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Lost 5 pounds since Jan 2!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lost 5 pounds since Jan 2!!! Hopped on the scale today and it said 166.8! That is exactly 5 pounds from when I weighed myself on Jan 2nd! I'm so proud of myself! It took me nearly a year to lose just 20 pounds, and that's going up and down on the scale over a period of months... Of course getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism and getting medicated certainly helps!

I went to a free seminar on weight loss about two months ago at my gym and my peronal trainer who was leading it said something along the lines of "although excercise is very important to weight loss it's really only about 30%, the other 70% is nutrition". I know for myself it's an immediate weight gain if i eat starchy foods. So since new years I have cut out 98% of high starchy foods. It's so amazing how i am feeling now. Most of the good feeling i think is from the weight change on the scale! I know I shouldn't stare at it, but it is very motivational for me! I just hope the weight keeps dropping off steadily! Yay me! I think the change of my diet is also a great thing... I have learned how to cook and enjoy two new vegetables - fennel and leeks. Pretty sure I've never had them until recently and Yeah i like em! So that's all for now! I need to get ready for bed ;)


I reached a goal! Just an amazing day!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

I set a goal for myself several months ago that when I get out of the 170's I would get my hair done, which it is a much needed thing! Well yesterday and today I am under 170! The scale said 168.4 this morning! SO amazing!!! I took a picture because I wanted proof that I wasn't dreaming!

A couple weeks ago I had my end of the month assessment with my personal trainer. I walked in the gym this afternoon to do my workout - 45 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes with my trainer- and on the wall of accomplishments was me! I took a picture which i need to post cause i'm just so happy! 43 sit-ups and 40 push-ups in a minute, I am the assessment of the month! Yay!! I'm so proud of myself! Talk about motivation in itself to keep me going strong!

After the gym I came home and made a HUGE lunch... it is pretty embarrassing how much I ate but It was 95% vegetables. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful and delicious, will have to add the pics. Anyway it was some sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, red/purple onion, cilantro, carrots on top of shredded romaine topped with left over rotisserie chicken breast, and some green tomatillo salsa! So good! I didn't exactly measure everything but I'm pretty sure I got in 4 cups of vegetables! I'm going to make something similar for dinner but with some pork loin. Just feeling real good! In about 2 weeks I'll have to add some pics of my new hair. Gonna get it cut, colored and everything in between ;) Seeing results like this makes me feel so good I have to wonder how or why I would want to quit what I'm doing and stop seeing results. It just makes feel real good about myself!

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M77355 1/10/2012 8:37AM

    That's fantastic!

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BELLE0308 1/5/2012 7:57PM

    Great job!! I bet that feels great! It is great to set a goal and then reach it. GOOD FOR YOU!!

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CLAIRE_LEFT_SP 1/5/2012 7:39PM

    Congrats! Your lunch sounds great.

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Long time no blog, and "goals/resolutions" Short term!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Title says it all! Well I've been a busy girl! I got a new job where i sometimes work over 70 hours a week. And well... yeah you know, i got tons of excuses. Truth is I'm just not crazy about blogging but it is kinda something i intend to do this month. Only about 2 weeks away from my 1 year anniversary on SP and I haven't done everything I should have been doing but I keep coming back and I think that's important.

In July I joined a gym and got a personal trainer. I pay 175 a month for my personal trainer and I just LOVE her! Money well spent imo! When I first started seeing her I was on a lvl 6 of the stairstepper and after 3 minutes I was exhausted. Now I'm on a lvl 9 and yes fatigued but I can keep going for 1 more minute. Which just means next month she's going to test me on lvl 10. My flexibility test is amazing. We do best out of 3 stretches. My best when i started in July was 26 inches, now I'm up to 35. My sit ups i think was 32 and is now 43 (in 1 minute). Push-ups..... I think when I started was only like 10 the other day I did 40. I can also squat press 320 pounds more than once with my legs, arms I can do 90 pounds but just one time and it's very difficult.

So I have been seeing her twice a week for the last 6 months. I haven't lost very much weight either, but I have gotten stronger. I still fit in all the same clothes. I have lost a few inches. About 8 total and i CAN see some muscle definition in my arms and legs and I really like it!

I know that the nutrition is my biggest problem to losing more weight. I had been having some problems with the meds (I am hypothyroid) but it is starting to get normalized. August and September were huge set backs I lost about 8 pounds in July and gained it all back in August and September. I need to focus on how to care for my thyroid and eat right for it, because it's pretty important to my over-all health and well being apparently!

So a few goals or things that I intend/want to do for myself this month (hopefully I keep it up!) I would really like someone else to help me be accountable for my actions! --- Anyway... those things are

1. Track my food!!!!
--I know how to do this and i'm usually pretty good at it. Only problem I have is that It gets boring and old and i sometimes forget what I had and don't want to go through the trouble of trying to figure out how many calories or size i had. Another issue i tend to have with this is that I track what I eat on more than 1 website. I have a bodybugg and I usually plug in what I do on that site since I want my calorie deficit. Only thing this time around is that my online subscription ran out in early Dec and I can't afford to renew it until January 20th. So... I won't be tracking my food there for awhile /sigh.

