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Poor Phred He Hurt Himself Somehow Last Night

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last night, while Phred was playing with my son Frank, he hurt himself. Phred is like a :"rat on crack" and has more energy than a Mexican Jumping bean. He jumped down onto our hardwood floor and "Yelped". We couldn't find anything wrong with him but he would not jump up to be caught in my arms. This is his favorite game, to jump up and have one of us catch him. He wouldn't even jump onto my lap on the couch. He was so mellow and not his normal happy crazy ass doggy self that we have learned to love.
Anyway after I got back from the gym this morning I called the vet. Frank and I took him at 3pm and the vet did an exam and took his temp. He seemed to have a small temp., but the vet thinks that may be because he appeared to have hurt his back or spine. He gave him 2 shots, one a type of steroid and another muscle relaxer. He also gave me pills for him to take 2 times a day. He is not to jump at all, if we can help it. Can't chase any birds or cats that may come into the yard. Tomorrow I can take him for a walk but no longer than a mile. We had worked up to almost 3 miles in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.
He has to rest for the next 2 weeks. If he doesn't get better, of course we will take him back to the vet I tell you after the shots kicked in, Phred was already feeling better, but I know it was the medication not that the inflammation or injury was any better. He may not be the same dog after this because jumping may cause him to hurt himself again. I hope at least he starts to be a bit more normal for him. I just don't know how we will manage with Phred not being "Phred the Wonder Dog" anymore. Yeah, he is crazier than a fruitcake but when he isn't feeling well, he has the saddest eyes you have ever seen.
He is just hanging around the house not doing too much today. I don't even think he is upset that he gets no walk today.
I will have to walk by myself tonight a least for a few miles. emoticon emoticon

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BARBARASDIET 5/14/2010 3:55PM

    Poor Phred!

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TXGRANDMA 5/13/2010 10:16PM

    Poor Phred! I sure hope he is feeling better soon! emoticon

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FIRERY1 5/13/2010 10:07PM

    Oh wow...I hope Mr. Phred is going to be all right. I hope it turns out not to be serious. He's hyper, all right, but he's really a sweetie. Let us know how he fares, please!

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Wednesday hump day

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Actually it was market day. I keep forgetting to wear my pedometer when I go to the market just to see how far I walk when I am getting groceries. Just a space cadet, I guess. Came home and took Phred for a walk, ate lunch. Watched some soaps, exercised to a new dvd, showered, took Phred for his afternoon walk. Made dinner: marinated round steak, grilled with corn cob, cinnamon apple sauce, Thomas Bagel thins. Need to get up early tomorrow, want to hit the gym. Getting my hair cut on Friday morning.


Nothing special day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did normal routine, get up, eat breakfast, walk Phred and then I went to the gym today. I am trying to go 3 or 4 times a week. I always exercise by walking Phred 2 times a day and when I don't go to the gym I use my indoor walking dvd's + 30 Day Shred. I did about 35 mins of strength on the machines today along with cardio of 45 mins.
Came home, ate lunch, watched last half of OLTL & then GH. Showered, got on the computer to do Sparks stuff. Cooked dinner, walked Phred and now I am sitting here waiting for TBL and Lost tonight. Thats it for today. Pretty normal day for me.

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TXGRANDMA 5/12/2010 9:06PM

    Sounds like your "Normal Day" is quite busy! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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Another manic Monday/A bit cool/windy/cloudy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Got up this morning and ran some errands. Was a bit cool outside with the overcast and clouds. Came home and took Phred out for his morning walk. Got home and made lunch, got caught up on some reading while ABC's soaps were on the tv. Then did my "30 Day Shred" and "Fast 3 miles" DVD's.
Made Stouffers Stuffed Bell Peppers ( they have too much sodium but the calorie count is low and they taste pretty good), with Steamfresh veggie, and salad. Cleaned up the kitchen after dinner and took Phred for his evening walk.
Ran into a couple of neighbors ladies who also walk and spoke for about 15 mins.
Frieda stopped by to visit and play with Phred after school. F will be 10 on the 28th of this month. F has been coming over to the house since she was around 4, when I had my other dog Lucy. She loved Lucy very much and now comes to see the Phrester.


Happy Mothers Day To All/ I am in a size 10 @ Old Navy

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stayed up a little late last night to watch some of SNL. So I got up late round 9am. Made myself an egg sandwich with thin bagels for breakfast. Sat down and read some of the morning paper. Tried to call each of my sisters, got a hold of one of them Doreen and talked for about 30 mins., then took off with Phred for a nice 52 min. walk. My other sister Linda called me back during my walk, so I talked to her for about 15 mins.while still out with Phred.
Came home and headed over to CVS to return some sunglasses that didn't work correctly. I wanted ones that fit over my prescription glasses and I thought that was what I was buying but it wasn't. After that I came back and went with my husband over to Staples and this sporting goods store he wanted to check out. Saw some cool kayaks there. He said he would buy me a couple pair of shorts or Bermuda's at Old Navy. I went in and at first I was picking size 12's and then I thought I have several pants/shorts in this size and they are big. So I got 4 different styles in a 10's. They all fit! I was really surprised. They weren't even tight at all, just went right up the legs to the butt and buttoned or zipped without any problems at all. Sooo happy emoticon emoticon
He then wanted some lunch at In N'Out, I ate about 10 fries and had a light lemonade. I came home and had a SO mini burger.
I am making ribs for dinner tonight. I know it is Mother's Day but we went out to dinner last Sunday and we didn't make any reservations anywhere so I decided to cook. Yesterday it was so warm and sunny here, today it has been overcast, windy and cool. They predict rain by Monday night or Tuesday. Where in the hell is spring or summer coming to S.CA? emoticon emoticon


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