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Whew! What a Weekend!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quick blog-I won't even make it as late as "Army Wives" tonight...Saturday involved getting a phone call at 7:30 a.m. from someone at work. She was holding a program in the auditorium and I told her to call me if she had any problems. I think 99% of the time, most people won't call, but she did. 3 times in the next hour. I didn't mind, I just wished I could have slept in a little longer.

Later in the morning, I headed over to the elementary school where I was helping with the annual fundraiser. The school holds a dinner, silent auction and raffle. It's a lot of work, and I'm just a worker bee, not even one of the main organizers!

After that, I was in a comatose state, so I laid on the couch and slept until it was time to get dressed and go to the party. My husband and I had been invited to a 60th birthday party of a woman who attends our church. It was super nice. She and her husband have 5 grown children, and a raft of grandkids, so it was a huge party. Family and friends. The food was great. I hadn't eaten much all day because my stomach felt like crap most of the day.

Sunday-got up early to get to the grocery store before meeting my dad at church. He came down for the day/to spend the night while Mom's out of town. He went with Hubby and me to the fundraiser. Hubby and I sold 100 keys to a lockbox containing a beautiful diamond pendant. Imagine walking around a school gymnasium for a couple of hours, working the crowd. That was our job at the fundraiser. I knew who had purchased the winning key, so when the time came for everyone to try their key, I walked around telling people, "Time to try your key!" Fortunately, the winner was near the end of the line, so the suspense built. It's a bummer when the winner opens the box at key number 10.

I actually won a gift I had bid on (last year I was shut out!), had another great dinner, and a fun time hanging out with other parents/teachers at the school.

Now, I'm ready for my shower. Whew!

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FITKAT2010 4/26/2010 6:10AM

    Wow! That was an amazing weekend hon.

I was thinking of you and wondered where you were. Now I know!

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I could do this myself, but obviously I can't

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dee and I had our first program workout yesterday. I'm no stranger to the gym. I've been lifting weights off and on (more off than on) for the last 25 years. So why am I overweight? As I told the program person one reason is, "I'm not consistent." I was prompted to tell her that when she saw that I had my weightlifting gloves with me. I told her that lifting is not my favorite thing. I'll do it, and I can bulk up fairly easily, but I'd rather walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical trainer. I even like a more muscular look for myself. I envy Michelle Obama's arms! We spent time on both cardio machines and weights yesterday. The trainer suggested that I might try circuit training, which I've never done, but have wanted to. So, maybe we'll go down that path.

I noticed the woman on the elliptical next to me. She is not overweight, but wants to decrease her blood pressure and get off her meds. For a relatively thin person, she was gassed. She said she never works out aerobically. You see, you never can tell. Fitness and health are more than being "thin." You can be skinny as a rail and unhealthy. I believe you can be larger and still be "healthy." So, the woman next to me-I just gave her a little encouragement. "One more minute," I said, "We can do it!"

Dee told me this morning that she hasn't been in a gym in 5 years-since she injured her foot and had to do rehab. She told me yesterday that she's sorry she's such a bad partner, but I told her that she'll be doing great on the machines in no time!

So, I know my way around the gym. My mother is a dietician, so I was raised to eat healthy. I know what needs to be done. The big gaping hole is DOING IT! Thus, the program. I could do this myself, but can't. Hopefully being in a group setting will bring me more success.

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FITKAT2010 4/26/2010 6:15AM

    Who wouldn't want Michelle Obama's arms? I want her DH too! LOL LOL LOL YUMMMM

OK, now seriously hon, consistency is THE thing that must be tackled.

Some keys to consistency (good blog title BTW!) You must become aware of the negatives fueling the Spark to change and keep them in your awareness at all times-guilt, fear, pain, abandonment. These are there for a good reason-not just for us to avoid. Next you need to realize there are complimentary feelings held up on the other end of the goal line that are taunting you-take a look and see why you have these baddies lurking if you should do what you know you should do.

Make a 90 day program for yourself listing out specifically what you are going to DO and JUST DO IT! The catpoop will hit the fan for sure. I'll leave the country! LOL LOL

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STORMTMB 4/23/2010 10:41AM

    I'm rooting for you! You can do it. Just remember how good you feel after your workout and in no time at all you WILL have arms like Michelle Obama! (I think most women envy her arms!).

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NOTABOUTHEFACE 4/23/2010 10:30AM

    You'll love circuit training. It's like a 2 for 1! :) I think most of us know what to do but for many years just don't do it so you're certainly not alone! Great job on getting in there and looking forward to tales from the gymosphere!

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Today was the first day

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First official meeting day for "Scale to Success." Partner/coworker Dee and I headed over to the rehab center for the first group meeting. The directors of the program laid out the plan. We meet with a dietician, take part in an organized exercise group Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have small group meetings weekly on the "topic of the week." I may suggest "middle aged women/menopause and weight gain" as a subject since the group today consisted of women. We weighed ourselves yet again. I was happy to see that I had lost a pound. I told Dee that she can expect to see me in the same outfit every Tuesday (weigh in day). I'm taking out the clothing variable right there. Black pants, white top, clogs and some sort of jacket/sweater. The sweater and shoes will be easy to remove. Dee said she'd strip to her undies if she could, but the office has a large picture window across one side. I don't think she'll be stripping...

I was happy to find that Sparkpeople is a resource we can use. This will make tracking my food for the program so much easier! The directors said we can track through Sparkpeople and then submit our weekly food intake sheet. Whew! Glad I don't have to reinvent the wheel or do twice the work.