2. Stick with the January Jumpstart Challenge.
-- It's 1 10 minute toning video and 5 10 ten minute cardio video's for the first week and of course tracking your workouts. Doing the workouts is not a problem for me since I see my trainer twice a week, and each day i see her I do 30-60 mins of cardio on the ellipitical trainer on those 2 days and I absolutely LOVE my Dance Central 2 game! I set up 2 playlists and when I do both of them I get about 1hour and 38 minutes of cardio. I don't care what anyone says about video games not being a good workout! One day i did 4 hours of dancing witha 30 minute break and in those 4 hours i burned about 1400 calories... I and i have the pics to prove it!

3. I really need to try and get Organized, and on a schedule. Basically I need to be more efficient.
--It may seem like a silly thing but I find that if I don't have the tools that I need readily available I'm a lot likely to just not do it or push it off until tomorrow... Like I could go to the gym more than I do, but if i don't have the right yoga pants clean that day then i won't go. Silly, but stuff like that stops me. So... I need to make it an effort to be more efficient at getting things done at home. One of those things is going to be teaching the kids how to put their dirty clothes in the hamper and not on their bedroom floor. My five year old is pretty awful about that!

Well that's all I can think of for now! I need to go get sme laundry done since I just got called in to work tomorrow (my other day off). Lucky me! Oh and I gotta go get my 2 videos done for today's January challenge!

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M77355 1/10/2012 8:44AM

    Wow, #3 is Me!
I recently reviewed all the good tips on my page that I'd copied from other Sparkers and am finally getting into gear after a hectic/sad year ... and reading your #3 turned on another light bulb! Thank you ~ your blog helped!

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So sore... and exhausted!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today I did a pilates fusion class that was an hour long in the morning - 930a-1030a. After pilates class I went on an elliptical trainer for about 20 minutes. Then I came home showered and got dressed. Went out to eat lunch with my honey at the green mill. Yum! I had a cup of chicken and wild rice soup with a grilled turkey and havarti on sourdough sandwhich. I actually just ate the soup and 3 slices of bread that came with it. Then I went to work. Short shift, just 2p - 445p. Then i had an apple and half of my turkey sandwhich. Drove to the gym where i did a HIIT class. High intensity interval training. Mostly step areobics. an hour long and my butt was sore. Immediatly after hiit i did a yoga class. Nice and relaxing stretching for an hour. Then I had to pick up the kids, came home and ate the other half of my turkey and havarti along with a 6 inch turkey from subway. I'm so exhausted.... those classes kicked my butt... i keep thinking to myself halfway through like "omg what i was thinking coming to this!" but damn i did it and i survived and am super proud of myself so yay me! Gonna make a cup of green tea now and just relax for the evening!


(LIGHTBULB!!) Motivation for me!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ok so, do you ever go to other people's spark page's and they have rewards set up for themselves of things they're going to reward themselves with at milestones in their weight loss journey? Well I see those and think "Well that's a nice idea, too bad I dont' really have anything I want to motivate myself like that". Don't get me wrong, there are things that I want, but nothing that I want to go out and get ya know. It's more like "well that'd be nice to have". So a lightbulb went off today in my head! I'm partially obsessed with Hannah Curlee from season 11 BL. Not in a bad way! It's more like i find her super motivating, and i love her personality, sense of humor and she was my favorite of the season. Well...I stumbled upon a question about her when i was trying to figure out how tall she is! (about 5'8'' for those interested) Someone asked where does her necklace come from and i was immediatly like "I want one of those too!!" Well, as it turns out it comes from Zoe Chicco (whom i've never heard of before until this afternoon). It's 154 dollars!!! I NEVER spend that kind of money on myself, let alone a single piece of jewelry! Let's face it, I'm a special needs program counselor for a non profit organization, it's not like i make that much! So I've decided that WHEN I get to 150 pounds (about my half way point) that I am going to buy myself this neclace! Still don't know what to get at goal... getting into my size 4's is always exciting but I dont' know what to reward myself with? I need something tangible/visible (specific), not just the idea of going shopping, ya know. I know that I can buy that necklace online and it will ship to my house and i can put it on, AND it's something i've always thought was nice and pretty, and that I wanted. I'm just so excited I wanted to share this lightbulb with everyone! (gonna copy paste this to my blog lol)

Necklace Link www.zoechicco.com/store/index.php?ma

What motivates you guys? What are your personal rewards? I was planning that when i get to 170 (only 8 pounds to go) that I'm gonna get my hair done. But that's nothing too big ya know.

P.S. I originally posted this in the thyroid community, cause i feel close to them and like to share with them the most! :)

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CHLOEGRACE1 6/11/2011 9:03PM

    I see that a lot; tangible rewards for achieving goals. I think that is a neat idea and I loved the necklace; thanks for the link as I was not familiar with it. I had a pedicure as reward at ten pounds off! emoticon

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