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A day at the races, no night at the opera!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got up early and took Phred out for a bit longer walk this morning. Trying to get him use to longer walks and the busy streets. Came home and fruit salad for the family party at the track. I used 1 whole honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon (personal size) each and 6 large kiwi's. It turned out fantastic and was one of the first things to run out. It is a pot luck menu and with over 100 people showing up there is lots of food.
I did pretty good at the races, winning 5 out 10 races. I don't make big bets so the most I was in one race was $21.80. My husband gave my son and I each $50 for the day. That's $5 a race and I came home being $20 or $25 dollars ahead. I will use the money to get a new pair of walking shoes. It was fun to visit with all these people we see every year.
I went over my calorie count but was not too worried about it because I had gone way over my exercise mins and calories burned for the week. I also have already made plans to walk with Irene on Monday morning and we are going to go a bit farther than our 9.19 miles. Maybe by a couple of miles. I also plan to get up early in the morning walk Phred and maybe hit the gym. I also walked Phred when we got home but just the shortest one but he still had fun and so did I! emoticon

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XENA47 3/29/2010 6:02PM

    Sounds like Phred's getting lots of exercise. I liked your reference, I'm a Marx brothers fan myself. Also, fruit salad sounds yummy. I had some this weekend too.
Congrats on your race wins and your new walking shoes.

Keep walking. You're inspiring me. I think I'm doing pretty good walking three miles, but if you can manage nine, well, that definitely has me thinking I ought to get more ambitious someday...

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LABRABBIT 3/28/2010 10:37AM

    I've started working out with my Dad and it's made a huge difference in my motivation! I haven't gotten anywhere near 10 miles at a time though - WOW! emoticon

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A warm day today

Friday, March 26, 2010

Took the Phredster out for his walks today. Cleaned the house and did 7 loads of laundry. Still folding clothes. Husband working this evening over near Disneyland at the Hilton Hotel. Other than that is was a pretty quiet day in paradise.


Very cool this morning & Franks new PC

Thursday, March 25, 2010

But what a change in 24 hrs. Yesterday it was pretty warm by 8am (shorts & tshirt), today I started my walk with the dog around 7:50am and it was overcast and almost cold (cold for CA)(sweatpants, tshirt and hoodie). Came home ate breakfast, read a little of the paper. Ran some errands, Kame-A-Part (K-Mart), CVS and Staters Brothers Market.
Purchased some cod and shrimp. Made the cod with Panko and nuts, tasted great. Will make the shrimp tomorrow or Sunday.
We have purchased for my son, Frank(early birthday present), a computer so he has it in his room now. He will be 24 in July and this is for college. We have 3 computers in our house now if you count my laptop. Frank needed it for college so we consider a plus. If he evers finishes college maybe we will finally get the last child out of the house.
Don't get me wrong, I love my children but it seems at times we will never get rid of all of them. My daughter Samra finally moved to OK 2 yrs ago, she is 25. Our foster son Jory (24) moved to AZ around the same time. Of course this was after a talk we had with all the kids. My husband felt we made it too easy on them to just stay. We charged rent when they had jobs and when they didn't they had to help around the house. It was pretty nice to be able to go to the gym and I myself was in college at that time and not have to worry about things getting done around the house.
Joined a OC Hiking club today. Irene sent me a link. In a strange way she has been my lifesaver, helping to get me out and exercising with walks and hikes, not just the gym. I have no problem going to the gym everyday but it is nice to do the walks outdoors and have a friend who wants to do the same thing and lives about 2 miles away.


Walked the river again

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think my friend Irene and I are going to try to start walking the river 2 times a week. We have been doing it about 2 or 3 times a month.Tomorrow I may go biking with Irene, she is going to borrow her daughers bike for me. She has helmets and all that good stuff. She is a real biker and does races too. Her and her husband did a bike ride of 60 miles on Sat. down towards San Diego. I am glad to have a friend like her who is so active and into walking/running/biking, She is almost 3 yrs older than me, so I have to keep up. lol Keeps me motivated.


Tuesday night tv

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight is the biggest loser, I watch the first hour and then change over to Lost.
At commercials I try to catch up on what is going on on TBL. Unfortunately last week I missed who was knocked off so it will be a surprise for me tonight.
Also the new show Parenthood is on and pretty good. I loved the "Gilmore Girls" so I wasn't going to miss this new show.


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