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Purchased the new tile for the house today and normal stuff (see pictures)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Got up this morning and took Phred for his morning walk. Decided I was going to the gym while it was not too cold. Rained last night, windy and cold this evening. After I finished with cardio, I went upstairs to do some strength and realized my little flap wallet had dropped off the necklace. I went back to the bathroom area , ellipticals and front desk with no luck. Saw that one of the other ladies I use to see a lot working out, Suzanne was now working at the gym. She has lost a ton of weight and plans are for her to hike McKinley, Alaska, this summer. Oh fantastic for her. Anyways my trainer heard what happen and we both looked and finally found it underneath a machine. Figured someone kicked it or something. Sure glad I found it cause it had my gym membership and DL inside it.

Last night went with Jeff over to Lowes and saw the tile that I love. Everytime we are in there I go and look for it. So after he got off work today (only worked half day, same tomorrow) he measured everything we are going to do in tile and off we went. We would need 27 boxes of this tile, they had 28 boxes left. Woo Hoo for us. Here is what it looks like but it is brighter than it appears in this picture
This tile will be in the entrance, kitchen, dinning room, laundry room and both bathrooms. The rest of the house will now have new carpet put in this summer. Currently our carpet is almost 26 yrs old and the current tile was put in around '87 or '88.

I told my husband that I rather have my house redone than go anywhere for our 25th anniversary in June. Looks like he will be working at that time anyways. So I suggested we go over to Catalina for the day with our son Frank. It is $34 round trip and we could still pay to do a few things like the new zip line they put in recently. Franks 24th birthday is July 3 and our anniversary is the 29th of June. We would celebrate them together and save money for the house redue.

I am so jazz to finally have my house redone this summer. It really needed it!

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ZNEKITA 4/29/2010 11:55AM

    I really like the tile! It should look nice wherever you decide to put it!

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Cold morning for late April

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The predicted rain but we didn't get any. By around 1pm it was just 70 degrees. More like winter time here then the end of springtime. Expect more rain at the end of the week.

Went to the market and hubby helped bring in the groceries. Ate lunch and I then took Phred out for his walk. By the time I returned home it was almost 2pm and I turned on "GH". After that I did "The Shred" dvd. I had a enough points on one of my surveys sites that I ordered another BL tape. I think it is the "BootCamp" one with Bob. Doesn't matter it will tough too.
Took a shower, started dinner. Home made chillie with left over vegetables and low sodium black beans. Was very tasty, not as spicy as I would have like but since the hubby hates spices he like it. My son added some hot sauce to his. lol

We went over to Lowes to get a new floor lamp for the living room. Mine lost the button to turn it off a while ago. It took some doing to turn it off and on. My son and I have learned not to complain but since he has been having to turn it off at night. He keeps staying up late on his PC playing some game called Evony so he has been the one to turn if off. We are at Lowes and he says go pick out a new lamp. I knew it was just a matter of time till it would piss him off enough to go get a new one. My son and I stopped complaining over 3 months ago.

Came home, took Phred for his evening walk. Now my son his putting the new floor lamp together and the husband is playing Evony. I don't care as long as the thing works correctly.


Very boring Monday

Monday, April 26, 2010

Got up went with the husband to the bank and to get new glass shelves may for my new cabinet. Came home walk Phred. Husband naps in the living room so can't do any housework or exercise dvd and didn't want to drive to the gym. At 3pm I did JM "30 Day Shred" because he had been asleep over 2 hrs.
We wanted to go to dinner at Chris & Pitts but remembered it is closed on Sunday. Rumour has it that the one here in Anaheim may be closing because the landlord decided to raise their rent by $4000 a month. Crazy in a recession, very unreasonable. C&P lease ran out recently. They had had a 15 yr lease. My husbands and a lot of his friend (even friends that visit from out of town like MO) love this place. I hope they get to stay. There use to be a lot of these places around but over the years there are only a few left. If this closes I think we would have to go up towards LA to eat at one. Sucks


