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Pre-diabetes and Motivation

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Like anyone else, I've intellectually understood the link between lifestyle and health status, but there is no greater kick in the pants than being diagnosed with something like pre-diabetes. It was TRULY a wake-up call. Now, losing weight was no longer about fitting into a cute pair of jeans or looking good for a class reunion, it was about staying healthy.

Diabetes runs in my family, so I've always known about the risk factors. Still, when you have family members that have been robbed of their sight and limbs, pre-diabetes underscores the fact that if you don't change, you could be next.

I attended a family gathering shortly after my diagnosis and wound up seated next to my cousin J, age 59, who was diagnosed with diabetes last year. She told me she dropped 40 lbs after eliminating white rice, potatoes, white flour and pasta from her diet and exercising. At 5'6", she appeared to weigh about 160 and to wear a size 12. The weight loss also made her look 10 years younger. I was totally inspired and realized that anything is possible if you quit whining and just go do it.

I still don't know everything about my condition. I've read various websites and blogs and they are all full of conflicting information about how to eat. But one thing that's clear is that even a 5% to 10% drop in weight can make a lot of difference. So, hopefully, the 20 lbs I've dropped since January will make a difference. I have an upcoming doctor appointment to get my blood sugar tested for the first time since my diagnosis, so we'll see.

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SONYALATRECE 4/5/2012 10:09PM

    Wishing you positive results and HEALING from having pre-diabetes.
You CAN beat this, soror!


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Back on track after a lapse

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Well, I flunked my first real challenge to my healthier eating plan. I went over to my friendís house for dinner on Saturday to watch my team play and ended up devouring about two fried fish fillets, a half cup of macaroni and cheese, green beans and salad. I also had two glasses of wine. I ended up crashing at the house because of the wine. The next morning, we went out for brunch and I had four slices of French toast with butter and maple syrup, two sausage links and one scrambled egg.

I did just about everything wrong, but there were two things I got right. 1) I did some extra exercise; 2) I resolved to get back on track at the following meal. After that fattening brunch, I was back on a healthier eating plan for Sunday dinner and fully back on track by Monday.

I weighed myself this morning to assess any long term damage. I lost half a pound of water weight Iíd gained from TOM. If I stay on track, I will be okay.

I am realizing that it is not the occasional lapses that mess up goals, but the relapses where you just throw your hands in the air and give up. I didnít and I havenít. I am continuing to follow the mantra I got from a Spark People motivation page, ďAim for better everyday; never perfect right away.Ē

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SONYALATRECE 4/4/2012 8:01AM

    Good for you!
You hit the hammer on the nail, soror!
Check out our Pretty Girls team forum where I posted something to you.


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Final Four Weekend will be challenging

Friday, March 30, 2012

If you canít already tell it by viewing my home page, Iím a huge Jayhawk fan and this is a BIG weekend for those of us who follow KU. Tomorrow evening, Iím going over to a friendís house for dinner, drinks and basketball. Iím looking forward to it, but going to gatherings like this one is fraught with pitfalls.

When my team plays in the NCAA tournament, it can be stressful because Iím usually biting my nails, holding my breath and watching the game with my heart in my throat. Itís the classic thrill of victory or agony of defeat scenario. Either way, Iím at risk of overeating.

Somehow, I need to figure out how Iím going to escape this evening without ingesting 12,000 calories in one sitting. The dinner menu will include fried fish from a favorite fish house, macaroni and collard greens. There will be an assortment of drinks including the dreaded (and sinfully delicious) chocolate martini. Not eating will be rude, but overdoing it is harmful.

So far, Iím planning to do the following:

1) Bring a low cal dish on my own.
2) Get some extra exercise in. If I work out today, tomorrow and Sunday, it might help.
3) Eat fish, leave the macaroni alone and load up on greens. Limit myself to one alcoholic beverage and drink diet coke or water the rest of the evening.

Hopefully, this will be enough of a plan.


