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I have blisters on my heels and it sucks!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I had blisters after the hike yesterday but today my heels really hurt. Put on some medication to protect them. I walked Phred today and it was tough going putting on mole skin, band aides, socks and shoes. Still hurt like hell.
Anyway except for the 2 walks with the psycho dog I did not do much of anything except read the paper.

Jeff's friend Steve came over to finish wiring up Franks computer and the blue ray in the living room. A couple of other guys came by to check out the old Subaru that we are selling for $500. It runs, it's a stick and would be good for somebody who goes to the desert a lot. We purchased this several years ago for our foster son but have never finished fixing it up and he told us at Easter to go ahead a sell it. We also have all the parts to fix it up including cami-paint for it.

We went over to our friends house tonight to pick up the oriental cabinet my husband brought from them for me. They have lost their lovely home as so many people have and have sold off just about everything they own. They will be out this weekend and they are also splitting up. He has moved into a condo about 1 mile from where they lived in Anaheim Hills and she will go up to Bakersfield to live with her daughter and help out by babysitting the grandkids. Tough times for everybody.

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BARBARASDIET 4/19/2010 2:39PM

    Hate blisters on the heels! Nothing you can do to make them comfortable.

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XENA47 4/18/2010 11:58PM

    Hope those blisters heal soon.

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KFH3107 4/18/2010 11:51PM

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope that everything will work out alright for you.

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Morning at Turtle Rock

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did my first official hike with the OC Hiking Club this morning. It was in the Irvine, CA area called Turtle Rock, which is located just above UCI. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot or overcast.
There was a total of 22 hikers, and we began to introduce ourselves while we waited for our leader Pat to show up. After 10 mins. pass our starting time, one of the guys mentions he had done a number of hikes in the area, so we elected him the leader of the hike. After about 3/4 of an hour Pat showed up, coming from the opposite direction, what luck she had picked the right way to go to find us. She was very sorry she was so late but glad we had taken a vote to start without her. Here is a picture of my friend Irene and I at some point in the hike.

Came home and our neighbor Jim said my husband Jeff was off helping a friend with an electrical problem. While Irene waited I ran in the house to get her a coupon for her favorite Italian restaurant that her family goes to at least 2 times a week (coupons come in the Fri. & Sat. newspaper). Jeff came home just b/4 she left.
Frieda, the daughter of my friends Rosa & Francisco came down to visit for about 30 mins. She comes over pretty often to play with Phred, for years she has come over to the house to play with the dogs, b/4 Lucy passed she loved to brush her almost everyday and Lucy looked forward to seeing her. Phred still acts crazy when she gets here but mellows after 5 mins.
Later Jeff and my son Frank worked on pulling the wiring for Franks computer for his room under the house. Frank was elected by Jeff to go under because it is not a pleasant job and since Jeff has laryngitis he wasn't going under. He also decided it was time to run a computer wire to our 62" big screen so he can do the updates easier.
Here is a picture of the view looking west toward the Pacific Ocean, towards Fashion Island in Newport Beach (where all the rich people play)

Here is a shot of me sweating it up after climbing up a few hills.


Took it a bit easy today

Friday, April 16, 2010

Got up and did my normal morning routine, breakfast, newspaper, brush teeth, and getting dressed. Went to K-Mart and Ralphs supermarket today. My husband is addicted to Pepsi so I always go where it is the cheapest and that was Kame-a-part this week. (A little inside joke, my mother worked for K-Mart for years). Got a few other items there and then headed over to Ralphs. I had gotten chicken out this morning, they call it picnic cuts because it is only legs and thighs.
We already got out tax check back from the feds today, so did the son. So we headed over to the bank to deposit it. Who knows when the State check will come with our state broke but it will show up sooner or later I guess.
Going to bed a bit early tonight because I will be getting up at 5:30am for the hike at Turtle Rock in the morning. Haven't had to get up that early in many years, although for years I got up at 4:30am when I worked at Rockwell back in the early 80's and of course when I had babies to take care of. I will most likely be walking half asleep lol Hope I don't fall asleep while walking, that wouldn't be too fun! emoticon emoticon


Sun was out today, now it is cloudy again

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Started out as a beautiful spring CA day. Did some errands, walk Phred and then Jeff came home after working 1/2 day. I left about 15 mins after he got home to head out to the gym, did strength and cardio.
Came home and had some lunch and watched "GH"(I have to see what happens with the Sonny/Michael thing over the death of Sonny's wife, the woman who put Michael in to a coma for over a year). Normally only watch once every 2 weeks or so but I have to know what happens with all of this drama.
Cooked Mexican pie for dinner, isn't really very healthy. Makes 6 servings of which I only have one then I had some Dole fruit gels with it. Didn't go over my calories so I am OK besides I did a lot of cardio today.
The clouds came back this evening so it was a bit cool when I took Phred for his evening walk around 4pm. I always remember it being cloudy in the spring time in the OC when I was a child visiting my Nana. She lived down in Newport Beach and it seemed like the sun never came out until late in the day.lol

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ZNEKITA 4/16/2010 12:14PM

    Sounds like you had a fulfilling day! We're supposed to be getting storms this afternoon and our weekend is supposed to be cool. Have a GREAT weekend!


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A short walk along the SA River

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today I took a walk with my walking buddy Irene along the river. Because we were both short on time we did a shorter walk but it stilled turned out to be 8.21 miles round trip. I even jogged a bit. Irene is a jogger/runner but had hurt her knee so was stuck walking until the doctor told her she could start jogging again. We did a few short bursts jogging but like I said I am not a runner or jogger so I did little bits and then would walk real fast.
Came home and went to the market to get grocery money from the ATM for the week. Picked up some shrimp and scallops along with frozen Italian veggies and a premade salad for dinner. The guys enjoyed it and so did I.
Took Phred out for only 1 walk today and didn't feel up to my JM "Shred" dvd after doing all those miles but will do it tomorrow without fail!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TXGRANDMA 4/14/2010 10:29PM

    sounds like a really nice walk, Xena1956! It is good to change up your routine every once in a while. Wow! Supper sounded really good, too! emoticon

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