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Woke with the energy to hit the gym but wasn't able to make it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I was ready to go to the gym this morning at 8am but the husband called and said our friend Bob would be stopping by sometime in the morning and I had to be here. By 10am he still hasn't called so I called his home. Pat his wife answered and called him, called me back to say he would make by noon. I was thinking I could have gone to the gym and run my errands this morning and still have been home in time to catch him. When he did show up it was 5 mins to noon.
I went and ran my errands and just came home and did 2 exercise dvds for 7 miles. My son Frank and I also took the dogs. Lucy had to sit after about 6 houses and then sat down a total of 6 times today to rest for about a min. I am at a point where I really do not think she will make it to the end of Feb at this point. Her back legs were a bit shaky and she already has trouble coming in the doggy door. If someone is in the kitchen she will stick her head inside so we will know she is out there waiting. I guess at night she gets herself inside on her own but would rather someone let her inside. She is such a sweet, sweet girl but it is getting harder and harder for her to go on these walks even with cutting them down to 1/4 of what they were even a month ago. I just know if I tried to leave her at home it would break her heart and she would give up.


Woke up with no energy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I did my weight workout today but besides taking the dogs on a short walk I haven't felt much like exercising. Maybe I was stress from all the crap that happen yesterday. I don't think I even put on my blog yesterday that I also dropped my DL on the driveway and didn't know it. My friend who lives one house over, her 9 yr old daughter found it and returned it. I was like great just another thing.
My husband had a friend of his come over to work on my door lock this morning. Doug worked on it for about an hr and was sure it had it all fixed. He closed the door and locked and it wouldn't open again. Finally open again and we all decided I won't be locking it for a while. Doug brough his wife Liz along, now I love these two people to death and they would do anything for you. But they are both so hyper (I am hyper so you know if I say this, these two are really over the top) I get tired being around them sometime.
After they left I went to the ATM for money for my hubby and came home ate lunch and realized how tired I was. With Lupus you don't want to ignore how you feel because you can have flare ups.
My son Frank and I did take the dogs for a short walk. We don't go very far anymore because Lucy gets so tired. She insists on going but after about 4 houses she walks like a person using a walker, very slowly. By the time we get home she is breathing pretty hard for hardly walking. I worry about her but if I didn't take her and only took Phred the Wonder Dog, Lucy would be so upset. I don't know how much longer she has but if wants to walk 2 houses I will take her. I really love this dog, she is the best!

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    I'm sorry you're having a bad few days!

I have a car with driver's side door lock problems. I get out and close the driver's door, then open the driver's side back door, reach through to the front to the driver's window/door, and push down the lock, which locks all four doors, then shut the passenger door, carefully making sure my keys are in my hand first. To unlock I use the key in passenger door, pick up the umbrella always left in the front passenger seat for this purpose, and open the driver's door by using the tip of the umbrella to reach across to the lock pull-up thingies. So it's a pain. My car mechanic is going to replace the lock on the driver's side, so I'll have two keys, one for the lock, and one for the ignition. That's the cheapest way to go, unfortunately (for my car). So I feel you.

For Lucy maybe you could take a shorter walk with her and drop her back off at the house while keeping the other one leashed, then continuing for the rest of the normal amt of walking with the other dog? Lucy would be so tired when she gets home that she would collapse and not care (or care less) that you were still outside with the other dog, and, at least she wouldn't feel left behind when you go with the other one. Of course you could walk her separately the first time and then take the other one . . .

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Really bad day at least the evening ended well

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got up and went to the gym early. Great time at the gym but when I went to leave I couldn't get my car door to open. I drive an 1981 corvette that has problems with the locks. I had to get in on the passenger side. I alway leave my glasses in my glove box but when I went to take them out one of the lens was gone. I have looked everywhere in the car and here at home but no luck. Because I am due for new glasses in July the girl at my eye doc said that the place that does the lenses would not do them because I most likely will need an updated prescription at that time. I was due to get my hair colored at 11:30am but I ran late after all those problems. I found my old glasses and that is what I am using for now.
After I get my hair colored at my friends house, her sister is a hair dresser. I couldn't get in my car again except using the passenger door. Now the funny thing is the door is unlocked and still won't open except from the inside. So I open it to show my friend that is does open and then somehow the lock thingy gets stuck and I can't close the door.
We try for about 20 mins., to get the lock up (WD-40, screw driver) nothing works.
So I drive home holding my door closed only when I get home and go to close the door, it closes. It still won't open again but who cares because at least the damm thing is now closed so I could drive the car even if I have to get in the passenger door side.
I come home to borrow my sons car so I can run an errand for my husband. I decide to check the mail. What do I find another letter from a different collection agency saying I own money this time to Sprint/.
For a background here my identity was stolen in Dec. 2008. I did all the things you are suppose to do: police report, contacting credit agencies, writing to everyone listed on those reports to notify them, certified return receipt. This was done in Jan. 2009. The only companies who did not respond was was ATT and I guess this other company who are somehow related to Sprint.
The ATT thing was cleared up last week. So I thought it was all done because the person who did this is already surving time: 5 years in a federal pen along with 3 yrs probation.
But no now this new thing. I have a 8 year freeze on all credit. This really sucks.

Bright spot having dinner with friends at Chris & Pitts Rest. A friend of my husbands is gonna come and check out my car tomorrow morning. My husband is working everyday until the end of Feb. (He hadn't worked since the middle of Nov.)
I just hope tomorrow goes a lot better emoticon


Walking my Lucy dog today. She isn''t doing too well today.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lucy is getting slower everyday but insist on going for the daily walk we take our other dog Phred. We decided to do a shorter walk today. Lucy was very slow after the first couple of houses. My son, Frank is walking Phred now and keeps having to stop and wait for us to keep up with them. Only problem is Lucy . I worry when we walk because she is walking so slow but her breathing is heavy like she has ran a mile (she use to love to run and walk fast).
We got to house next store and she sat her butt down on the grass right next to our driveway. She wasn't going to move, so I told her is was only a little bit to the front door and pointed (don't know how far she can see anymore because of the diabetes) but she got up slowly and walked to the front steps (2). I had to go to the trash cans to throw the doody bags away and she waited for me. I walked up the front stoop and sat on the bench, "I told her I couldn't lift her up those steps", (she weights 70 pounds or so and I have a metal plate in my neck, so no that wasn't going to happen). She took them slow but made it.
I don't know if I am doing the right thing taking her out with the other dog but she knows when it is getting close to the time we take walks and tells us she wants to go by barking and getting excited. The only thing is she is so tired when she gets back.
Oh well my husband says she will let me know when she doesn't want to go anymore or when the time is ready for her to go to sleep. emoticon


Nice day to open the windows

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just a real nice winter day here. I opened the windows to air out the house after not being able to open any for about a week. Did the housework.
Took the dogs for a walk but Lucy is getting slower and slower. She still wants to out so bad that I can't not take her when we take the other dog, Phred. But it takes a lot longer to do the walk and she is so tired when we get home that she has to wait a few mins b/4 she will go up the two steps to the front door. She is still eatting well and playing with Phred on occasion but she is not doing as well as I would like.


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