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Got up late today

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I didn't get up til 10am, I forgot to open my curtains when I took my morning medications at 7:30am and fell back to sleep. Oh well. I took the Phredster for a little bit longer walk this morning and the same afternoon walk. I am trying to get him use to walking on the sidewalk on the busy street. He is and has always been a nervous nelly when walking on the busy streets around here. If a big truck or bus drives by he shrinks down with his tail between his legs. I am hoping this will improve with time. Lucy was never this way and the few times we took him on the busy street with Lucy he was less nervous with her around. He will even try to jump on to be held. I want him to learn to relax and enjoy the walks around the neighborhoods. I sure it will just take some time to get him use to the noisey automobiles.


Another sunny day

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was a real beautiful day here in Anaheim, CA (the OC). Nice to be able to walk without a jacket. In the afternoon there was a breeze which was nice. The weathermen say it might rain yet again this weekend or not. We have had rain every weekend for about 5 weeks straight. The southland really, really needed the rain so I am not complaining too much. I hope to hear from my friend Irene about walking tomorrow morning.
I started coughing during my afternoon walk with Phred the Wonder Dog, it is the short walk, but I guess my lungs just needed to still cough. I am feeling a lot better but it seems once I start moving around I start to cough some more.
I hope this thing is gone completely by Monday because I look forward to getting back into the gym.


Started walking again today

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well it was a sad day in our house yesterday and all things must pass on, but it still was so difficult. Lucy went out like the lady she was and I was a crying mama. We decided to have her cremated and will get her ashes in about 10 days. We will then bury her under her favorite tree in the backyard.
We were gonna bring her home and bury her. I think that once she was dead my husband just couldn't handle the idea of bringing her back here dead. We would have spent the afternoon digging the hole and I just think he wasn't able to do it.
It made it a bit easier on me too. He said I was the brave one because I was able to make the decision when it became necessary. When our other dog died a number of years ago, she had been in so much pain but he could not bring himself to have her put to sleep. She suffered a lot because he just couldn't do what really needed to be done for the dog.
I am going to try and walk Phred 2 times a day. A longer walk in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. Phred is still looking around for Lucy. Jeff got rid of Lucy's food and water bowls, along with her blanket. He felt Phred would get the idea better that she wasn't coming back if her stuff wasn't around.
We did keep her doggy pillow we got her for this past Christmas.
emoticon emoticon


RIP Lucy will be put to sleep tomorrow morning.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The last couple of days have had there highs and lows. Was my husbands 55th birthday on Sat. and I took him, his buddy and our son to dinner. The last few days my dog has not been doing very well, for those who may not know she was diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of the year and given a month to live.
She has all but stopped eating anything and throwing up what she does eat. Last night I was up with her all night and only in the light of day did I realize that she most likely had a small stroke. She has had to have help getting into the house for the last week because she could no longer use the dog door. So I was up 3 times to let her out to pee last night and never could get back to sleep. I just felt something was wrong. This morning her left eye was all droopy and she couldn't focus where she was looking. She looked so sad, I let her out in the backyard and she had trouble getting down the two steps to the grass. She laid down on the grass and stayed there. After a while I went in the back and asked her to come in the house, she got up slowing and I had to help her up the steps.
When my husband got home from work we talked about putting her to sleep and I called the vet. We have an 9:30am appointment tomorrow, we will be with her and bring her home to bury her under her favorite tree in the backyard.
I will miss this old hound dog. She has been at my side through so many illnesses and always made me smile. She was always ready to shake anyone's hand who greeted her with a smile and is the sweetest dog ever.
RIP Lucy, All good dogs go to heaven emoticon emoticon

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    Oh sweetie I'm so sorry. We had that happen with a kitty, I know it's very hard. You're in my thoughts, take care.

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lazy day

Friday, March 05, 2010

Was going to walk over to CVS today but I started coughing again so decided to drive. I kept thinking this is so supid to be driving such a short distance when I could walk it in under 10 mins. I keep coughing as soon as I start to move around in the morning and its gets worse as the day goes on. So I skipped the walk. Got some more tylenol, birthday cards for the hubby and some other things I needed. I am going to go over to Stater Brothers tomorrow to get a German Chocolate cake for the husband. I will have a little piece for his birthday. I have to take him out to dinner too.


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