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Weather change

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got up this morning and took Phred for his morning walk. Looked cool outside but after walking a little over 2 blocks the hoodie came off and was tied around the waist. It was sunny with a nice breeze. I opened the windows when I came home. Did some stuff on the computer, then did 2 workout dvd's "Fast 4 miles w/Leslie Sansone" and "30 Day Shred". By that time the boy was home from college and it had started to cool off. Ate some lunch, took a shower and got ready for Phreds afternoon walk at 3:45pm. Very glad I wore my hoodie because it was frigging cold.
Went over my calorie count a little tonight. Went to Wendy's and got a SouthWest Taco Salad. If I had only used the dressing I would have been OK but I put on 1 pkg of the seasoned taco chips. Still would have been within my cal. range but we got a free serving of chilli (sm) but I really love Wendy's chilli so I ate with some sour cream. Boom went over my count I think bwt 100 - 150 cal. Not too awful.
Had a lot more energy today, so glad I got in four cardio workouts.

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GSREMUS5 4/21/2010 9:59PM

  with all that cardio, the 100 cal shouldn't hurt too bad.

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Hit a wall today, exhaustion. Why?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I woke up this morning to the weather having changed overnight from warm to cold. It is raining right now and has been since about 3:35pm. Had most of the windows opened all day until the rain started. Love the fresh air.

I managed to take Phred for his morning walk and really wanted to hit the gym but it was like this wall of exhaustion just hit me while I was walking him.

Came home and did only 20 mins of housework. Made some lunch, watched the afternoon soaps and stretched out on the couch for a nap during "GH", never really slept but rested (that is my version of naps). Frank gave me a kiss and went to study in his room. I got up at 3pm and told him I was going to take the dog b/4 the rain and went into use the bathroom. When I came out he already had Phred in his harness and said he was going with us. We both forgot to bring jackets and rushed the walk so we could beat the rain. It started raining within 10 mins of us getting back home.

I hope I have more energy tomorrow because I really want to go to the gym. Of course I can always do a couple of dvd's here and see how it goes.
emoticon emoticon

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BUNNYF1 4/21/2010 7:15PM

    I truly understand where you are coming from....yesterday I stayed home from work because my whole body was hurting. I had been up most of the night walking the floor, laying and rolling all over the living room!! I finally got into the jet tub for 30 minutes; got into my "fussy" jammy's, turned on the heating pad and spent the day pampering myself....
Felt a little better this morning....just a "me" day was good!! Hang in there!!

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Another Manic Monday

Monday, April 19, 2010

Had some trouble sleeping because of my blisters, sounds funny but they kept rubbing on the sheets. Ouch! Got up and ran a couple of errands, car insurance over to AAA, and got some gas in my car.
I took Phred out for a walk b/4 I did the above but it took a few mins to bandage my heels so I could get my shoes on. I did the walk and after a few house's it doesn't hurt so much.
I came home after errands and did the vacuuming, mopping, shower stall, ect.
Then had lunch and watched the end of "OLTL' and then "GH". After that I did "The 30 Day Shred" and moved my weights up to 5 pounds. Not sure if I have done 14 days with 3 pounds as planned but I decided to move up the weight today. Took a shower and took Phred out for his second walk of the day. Made dinner, pork chops, veggies (Broccoli, carrots, snap peas and water chestnuts) mix from Steamfresh, cinnamon flavored applesauce and 2 small biscuits. I decided to drink water to make sure I kept my calorie in take within my limits.
That is all for today. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ZNEKITA 4/20/2010 10:30AM

    Those veggies do sound good! Blisters are sometimes really hard to deal with - especially when they rub. Feel better!


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XENA47 4/20/2010 9:34AM

    All those veggies sound great! Hope your blisters heal up soon.

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SPARKEROO 4/19/2010 11:17PM

    I think I need a Phred to force me to walk! Hope your blisters are healing. Bandage them good before going to sleep with a nonadherent dressing, so it won't hurt when you pull them off in am.

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I have blisters on my heels and it sucks!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I had blisters after the hike yesterday but today my heels really hurt. Put on some medication to protect them. I walked Phred today and it was tough going putting on mole skin, band aides, socks and shoes. Still hurt like hell.
Anyway except for the 2 walks with the psycho dog I did not do much of anything except read the paper.

Jeff's friend Steve came over to finish wiring up Franks computer and the blue ray in the living room. A couple of other guys came by to check out the old Subaru that we are selling for $500. It runs, it's a stick and would be good for somebody who goes to the desert a lot. We purchased this several years ago for our foster son but have never finished fixing it up and he told us at Easter to go ahead a sell it. We also have all the parts to fix it up including cami-paint for it.

We went over to our friends house tonight to pick up the oriental cabinet my husband brought from them for me. They have lost their lovely home as so many people have and have sold off just about everything they own. They will be out this weekend and they are also splitting up. He has moved into a condo about 1 mile from where they lived in Anaheim Hills and she will go up to Bakersfield to live with her daughter and help out by babysitting the grandkids. Tough times for everybody.

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BARBARASDIET 4/19/2010 2:39PM

    Hate blisters on the heels! Nothing you can do to make them comfortable.

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XENA47 4/18/2010 11:58PM

    Hope those blisters heal soon.

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KFH3107 4/18/2010 11:51PM

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope that everything will work out alright for you.

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Morning at Turtle Rock

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did my first official hike with the OC Hiking Club this morning. It was in the Irvine, CA area called Turtle Rock, which is located just above UCI. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot or overcast.
There was a total of 22 hikers, and we began to introduce ourselves while we waited for our leader Pat to show up. After 10 mins. pass our starting time, one of the guys mentions he had done a number of hikes in the area, so we elected him the leader of the hike. After about 3/4 of an hour Pat showed up, coming from the opposite direction, what luck she had picked the right way to go to find us. She was very sorry she was so late but glad we had taken a vote to start without her. Here is a picture of my friend Irene and I at some point in the hike.

Came home and our neighbor Jim said my husband Jeff was off helping a friend with an electrical problem. While Irene waited I ran in the house to get her a coupon for her favorite Italian restaurant that her family goes to at least 2 times a week (coupons come in the Fri. & Sat. newspaper). Jeff came home just b/4 she left.
Frieda, the daughter of my friends Rosa & Francisco came down to visit for about 30 mins. She comes over pretty often to play with Phred, for years she has come over to the house to play with the dogs, b/4 Lucy passed she loved to brush her almost everyday and Lucy looked forward to seeing her. Phred still acts crazy when she gets here but mellows after 5 mins.
Later Jeff and my son Frank worked on pulling the wiring for Franks computer for his room under the house. Frank was elected by Jeff to go under because it is not a pleasant job and since Jeff has laryngitis he wasn't going under. He also decided it was time to run a computer wire to our 62" big screen so he can do the updates easier.
Here is a picture of the view looking west toward the Pacific Ocean, towards Fashion Island in Newport Beach (where all the rich people play)

Here is a shot of me sweating it up after climbing up a few hills.


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