Emotional Eating

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes I ask myself why it's so difficult to lose weight when I know what I'm supposed to be doing. The answer has nothing to do with knowledge but everything to do with emotions. I've known this for years, but really want to understand more. I've been reading books and articles that focus on the psychology of being overweight, versus the "how to" type of literature.

I know these things about myself in a nutshell:
1) I eat when I'm celebrating
2) I eat when I'm depressed
3) I eat when I'm anxious
4) I eat when I'm stressed
5) I eat when I'm bored
6) I eat when I'm angry
7) I eat when I'm socializing
8) I eat when I'm alone
9) I eat when I'm hungry
10) I eat when I'm NOT hungry

For me, dropping weight requires a focused mind. I have to be in the right state of mind, where I believe change is possible and can manage the changes through small, consistent and sustained behaviors. Maybe I can't exercise 5-6 days a week, but I CAN exercise 3 days a week. Maybe I can't give up my BBQ (a fifth food group when you live in Kansas City), but I CAN substitute BBQ chicken for spareribs every other meal. Maybe I can't live without sweets, but I CAN try new lower-cal recipes that satisfy my sweet tooth. Maybe I can't be perfect, but I CAN choose wisely 90% of the time. Maybe I don't record my eating daily, but I CAN track my eating 3-4 times a week.

I am ALLOWING myself to NOT do this perfectly. It is amazing how free I feel knowing that no food is going to be off limits and that mistakes, lapses are not only okay, but permissible and forgivable. It does a lot to overwrite the negativity that creeps in my head.

I am now preparing for how I will cope when life gets in the way. When I am stressed, anxious and depressed and want to eat something junky--what behavior do I substitute instead. The answer? Housework. I know that sounds simplistic, but I've decided that dishes, vacuuming, making up beds, dusting or whatever else needs to be done is a good coping mechanism. I'm rewarded with a clean environment and getting a bit of exercise in the process. Household chores are mindless activities that keep me busy doing something other than eating. Plus, I can turn on my favorite music and just do my thing.

Other ideas are walks, pedicures, massages, bubble baths and, yes, a single glass of white wine (which I wouldn't do if I had any alcoholic tendencies).

So far this time around, I've dropped the 20 lbs I gained while unemployed. I'm looking forward to dropping the next 20 lbs and fitting easily into a size 14. My size 16W's are getting loose, so I will need to go shopping in another month or so.

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KAYATLANTA2010 3/29/2012 7:16AM

    Great blog!

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SONYALATRECE 3/28/2012 11:06PM

    Self -awareness is a start and you are making progress... emoticon

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Don't call it a comeback

Friday, March 23, 2012

Slowly but surely, I'm putting my life back together. I found another job. It doesn't pay as much as the one I lost, but I like what I do, my boss, my work environment and my co-workers. What's nice is that I get more than 2 weeks of paid holidays a year, and a month of vacation time.

I moved into more affordable housing, so I can travel, shop and do other things besides sit around and be house poor.

I am also now a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy, who has turned out to be a blessing. He is almost five months old, now and what they say is true; it's MUCH more fun being a grandparent than a parent. Plus, I am young enough that he will be grown before I collect my first social security check.

On the downside, I am now officially prediabetic. The diagnosis was a wake up call for me to get serious about my health habits. Since my diagnosis, I've dropped 15 of the 20 lbs I gained while unemployed.

I have a high school class reunion in 2013, so between my health and the reunion, I have more motivation than ever to drop weight.

No matter what obstacle life throws my way, I refuse to give up.

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SONYALATRECE 3/23/2012 1:34PM

    I LOVE it!
emoticon on your new grandbaby!
I know you were just beaming with joy.
A new job...fabulous!

Keep sparking, because I missed you and prayed for progress on your behalf...gotta look out for my soror! emoticon


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CURVYELVIESAYS 3/23/2012 11:27AM

    Great attitude and I congratulate you in taking control of your life. I was diagnosed as diabetic last December and was so shocked I did nothing. Now the fog has lifted and I am on my way to taking control as well. I wish you the best of luck and know the diagnosis is but, a small stepping stone to a better you. emoticon

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