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A single step

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is often said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. My first step will start with my official weigh in on Saturday. In the meantime, I continue to prepare my mind and my spirit to begin this journey. I spent the day in prayer and meditation and asked for God's guidance through this time. I consider myself a spiritual person, not overtly religious, so for me a higher power is necessary. Dieting is a mental struggle and requires the sustained ability to give up today's little pleasures for a bigger, more meaningful reward tomorrow. In today's instant gratification society, dieting is especially difficult. I know a lot of experts prefer the euphemism "lifestyle change', and it is. But anytime you are modifying your eating habits to lose weight, dieting is what I call it.

Today, I announced to my friends and family my plans to lose weight. Usually, I'm so private about stuff like dieting, but I need all the accountability I can get. For now, I want to review all the reasons why I'm doing this.
10 reasons I want to lose weight in 2010
1. So I can look nice in my clothes.
2. So I can look younger (black women don't wrinkle as we age; we get fat).
3. So I can feel attractive and confident.
4. So I can be more attractive to men.
5. So I can raise my self-esteem.
6. So I will have more energy.
7. So I can look good in a swimsuit.
8. So I won't be the "big girl" at parties and social events.
9. So I won't wanna hide when someone pulls out a camera.
10. So I can feel a sense of accomplishment.

I'm sure I can think of more reasons but this is a good start. Although I haven't weighed, I like to break up my efforts into smaller "baby steps", so I intend to focus on 10 lbs at a time and build in some non-food rewards along the way. I also need to focus on how I will get my exercise. Should I join a gym? Buy a stationery bike? Move to some DVDS? Walk outdoors in frightful, 20 degree and snowy weather? I need to make up my mind, for real. Also, what time of day? I think mornings are best. I hate gettin' up early, but I think I'll work out more consistently if I do.

I also need to write down what I eat. I don't care for that either, but I need to put my big girl panties on and quit whinin' about what I don't like doin' and focus on my passion for gettin' to goal.

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BUTTAPECANB 12/30/2009 4:58PM

    You've taken a big step with putting things in writing. The fact that you have let us in on reasons for losing weight, let me know that you are serious and that you're gonna make every attempt at accomplishing your goals. emoticon Here's to starting off the new year right.


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Getting my rear in gear

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Motivation experts say there are four phases to making change; pre-contemplation, contemplation, execution, and evaluation. Guess I'm phasing from contemplation to execution. Weight is something that's been a lifelong battle and it's a battle I'm tired of losing. I tire easily, feel depressed and lack confidence in my appearance. I'm a stress-induced emotional eater and this year has been traumatic in many ways. After months of neglecting my health, I'm ready to begin this battle to get down to my fighting weight.

Like many people, I know all about diets because I've tried them all--weight watchers, southbeach, etc. What I realize is that all of these plans offer good lessons, but if they don't help me sustain the changes I make, then they are temporary solutions to deeper problems.

I was elated when I found Sparkpeople, because I knew the blogging feature was something I'd want to use. Plus, the fact that its free and offers me a community of like-minded souls, accountability and a feeling of togetherness without having to succumb to weekly meetings in a room full of strangers.

Saturday, January 2nd, is D-day. I'm preparing by stocking up on frozen veggies, chicken and fish. I'm ready to do this damn, thing, lol! emoticon

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HOPE4LOSS1 12/29/2009 5:04PM

    Way to make the commitment and write out your thoughts and plans for the upcoming year.
You totally can do this. One suggestion: make some small realistic goals that you can build on. Don't expect to change everything all at once. Progress, not perfection.
This upcoming year is yours!

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