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I won a DVD. Wow

Thursday, February 04, 2010

When I got on the computer today, I had an email about what I thought was the name of winner of the contest for the most downloads of the first chaper of the Spark (I knew this was not me). I wanted to check who won and found it was an email from Kelly Berger. It said I had randomly been picked to win the Fit, Firm & Fired Up dvd with Coach Nicole. I was so jazzed. I rarely win anything but if I do it is mostly something I want real bad. I really wanted this dvd.
If my husband had called home tonight from Tulare I would have told him. I guess I can share this news with my son but he just goes "So". Oh well

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    Woo Hoo you!!!! Congratulations!! And it's one you wanted, too!!

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Hit the bank, the gym and dog walk

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Went of my credit union this morning and then paid bills. Then off to the gym for some good cardo workout. Then home. My son and I took the dogs for a walk.
I think we have to do it only every other day now. Lucy almost made it to the end of the block and back but was one house short. She had to sit down a few times but was breathing hard again after we got back to the house. If I just took Phred on a good long walk I know Lucy would be so upset. I may have to start taking Phred in the morning and then doing both dogs in the afternoon so Phred gets enough exercise. Phred just sits looking at Lucy and trying to get her to play, she will sometimes for a few mins. Phred is also sad because Jeff didn't call last night and he loves to hear his voice on the speaker phone. He is suppose to call sometime tonight but when I called him earlier he was hanging with the other workers at the bar at the hotel. He is not a big drinker so I don't worry about him.


Not too busy today

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Went to CVS and the post office this morning. Talked to my friend Irene, she was on her walk so I got up after speaking with her and did 2 of my walking videos. I am worried about my dog and don't like to be gone too long without anyone at home. My son's college classes start at 11am and he leaves at 10am. So I am thinking if I make it to the gym by 8am I can be back within an hour of his leaving. I am not a morning person when it comes to exercising but will do when I have to.


Cleaning day

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did all the house cleaning today except the bathrooms. Packed Jeffs suitcase for his trip up to Tulare where he will be working until near the end of Feb. He will be back in time for his birthday on the 6th of March. I will have to think of something to do for him??!!
I am still taking Lucy on our daily walks, just don't know how much longer she will be able to go. She is throwing up more often too.
Talked to Irene and Cora today. Found out from Cora that her son James lost his job a while back but didn't tell her and Jim about it for about a month. He is not getting unemployment because he was fired for being late too many times and something she doesn't know about.
Too bad James had worked at the local library since he was in high school and he is 25 now.
Will be tough to find a job when you have been fired for tardiness and ?????
That is all for now, may call Samra and she how she is doing in OK.

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    You did fantastic on cleaning!

Thanks for the Avatar review, if it's still playing tomorrow I'm going to the cheap matinee as a treat for myself.

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Gym this AM, then saw Advatar Wow O Wow

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wow I have to say that is movie is just fantastic. My friend Irene and I saw it 3D which I think is the best 3D I have ever seen in my life. When you are watching it you forget that most of the movie was done on blue/green screen and isn't real. A must see for anybody.


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