Normal Sunday/NASCAR

Monday, April 26, 2010

Woke up at 7:30am a laid in bed and watched the last hours of "Sunday Morning" on CBS. Haven't watch it for about 6 months or so. Got up ate breakfast and read the paper for a little bit and then my sister in NY and we talked for close to an hour. Then I took Phred for a 39 min walk and came home to watch NASCAR. Didn't realize it had started at 9am so the race only had 60 laps to go. But if with NASCAR it took almost 2 hrs to complete, with so many crashes at the end. Jeff worked today so he missed it but he asked who won, of course.
Cleaned the house b/4 he got home and then started dinner. Did my JM"30 Day Shred", showered and walked Phred again. Then we ate dinner. Jeffs favorite what we called "Onion Gravy Steak", with baked potato, mixed veggies, biscuits and cinnamon apple sauce. Stayed within my calorie range for the day too. emoticon


Visit to the cemetery and Paradise Cove/old home

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Got up this morning and did my JM "30 Day Shred" b/4 getting ready to go up to TO/Westlake Village, CA area to visit my Moms graveside with my sister Doreen's family. We didn't get to visit more that about 10 mins. and the place turned on the sprinklers. Which was sort of weird since the grass was soaking wet already? I was so spaced out this morning that when I left the house I forgot to change out of my slippers into some slip on shoes. My sister just thought I was wearing them because of my blisters. Thank goodness they look like "ughs" and you couldn't see the top of then cause my pants covered them. When we got to the cemetery I walked barefoot up to the gravestone so I didn't get my shoes wet too much like the rest of them did.

After that we drove around TO and visited our old homes (2 different houses and 1 apartment). The area has changed so much over the years. So built up and all. Nothing looks too much the same. I even had to show my sis our 2nd home we lived in for about 1 1/2 yrs. She would have drove right past it. Even then she thought I was wrong but I knew where it was because she only lived there on and off and I was there the whole time I was in 8th grade.

Was a strange haunted house, very bad vibes. Only after we purchased the house and lived there a few months did the neighbors tell us someone was murdered there. There were 2 bolt locks on the outside door (bottom & top) of the master bedroom. We thought this very strange. Who was being locked in the master bedroom? The other 2 bedrooms had 1 bolt lock on the inside of the doors, again why?
Spooky things always seemed to happen there and everyone was unhappy and fighting all the time.
Things were moved, our dogs acted very strange and one time we came home to find our Lab standing at the stove with a frying pan and a hot dog in it cooking. Now maybe someone had gotten in the house but all the doors were locked from the inside and no windows were open. So unless the person could fit through the dog door we couldn't figure it out. And we had 2 dogs, the lab and a poodle. Neither were barking when we came home. One time my sister was home alone with the dogs and her bedroom got ice cold with the heat on. She could see her breath, both dogs were whimpering and crying. My sis freaked out, jumped out of bed, got her robe on & ran to her car to go to a friends house in her pjs. She left the house, the dogs and would never stay home alone again. I use to hate to stay along and would turn all the light on in the living room, den and kitchen. Didn't even like to walk a few feet down the hall to bathroom or my bedroom when no one was home. Did not go into the master bedroom with no one home, would get the jeepers creepers down my spine.

Anyway, after we did the old homes routine visit, we headed over to Malibu to Paradise Cove for lunch. It is a bit spendy but very good food. Walked out on the pier for a few mins and took some pictures. I haven't download them yet but will put them on my Sparks page or a later blog. I ordered the Salmon but it was easily 2 servings but it only came with snap beans ,so I ate all the salmon and maybe 20 or so of the beans. I also only drank water. The table was served fresh baked sour dough bread which I had 2 pcs of with some whipped butter. Last time my sister was there she saw Jennifer Aniston at another table. This is a very popular spot for the local celebs.

Then we headed down the coast to come home. The drive wasn't too awful because sometimes it can take you bwt 2 - 4 hours to get 67 miles here in La La Land. Traffic really sucks even on the weekends. Everyone have a nice Sunday!


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