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Got through the day

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Didn't post yesterday-ran out of time. I managed to make it through day #2 of 30DS under much protest by my body. I really did not want to do the workout, thought of many excuses, it was getting late, I was tired, the usual stuff. Then I read a post by one of the SP members under the 30DS topic coaxing people that it was only 30 minutes of the day-just do it. So I did! yey me! I did that workout as well as my modified 60 Day 6 pack version (due to injuries I can't do all of Jillian's stuff). I did eat another piece of that darn B-day cake yesterday-again-smaller piece than usual and skipped the ice cream. I could have easily finished the cake off and be done with it-I really wanted to. It will be gone today with my DH and DD finishing it off. Aside from the cake, my eating was great yesterday and I woke up today felling skinnier (ha-I KNOW that I am not literally any skinnier than 2 days ago but it is mind of matter so if I feel it the rest will come over time). Today is a new day to embrace with all it's challenges.

Just finished D3L1-it's time for bed. Eating wasnt great today-no I didn't have the rest of the cake but I did have about 3/4 c of choc covered raisins. I won't feel guilty about it (or try not to). I am feeling progress as I haven't eaten before bed for three nights in a row-choosing to exercise instead. I even had my 5 yr old eating an egg on whole wheat bread this morning with cottage cheese. Overall it was a good day! Tomorrow is Burger King for lunch with a co-worker...

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_DOMINA_ 1/6/2011 5:10PM

    yay you!

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Day #1-almost complete

Monday, January 03, 2011

Day #1-I completed the first day of 30DS, level 1 as well as the 6 week ab DVD. I'm off to Hot Hatha yoga and won't be back until late. I did eat a small piece of B-day cake after all but I did pass on the ice cream. I did eat a small amount of noodles at the restaurant but way less I normally would AND I stopped at being almost full instead of pukey full. Overall I am proud of myself. I am unable to track my foods each day as I seem to be having problems with adding my own stuff into the menus. Coach Jen has looked at it and can't help me. I hope to try on another computer to see if it's our computer or what-in the meantime I have been switching to a different weight loss site to track my meals. This is becoming a pain in the butt to use both sites...unfortunately if I can't get stuff solved here, I might just have to switch over :(
I already have my workout wear out for tomorrow bright and early to do day #2 of Jillian's workouts. I'm off to yoga. Hope everyone had a great day!

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_DOMINA_ 1/5/2011 4:28AM

    Awesome day! emoticon

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here I go again

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Well it's Jan. 2/11. I was supposed to start 30DS yesterday, then today...will DEFINITELY start it tomorrow. The holiday eating must stop. My dad's birthday is tomorrow and we are eating out (I think we've eaten out every day since Christmas or had left overs from the restaurants. I plan on exercising in the morning and going to hot hatha after my dad's dinner. We are going to Mongo's for an early supper-it's a pick your food and they cook it kind of place-so I plan on picking a bunch of veggies with some chicken-I plan on going low on the noodles (LOVE them). I can't do yoga on a full stomach. I will NOT have a piece of B-day cake-again-can't eat the sugar then do hot yoga. As it is I have to work hard at not feeling ill during the class. Today was not a good day as I watched my cousin take her 4 yr old and my 5yr old roller skating for 3 hours. I have all the equipment (purchased a year ago) but don't know how to skate. I am petrified of falling on my knee (next knee injury will require surgery) and the place was busy and I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I might just look into private lessons, depending on the cost as my other cousin who was supposed to show me how to skate, broke her leg in roller derby and this cousin doesn't have time.
Tomorrow is a new day and I will embrace my challenges-exersize, food track and do my measurements.

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_DOMINA_ 1/3/2011 12:44PM

    Great to have you! December is full of celebrations for birthdays and the holidays for my household too. I am with you for getting back on track! emoticon

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