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Walked the river again

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think my friend Irene and I are going to try to start walking the river 2 times a week. We have been doing it about 2 or 3 times a month.Tomorrow I may go biking with Irene, she is going to borrow her daughers bike for me. She has helmets and all that good stuff. She is a real biker and does races too. Her and her husband did a bike ride of 60 miles on Sat. down towards San Diego. I am glad to have a friend like her who is so active and into walking/running/biking, She is almost 3 yrs older than me, so I have to keep up. lol Keeps me motivated.


Tuesday night tv

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tonight is the biggest loser, I watch the first hour and then change over to Lost.
At commercials I try to catch up on what is going on on TBL. Unfortunately last week I missed who was knocked off so it will be a surprise for me tonight.
Also the new show Parenthood is on and pretty good. I loved the "Gilmore Girls" so I wasn't going to miss this new show.


BD dinner at Buca di Beppo (Italian Restaurant)3/21/10

Monday, March 22, 2010

Went out to dinner at the above restaurant last night. Was so good but went way over my calorie count. That is 2 times this week. Had the most wonderful Lasagna and Veal Parmesan, should have ordered a salad but this is family style and the guys wanted food "Not rabbit stuff" to quote my son. We had the small orders which come with 3 helpings. Next I will fill up on the salad and have just a small bit of the lasagna but it was my birthday. I am afraid we also order the Chocolate chip canoli's for desert. The small comes with 3 and just the right amount after the food. If I had stuck to just the above my calorie count wouldn't have been that bad. My husband ordered the cheesy garlic bread and they screwed up and brought us the regular so we got both for the price of one. I had 2 pieces of the GB and a small amount of the reg. freshly made, very good.
Also had a birthday drink, Blue Hawaii.
Don't ask about the calories! I don't think my body was use to that type of food because (I know a lady shouldn't talk about this) I had gas all day.
Did my walks with the Phredster and watch some of my new dvd with Jillian Michaels. I always watch my exercise dvd's first so I know sort of what to do.
I am gonna start with the beginners (level 1)because it may be only 20 mins but it is way tough. There are 3 levels and I will eventually get there.

My new plan is to start to get up early again, take the dog for a walk, come home and do the Jillian Michaels workout and hit the gym for more cardio and weight workout. See if I can pump up my workouts and get in shape faster.
OK may be just kidding myself but that is the plan. Got to have a plan,Right? emoticon emoticon

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    I think it's fine to splurge within reason on Special days.

You made me feel better about watching Leslie Sansone, LOL. (I'm going to remember that line and use it.)

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My movie pick day

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Since NASCAR is on tomorrow and that is my birthday I wanted to watch "Gone With The Wind" today. I have had the movie on VHS for year but my daugher Samra got me a DVD for Christmas. Jeff and Frank both watched it with me which sort of suprised me. Frank said he even remembered watching it once when he was around 7 yrs old (he is 23 now). I still cry when the horse dies.
Brings back memories of seeing it the first time at the theater when I was around 12/13 yrs old. While I was in the theater with my friends family one of their horses almost died because it got tangled up in something.
Tomorrow is my 54th birthday, another year, another dollar as the saying goes.
There were several yards sales around the neighbor today and one family sales only new items. I got 6 really nice summer tank type shirts for $20, one has Marilyn Monroe (I have a ton of Marilyn collector stuff). They are sized small but that is OK, I will be able to wear them to the gym and feel comfortable by summer wearing them.


Pretty busy day

Friday, March 19, 2010

Got up made waffles to put in the freezer to the guys can just microwave them on the mornings they want them. I do this about every 10 days. I had one, they are very good. Walked Phred, came home and went through the market adds and my coupons to see what I could get. Did pretty well I normally do, had about $80 taken off of the bill. Picked up 2 100% natural whole chicken and roast one tonight. Was great, with mini corn cobs, apple sauce and low cal crescent roll. Yummy.
Cleaned around the house, 3 loads laundry, vacuumed, changed towels and sheets on beds. Walked around the market for over an hour.

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    Yum great waffle idea, I do make-your-own convenience food, too, just not waffles.

You did great on the coups; I consider myself coupon queen but you might be in the running for the crown . . .

You are definitely beating me at housework and exercise.

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XENA47 3/20/2010 12:14PM

    Sounds busy. I keep meaning to make waffles and putting it off. There's a spark recipe I took down that looks good, but I'm a lazy chief and keep buying the frozen ones instead.

Kudo's to you for doing better. Maybe reading this will inspire me to get off my lazy butt.

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