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Keepin' on Keeping on

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I weighed in today with three of the four pounds I mysteriously gained earlier this week. Because today is my official weigh in day, I recorded it. My ticker now shows a total of four lbs lost in 29 days. This is frustrating to say the least, but what's keeping me on track is the realization that if I give up now, the four lbs I lost will be re-gained and then some. I don't want that to happen, so I'm continuing to track my food intake and my exercise. I am also easing up on being so strict. I'm losing the all or nothing mentality.

If this eating plan is something I'm supposed to be able to do the rest of my life, then it should include some of my favorite foods. Today, I ate three bbq ribs, but had them with a side of vegetables. I figure that if I'm going to eat something high calorie and high fat, then I should balance that with veggies. This is the type of change I can sustain, as there's no way I will give up BBQ completely. For me, that's not realistic.

I am really working hard on staying mentally focused and trying my best to stay strong. It's hard to do when the results are not showing up on the scale. Nevertheless, I read up on plateaus in SP and realized that my situation is pretty typical. Very, very frustrating, but typical. What I've learned from other SP members is to BE PATIENT. In two weeks, I should start seeing results. Many of them wrote and described how they plateaued for weeks or months, they changed something up and all of a sudden they were dropping 2 or three pounds a week. It all averages out to 1lb or 1.5 lb a week, but it only an average--not the actual weight loss pattern.

So with all this in mind, and knowing it is in my nature to get frustrated, give up and quit, I am fighting to stay motivated and in good spirits. Now, if you'll excuse me--I have motivational articles to read.

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SONYALATRECE 1/30/2011 8:32AM

    Before SP I plateaued for YEARS. Keep in mind that I wasn't exercising, but "eating right". Now I realize that CHANGE is needed to make CHANGE happen. The frequency of that change is where we must listen to our bodies. Stay in the game and you will win [lose].
I'll be checking in on you soror!

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Seeing it through

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last night, I worked out in a Zumba class. It was sobering to realize how out of shape I am. I was also the largest person in the class, but I was not feeling self-conscious, just being observant. I got through the first 20 minutes of the routine, but the last 20 minutes, I just wanted to run out of the room. Still, I enjoyed the music and kept up okay, considering I'm a terrible dancer.

Today, I stayed on program and kept my focus. I've stopped feeling sorry for myself because of the water weight gain. I spent a moment this morning reading the collage that's hanging on my bedroom wall. It has phrases like "be optimistic," and "never give up," along with a host of inspiring fitness pictures. I kept reminding myself that if I want to drop the weight and keep it off, that I have the rest of my life to do so. After all, this is a lifestyle change--right?

I'm also motivated by the idea that I might be going on a cruise this summer. I don't wanna go on vacation feeling fat. I know--I'm doing this for me, but having a timeline provides me with what President Obama calls "the fierce urgency of now."

So I continue to persist. Last year, I dropped out of SP around February 18th--now only 3 weeks away. I have promised myself that this time--I'm going to see SP through to the finish line.


Aargh--Water Weight

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Okay, I confess. I weighed myself this morning. I've been working so hard that I thought that surely I would see results. When I jumped on the scale, I was shocked; my weight had leaped up by 4 lbs and it's not even that time of month. Maybe the sub-par days I had on Sunday and Monday are catching up with me? Doggone this water weight! I was really feeling frustrated.

Then I remembered a quote that Bob Greene (Oprah's trainer) had about water weight. In the book "Making the Connection" he said that the body retains water sometimes while it is adding muscle and breaking down fat. He said that it's particularly important to stay focused while the body is adjusting its composition. Eventually the results will show up on the scale.

I've been strength training about 3x a week for the last three weeks or so and doing aerobic exercise about 4x a week. I am seeing other positive changes, but, dang it, these water fluctuations are crazy. I have really stepped up my water intake hoping that if my body feels properly hydrated, that it will quit retaining water.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best to stay focused and patient.


The Wendie Plan?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you've ever done Weight Watchers, maybe you've heard of the Wendi plan. It's not an official WW strategy, but one that's been discussed among WW members for years. The theory behind the Wendi plan is that to lose weight, you have to continually "surprise" your body by varying your calorie intake. On some days, you should eat at the lower end of your points range, then on other days, eat at the high end of the range. The variation prevents the body from going into "starvation mode" and shutting down the metabolism.

I didn't intend to evoke the Wendi plan with this week's calories intake, but that's what's happening. All last week, I ate at the low end of my range, which is 1350 to 1650 calories a day. I had several days at or even below 1350. This week, I seem to be eating at the top of my range; in fact, yesterday I went over by 300 calories. emoticon

Today, once I eat dinner, I will probably end up consuming about 1400 calories. I have no idea if the Wendi plan is legit or not, but this is presenting a unique opportunity to find out. We'll see what happens when I do my official weigh-in on Saturday.

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FELICIA1963 10/29/2014 1:48PM

  never heard of the Wendie plan before now - sounds VERY interesting.

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SMILEYTIZZ 3/16/2011 2:56PM

    Hi there,
I am rrying to start the Wenie Plan and trying to find an active group on sparp doing it. Do you know on one?

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AKAFIT 1/26/2011 11:10AM

    Like with all things it is a range and an estimate. WE shoot for that, but don't beat ourselves up if we miss the mark. Just remember that you are a WORK IN PROGRESS! So, keep working soror emoticon emoticon

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Keeping the faith

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I didn't lose weight this week. Am I frustrated? Not really. Impatient? As usual. Ready to give up? Hell no!

I expected this. I've been mentally preparing for it. Mother nature week can wreak havoc on the scale. I know this and every woman knows this. I've been exercising faithfully this week, staying within my recommended calorie range, and recording every move I make and every morsel I take. In other words, I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing.

I KNOW that my hard work will show up on the scale someday. I've read too many SP blogs, too many articles on weight loss and listened to too many people saying the same thing; our bodies don't drop weight in a logical, straight line.

So I'm focusing on how I feel--mentally, physically and emotionally. Truth is, I feel good! (Cue the James Brown music). I seem to have more energy and am in better spirits. I also have peace of mind knowing that I'm doing something positive for myself. Visually, my spare tire is shrinking and my muscles are firming up. A pair of jeans I tried on are starting to bag in the waist. So I have all these other indicators that tell me I'm headed in the right direction.

One of these days, I'll see it on the scale. This, I know.

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SONYALATRECE 1/22/2011 1:52PM

    So true. I had to buy new pants ever since I started on SP. Keep it up. It certainly pays off!

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