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Maybe I shouldn't have walked yesterday?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Yeah I though I was feeling better but woke this morning at around 5:30am and couldn't stop coughing. I finally feel asleep around 8am and slept till 10am. Got up and Sandy called to say she was coming by with homemade chicken noodle soup. Was excellent. I called the doctor who called in antibiotics and codiene cough meds. I hope I will start to feel better in a few days but today really sucked big time.


Almost March 1st and still sick!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Just wanted to say that I am still sick. Of course, if I had health insurance this month I would most likely be well or on the mend. Health Ins. will kick in again in April for a couple of months. I have a secondary of Medicare but since I have Ins. through my husbands union I can not really use it. Why? Because Medicare would expect my primary to pick up the bill and then would question why we didn't pay for Cobra. Well my husband only works about 6 months a year now and the rest of the time he is on unemployment. That pays our house payment, electric and car ins. I get disability, that pays for gas, phone (we do not have cable or satellite tv, just the old antenna on the roof) and food plus gas for the cars. Cobra cost $1500 a month, who has that kind of money when you have only been working part time for 4 years. We are also paying for our son to go to college. He hasn't been able to find a job for over a year.
Not really complaining and I may end of going to the doctor and paying for everything cash. It is not so much the doctors office visit because he would give me a break but I can not take very many kinds of antibiotics and of course of few I can take are not generics and cost a lot.
I hope to get up in the morning and at least walk a couple of miles and see how it goes. I know I will be coughing the whole time but if I don't get out and do something I think I shall scream!!
How long can one take Nyquil/Dayquil? I have been taking it for a over a week now.
Anyone have any ideas other than the obvious ones like going to the doctor, tea with honey and lemon, cough drops?
One min. seems like I am getting better and the next I can't catch my breath or stop coughing.
Oh well Off to bed now. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Ideas - I wouldn't be without SinuFix and it works for me. I used to get really bad (chronic and acute) upper respiratory infections that would go down my throat into my lungs (ears, tonsils, throat, and sinuses infected, draining into my lungs, bronchitis, 3-6 months of antibiotics). I buy SinuFix at swansonvitamins.com and vitacost.com because they have the cheapest prices as well as the cheapest shipping. Much cheaper than going to the Dr, cheaper than prescriptions, AND IT WORKS - go to those sites and read the testimonials. I buy 3-5 bottles at a time to save on shipping, capsules only I don't do sprays, and I take one maintenance with daily vitamins, except in Spring and Fall then I take 2 a day. Last April I ran out, didn't want to order anymore as I was unemployed and being frugal; was miserably sick for 6 weeks. Learned my lesson! Now I won't be without it. I am still unemployed but will get food from churches and community food banks before I will go without SinuFix. Also I found out what the antibiotics I took for years and years did to my body - and am now healing that and recovering from that.

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Too sick to exercise

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well I am still sick today. Even worse than I was on Friday. Made the mistake of cleaning the whole house for a few hours on Sat., and that may be what made it worse. I didn't feel like watching what I ate yesterday and didn't do my weight in today. Will wait until next Monday and hope I get some exercise time in at the end of the week. I am just gonna take it easy for next couple of days and not worry about exercise but be careful what I eat.
My friends if you don't see me on hear for a few days not you know why.

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    So sorry! Take care, lots of TLC for yourself.

Tho your fajitas sounded so good.

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CELESTIALAXIS 2/22/2010 2:26PM

    Rest rest rest! Your body needs more calories to recover from illness, so don't be too hard on yourself. Feel better soon!


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Not gonna make my goals this week

Friday, February 19, 2010

I woke up this morning not feeling too good. I have had a little headache for the last couple of days and I thought it was my sinuses. Jeff came home on the 14th with a horrible cold/cough whatever and maybe I am catching the grunge from him. I went to the market and walked around for over an hour and even with my jacket on I was cold. I have been cold in the house too and have been bundled up in a blanket most of the day. First cold then hot. Sort of bummed. Will cook tonight, making homemade fajitas.
Did take the dogs out with my son. Lucy did pretty well today. I never did warm up and my son was without a jacket. Maybe just looking at him made me cold. Who knows. I am still achy all over. It is like being stung lightly by a bee all over your body, so it is either the fibromyalgia or the Lupus. Best way to describe it because it is almost a burning sensation. I hope to feel better tomorrow and either exercise here at the house or the gym.


Volunteer night at PPH

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did my once a month volunteer night at PPH this evening. Was sort of fun but not too many people showed up tonight. Was nice to see Julie and David the cordinators.
Went to the gym today, had a good weight workout and 110 mins of cardio.
Talked to Irene this morning. Thats about it.


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