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Challenging day

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yesterday, I dodged a bullet that was my appetite. I was absolutely ravenous, but somehow I managed to stay within my calorie range. I was looking at my nutrition tracker and realized that when I copied over my breakfast from Friday, I copied over some foods that I did not eat on Saturday. Therefore, when I was tracking my calories that day, I was about 200 calories off. Once I made the correction it turns out that I ate only 1300 calories on the same day I went on a 90 minute hike. It might explain yesterday's big appetite.

Today, I'm not feeling that great. I started my period yesterday and it's particularly heavy and crampy. A gift from mother nature right before vacation. Yeesh. I also learned that they are forecasting rain for the entire week I will be in Anchorage. Yech! Regardless, I'm determined to relax and enjoy the change of scenery, even if it's going to be cold and soggy outside.

I am supposed to go to the gym today. I've been pretty faithful to my workout program. I plan to go, but may only work out for about 20-30 minutes instead of 45+.

Last night, there were thunderstorms in the area and I did not get to sleep until about 3.a.m. This morning, I got up about 6:30 a.m. and I am groggy. Somehow, I'll manage to slug though this day although I'd prefer to stay in bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep for the next 24 hours.

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BARBAELLEN 6/11/2012 3:25PM

    Awww. There are always going to be some days like this. Whacha gonna do. And keep in mind how accurate the weather forecasts are. NOT! Here's hoping that your trip is a wonderful experience.

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RUSSELLORAMA 6/11/2012 1:02PM

    I hope you're feeling better by the time your vacation rolls around. Anchorage sounds amazing!

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FLEURGARDEN 6/11/2012 10:12AM

    Hope you're feeling better and that you have a great time on your trip. :-)

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MYBULLDOGS 6/11/2012 8:24AM


my sister walks 15,000 steps a day at 63 years old and has lost 93 pounds.

i gave up grain and sugary products and have lost 44 pounds at age 60.

we are both still loosing weight until we reach our goal.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why am I so hungry today? I'm really having a tough time of it. Most likely, I am going to go over my allotted calories today because I've been snacking incessantly. Here's what I've eaten so far today:

Breakfast: My usual smoothie
Snack: frozen coolwhip and graham cracker "sandwich"
Lunch: extra lean ground beef hamburger on whole wheat sandwich thin, lettuce, 1/2 serving guacamole
Snack: frozen coolwhip and graham cracker "sandwich"
Snack: 15 slices of turkey pepperoni
Snack: graham crackers, coolwhip and raspberries
Snack: 32 oz diet coke

I skipped the broccoli I was supposed to eat with my burger. Why? I just didn't want to eat it. Also, I wasn't supposed to eat all those snacks. Sunday evenings, I have a very odd habit. In lieu of dinner I eat popcorn. Now, because I've been snacking on semi junky stuff all day, I might have to deep '86 popcorn night.

I guess the good news is that I overdid it on the stuff I keep in my kitchen. If I had hit a fast food joint, things could've been worse.

What is really going on today? Was it yesterday's hike? Maybe it's that time of month? Maybe I'm thirsty? Or is my body rebelling at being 30 lbs thinner? Maybe because I'm at home watching reruns of "Mad Men" and "The Sopranos" by myself and just bored?

It's taking a lot to stay focused and avoid additional lapses today. Hopefully, this is just an anomaly. Regardless, I'm doing the best I can to avoid getting frustrated and discouraged. Thankfully, tomorrow's another day.

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SLASALLE 6/11/2012 2:07PM

    When I get like that, I immediately try to drink 2-3 cups of water - it's one of my stalling techniques. If that doesn't work, I try for a healthy snack. But I also agree with Barbaellen - sometimes we just have days like that. If you go over on your calories today, you can try for the low end tomorrow, or exercise, or both.

Remember, progress, not perfection. Good luck!