I've already scheduled in my workout sessions and weekly meetings in my planner. "Fail to plan or plan to fail" as they say. Now I have to figure out whether I want to come home and throw something in the oven for dinner and then go back for the evening workout, or just stay at the office until time to go exercise. The "leave nothing to chance" part of me will most likely fix dinner for Tuesday and Thursday on the weekend and then have somebody at home throw it in the oven. More planning. But I know it's going to be worth it.

Dee and I chose the team name "Happiest Losers." She's a big fan of "Biggest Loser," so we went with the notion that we'll be happy to lose pounds and inches. I don't even care about winning "the competition." Nobody at the meeting today asked what the weekly/grand prize is. It's not that important in comparison to learning how to treat our bodies better.

I was so inspired from the meeting that after I came home and got dinner started, I headed up the street to the gym for about an hour. Son was home in case anything in the oven blew up. I really have no excuse now for not putting in the work. I belong to the Y, have a class to go to twice a week now, and we are allowed to use the hospital's workout facility in the rehab center during the week.

The only thing left is to battle my own brain. Stay tuned.

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P31W247 4/22/2010 2:28PM


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WALNUT5612 4/21/2010 10:36AM

    Your program sounds like a 'sure shot' to lose weight!!!! Keep us posted!!

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FITKAT2010 4/21/2010 7:41AM

    Please realize that the "professional" track on weight/menopause is so off it ain't silly!

I lost all of my weight AFTER a complete hysterectomy and AFTER menopause!

Don't let the BS about us women aging be the excuse any further for us women who are fabulous!

I'm thrilled about your program. Support is essential!

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STORMTMB 4/20/2010 9:44PM

    Best of luck to you and Dee!

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You're Going Down!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So, my "Scale to Success" team needs a name. Team seems a bit large of a word for two people-my duo? needs a name. I emailed some ideas to my teammate; we have until Tuesday. Anyway, another friend has also joined the competition. Julie told us today, "You're going DOWN!" Meaning, she and her partner are going to beat us. OK, bring it, baby!

I told my son that maybe Dee and I will be "Team Elevator-'cuz we're gonna take you down!" He just shook his head...

So, I was walking a bit yesterday. Felt like longer than a bit, anyway. Walked from work to the library and from the library to a meeting at a nearby elementary school. It was fairly toasty yesterday, and I felt like I was walking a good pace. When I checked my heart rate, I wasn't even in "the zone!" My gosh! Do I have to sprint everywhere? I'm sorry, but by the time I made it to my final destination, my shirt was soaked. Really? My heart rate wasn't up enough? Could this be why I've made so little progress?!?

And on the food front-I was stressed this evening trying to help finish up my son's tax return. OK, how do people do this for a living? Last year he did the EZ, but this year he had some changes. Zowie. Like I said, I don't know how people do it for a living. It's done, but we traded places for few minutes. He cooked dinner and I pulled my hair out. But-it's done. And I ate too much at dinner due to the minor stress. I also can't seem to cook or put the food away afterward without sampling. That's with or without stress. I nibble.

So, Dee and I might be taking people down in the weight loss competition. Heck-we don't even know what the prizes are! More importantly, we'll be doing something great for ourselves. And the next few weeks should help me to be more cognizant of what I'm doing (or not) that is helping or hurting my cause.

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SHAKENMA 4/14/2010 10:01PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Scale to Success

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’ve gone and done it. Plunked down my money (ok, check) to join the next session of the “Scale to Success” weight loss program here at work. Seeing as I work at a hospital, this should turn out to be a good thing. My co-worker Dee and I are partners. Each team has to think of a name. So far I’ve thought of “Middle Age Meltdowns,” “Happiest Biggest Losers,” and “Summer’s Coming!” Yeah, I’m having a creative mental block with this name thing. Help me out if you like a challenge…

We had all the essential measurements taken today: weight, BMI, arm, waist, hip circumference, etc. It wasn’t pretty for either one of us. We’re both obese. One good thing is that we’re very similar in age and the amount of weight we need to lose and the need to get in shape. We both have events coming up that we want to be in better shape for: me-a vacation in June, and her son’s wedding in July (on the beach).

We’ll start off with an entire group meeting and a consult with a dietician. The food consult should be interesting-I’ve been keeping closer track of my food consumption with Spark so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to continue over the next 8 weeks. Each team meets weekly with the program organizer to see how it’s going. We also have 8 weeks of group training in the gym.

I’m kind of mad myself for not having greater success on my own. As I told someone, maybe I need the fact that I’ve plunked down money to spur me to work harder. Maybe I need the idea of winning a weekly prize or a grand prize to get me going. Maybe it’s publicly being held accountable. I just know I need something more.

Our official kick off is next Tuesday, but I’m not waiting until then. I’m starting right here, right now. I’m already Sparking, I just have to take it up to another level. I’ll be letting you know how it’s going. Stayed tuned for the next 8 weeks!

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WALNUT5612 4/15/2010 10:28AM

    Keep us posted on the next 8 weeks!

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STORMTMB 4/14/2010 12:29AM

    You know, Helen, for your team the name I came up with is "Wonderful Women!" As I looked back at your blogs, you speak often about how unique you are. You told us about being the only black student in your class and how you are NOT a morning person and how weather forecasters annoy you and how you work hard and play hard and how much you love the various members of your family, but most of all, how you are you. And you are wonderful as you are. I'd celebrate that in your team name. Maybe not mine specifically, but I'd challenge you to celebrate your unique-ness as working women who have challenging and fulfilling lives, who also happen to have a goal of being more healthy. Best of luck to both of you!

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