Beautiful Day for Kayaking

Monday, June 07, 2010

Huntington Beach was just beautiful today. Weather was warm but not too bad, in the low 80's. Had a great time once again with the group. Marc our leader asked if Frank and I would volunteer to help today. Frank was in the middle and I was in the back of the pack. There was around 35 kayak's in our group. I was with the two who had never done it b/4. Took the young lady Jai close to an hour to really get the hang of it. I think she was nervous because she doesn't know how to swim. Yes, she had the life preserver on but she was very unsure of herself. Only had one scare at the main waterway when a large boat was coming our way, telling her to paddle out of the way and go behind it. Instead she went in front, they blew their horn and turned out the boat was a lifeguard boat. Thanks goodness the regular boaters in the area area aware of kayak's and know that some do not know what the hell they are doing.

We went out to lunch just down to the street with march and a group of about 10 people. Was very pleasant and talked about Marc's upcoming kayaking tour he is doing on the Green River in Utah. Wish I could do something like this but don't have the money or equipment and I would be pretty nervous if something happen to me being on blood thinners way out in the middle of no-way land.

Came home and went through a couple of old boxes of pictures. Realized I really need to get these organized someday??? Anybody have some idea's on where to start? Help, I could use some suggestions on getting all these photos organized. I told Eleanor that I would look for the pictures of Gordon that I was sure I still had and I do. Some are from our wedding and reception others just random over the years, couldn't find the one's from Samra's graduation anywhere. Oh well, but I think she would enjoy having them more than me and I know my husband would like to have them gone. emoticon emoticon

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MARENAMOO 6/10/2010 6:35PM

    I store mine by year in boxes and label the outside of the paper sleeve with events in the envelope. That way I can open the box and look at the outside.

So glad that you had a good day kayaking. I live near a river - I should take some lessons. Sounds fun.

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LINDAKAY228 6/7/2010 7:22PM

    Sounds like a fun day! I want to try kayaking one of these days when I get where there is enough water to actually do it! Pretty dry around my area.

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MUSIC66 6/7/2010 1:23AM

    that sounded like a great day.

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MOMFAN 6/7/2010 1:12AM

    I would start by trying to organize them chronologically. Craft store has photo boxes, the is one of my next projects.

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Saturday house cleaning.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Because of the funeral yesterday I was a day behind on my house routine. Got up a little late because the Chinese food I had yesterday made me sort of tired. Maybe all of sodium or something but I woke up with a little headache but it sure tasted good and I rarely have it anymore. Took Phred out for a walk. I keep telling myself I need to get up earlier so I can walk him while it is still overcast and somewhat cool but hasn't happen yet.

I also did not make it to gym this week. Damn, I need the gym for my regular strength training. Of course I am using my Leslie Sansone, JM and Biggest Loser Workouts with hand weights but not the same as a good 40 mins. or so on the machines. Will try harder this week.

Cleaned the house from top to bottom and was sweating like a pig even in the AC. Of course this was after the morning walk with Phred and it was pretty warm out already. Did read some of the newspaper but not all of it.

Made a whole chicken for dinner, turned out great. Didn't eat til close to 7pm, Jeff likes to eat earlier and so do I. After I finished the house I did 5 miles with LS and then showered so it was a little after 5pm b/4 I got the chick in the oven. Didn't get on Sparks until around 5:30pm.

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MOMFAN 6/6/2010 10:39PM


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VALDESROSIERS1 6/6/2010 5:20PM

    emoticon U did alot!!

Val emoticon

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BKWERM 6/6/2010 2:28PM

    I thought you were going kayaking today? Or, am I thinking of someone else?

Glad you enjoyed your Chinese but sorry about the headache.

Take care.

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JUSGETTENBY42 6/5/2010 11:59PM


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