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BARBAELLEN 6/10/2012 11:58PM

    I may be simple-minded, but my theory is that sometimes you're hungry just because. :) There's so much talk about all these deep psychological reasons for wanting to eat, but I have to wonder if sometimes it's just because there's all this delicious stuff available. Simply, no way can we eat all the junky stuff we want and still keep the calories down. So some days you'll end up being less than perfect. Keep focused on your target, and remember that it's a cumulative calorie deficit you need to lose the weight. It's really not easy (at least for me). As for today, pffffffffftt!

As long as you're motivated, you'll do just fine.


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What's your eating plan for weekends?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

What are you doing this weekend? Will it move you toward your SP goals or away from them?

Weekends can be tricky, because they are so unstructured. The office gives way to picnics, junkets with the family, kids' baseball, soccer and softball games, and invitations out to dinner.

All of these scenarios put us in situations that test our resolve to adhere to healthier habits. For me, these situations are particularly tough and I handle some better than others. Here are some examples from the last few weekends:

Baseball game: I banked my calories and ate a bratwurst and a diet coke. That worked extremely well and I didn't feel deprived. Grade: A. I made a plan and stuck to it.

Social: I left work and went to the social, which had various snack foods, and wine. Grade: F. I did not plan well. The social was during my regular dinner time and I brought my appetite to the event. Bad move. I ate too much cheese and had more than one glass of wine. Next time, I will eat a light meal or snack before I go to a social.

Restaurant: I ordered chicken and vegetables and ate a small garden salad as an appetizer. Grade: A. I reviewed the menu online and already knew what I was going to order before I got to the restaurant.

Chinese Buffet: I was with my family and they decided to go to a buffet after attending a graduation ceremony. Grade: C. I tried to make conscientious selections, avoiding fried foods, and starting with a salad, but I ate too much sushi and meat dishes.

What I've learned about myself is I HAVE to go in with a game plan and the game plan has to be realistic for the circumstances. If I'm too strict with myself, I fall flat on my face. Likewise, I can't eat with total abandon.

The critical lesson here is that banking calories and going in with a modest but realistic plan works. If we don't handle situations perfectly, its okay. Just figure out what happened, make a new plan and see if things go better the next time.

Get your weekend eating plan together before you start your day. Good luck!


Reflections on the Journey

Friday, June 08, 2012

For the first time in awhile I don't have any specific topic on my mind. Considering how chatty I can be, it's quite remarkable, actually. Instead, I've collected an assortment of random thoughts:

1. I can't believe I'm going to be hiking in Alaska next week! How awesome is that going to be? I'm ready for it; I bought a new pair of hiking boots and will test them out on a hike this weekend with my meetup group. This time, I'm covering my arms as well as my legs so I'm not covered in ticks when I return.

2. They say losing weight is a marathon for a reason; it really does take a long time! I'm glad to be down 30 pounds, but the kicker is it took me more than five months to get here. Persistence, not perfection is what counts.

3. Sometimes I can see the weight loss, other days I can't. I'm 5'7", and am only halfway through my journey, so the change in my appearance is subtle, not dramatic. Honestly, I think I'll need to lose an additional 20 pounds before it's obvious to everyone I meet that something's changed. I don't need that validation like I used to, but it is icing on the cake.

4. I shopped at whole foods yesterday. I decided to pick up organic ingredients for my morning smoothies. I never worried about pesticides before, but that's because I wasn't eating a lot of fresh foods. Now that I am, I can understand the concern. I plan to sign up for the tour and their cooking classes one day.

5. Yesterday, I wore my favorite summer skirt. It's a size 1x and doesn't look quite right anymore. Dang! emoticon

6. Am I getting Spark People obsessed? I'm all over this website every day. I'm constantly reading articles, looking at recipes, checking message boards, reading weight loss success stories, etc. It really does help me stay motivated, though.

Onward and downward.

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FLEURGARDEN 6/8/2012 10:11AM

    Congrats on the weight loss marathon and that skirt not looking quite right. :-) I do have some clothes that I really like, and I'm bummed that they don't fit me right anymore. Other clothes I'm more than glad to shrink out of and give away.

How exciting about your Alaska hiking trip!

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Aaagh--Someone took a picture of me

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Now I know why I wanted to wait until goal before I take pictures.

Tuesday, I was at a fundraiser and posed for a group shot. The photographer was kind enough to email me the picture yesterday. When I saw how I looked, my heart sank. There were four of us in the shot, one girl was probably a size 0. There was one other slightly overweight woman, and another average sized woman. Standing next to this group, I looked huge. I had a double chin, big flabby arms and my boobs looked oversized and saggy. The dress I was wearing over my leggings appeared cavernous. After my chest it just tented out and made my whole body look round.

How discouraging! When I left work, I hit the gym. I signed up for a brutal step aerobics class and then lifted weights for about 1/2 hour. The whole time, my self-talk was like, "This is hard work. Why am I working so hard? I've been at this for months and I still don't look good in pictures. When am I gonna see results in photos? If I've lost 30 pounds and still look big, what does it say about how much I really need to lose? What did I look like before? This diet and exercise stuff is so hard. Why does it have to take so long to see results? I know I look better in my clothes so why didn't it show up in the picture?"

Next, I started answering my own self-talk. "This is a lifestyle, not a diet. You've tried the other way for the last 30 years. You know where that path leads. Now, you're living a healthier lifestyle. It's only been five or six months and you're already complaining? C'mon, where's your persistence? Remember, you're prediabetic. You need at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. Besides, anything worth having doesn't come easy. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up. It will show up in the photos once you've lost another 20 pounds. And quit dressing to cover your body. You looked big in the photo because you are not wearing fitted clothes. Wearing a big, loose dress and leggings fools no one and makes you look bigger than you are."

Whew! It took some doing to get my mind straight after the picture. In the fall, the non-profit I volunteer with is doing a 5K fundraiser. Maybe by then, I won't look so big in the pictures. I'll make sure to run/walk in something fitted.

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SONYALATRECE 6/7/2012 11:50PM

    Glad you turned the negative into positive talk.
See. Some people thing talking to onesself is not healthy.
I beg to differ.

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BARBAELLEN 6/7/2012 7:04PM

    Hey, you! Is this the same person who is beginning to see a jawline and a waist? The one who didn't have those things before she worked really hard and lost 30 pounds? The one who's now shopping in the "Misses" department? Keep going - - you're doing great!

I'm the queen of impatience, so I understand exactly what you're talking about. I hate that it's hard work and that I can't eat everything I want all the time and that it takes time to lose all you need to. I also hate those pictures they send to you from events. For what it's worth, I lost my gusto after about 6 months (as I was warned often happens) but still kept focus enough to not GAIN. Now I'm on a roll again and enjoying the fruits of my efforts. Well, guess what got me back in gear? It was a courtesy photo of me from a fundraiser. Gads! That photo is now taped to my refrigerator!
emoticon emoticon

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MDWSTRNR 6/7/2012 11:38AM

    Good job not allowing that photo to derail your new, healthy lifestyle. Maybe when you're feeling ready you could have someone take a photo of you in more fitted clothes so you can see your progress.

Keep up the good work!

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FLEURGARDEN 6/7/2012 11:19AM

    Glad you turned that self-talk around. I also hate having pictures taken, but just think how great you'll feel one day when you compare a new photo of you with this current one. It helps to have photos along the way just to see that you really can see a change in your appearance over time. But I know, it just doesn't happen as quickly as we would like it to.

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XTINEMAS 6/7/2012 10:47AM

    I like the answers to your self-talk!!!! Good job!


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MSWILDROSE 6/7/2012 8:49AM

    Good job of turning that inner-message into a positive one!
I work with someone who has dropped alot of weight in a very short time and unhealthy manner (starving....literally).
I just tell myself that I am the tortoise and she is the hare....my way is best...it will take longer, but work out better in the end. emoticon

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VEUVEGIRL 6/7/2012 8:40AM

    Good for you turning around your self-talk!!

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