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A capital idea

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Here we are in Jefferson City and it's looking a wee bit glum out there. but inside the hotel we are going to have fun. We plan on playing in the pool and hitting the exercise room today while Ryan is at class and (probably) taking a nap since we had to get up at the UNGODLY hour of 0600.

I mentioned that we homeschool, but we do a lot of "unschooling" which doesn't use many books but a lot of discussion and hands-on activities. Occasionally, we will do a worksheet to hone a skill that we've discussed and practice handwriting, but a most of what we do is real-life practical skills. Counting money at the store, saving money, mileage between stops, discussing what the state capital is and why it's important and who works there, etc. Sam's fascination with police cars and the COPS song has started discussions about rule and laws, speeding and safety, music, cars, and even science as he wants to know how the switches turn the sirens and lights off and on -- time for an introduction to electrical circuits :-) Savannah fell in love with butterflies while we were at the Butterfly Palace in Branson and has been looking into the different types, the migration of Monarchs, and evolved into planning a butterfly garden for the yard this summer.

But how to document all this. Most lesson planners include spaces for specific subjects, I prefer to journal. I finally found an app for my tablet that allows me to journal, add photos, draw or write ON the photos, show a calendar, makes graphs as well as adding the location and weather of where we are when I make the entries. Yes, Yes, YES!!!! Best of all I can download it to Dropbox and print off the entries to put into a notebook to satisfy not only their father, but anyone who questions whether we are actually educating or not. LOL

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 4/2/2014 9:09PM


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KATIBUG49 4/2/2014 4:34PM

    Sounds great! Have fun on your trip!

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MOJO0607 4/2/2014 9:44AM

    Sounds awesome...and your kids will have so much more of a vested interest in what they are learning by being so hands on and exploring those things that spark their passions. Great job!

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Ideas and Inspiration

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I love going to home and garden shows. I've always been in love with renovating homes, especially homes that are old and sad and need some TLC to make them beautiful again. My daughter and granddaughter joined us at the local Home and Garden show today. Not as much outdoor garden stuff, lots of hawkers for useless junk that sounds great until you get it home LOL, and an amazing number of mattress companies. I did buy a new ironing board that splits apart to make two sleeve board and the legs are shaped in such a way that you can place your knees under the board if you're sitting without banging into the legs. A must if one is a sewer, which I am.

It was just a fun day spent with family while the sig other was at work. More fun is in the works this week, an impromptu trip to the state capital with the kids while Ryan takes a class. This is one of the reasons I love homeschooling . . . because we can just get up and go when I'm off work. It's supposed to rain while we're there so I foresee A LOT of swimming in the hotel pool, but we also plan on going to the movies an touring the state capital (if my little guy can tolerate it.)

I promised someone an outdoor patio and kitchen in the backyard by Father's Day. The return of the "brain blip" put a crimp in my plans, however I plan to at least have the patio completed on time. I started tearing out an ugly, ill placed deck that was just stuck in the middle of the back yard. So between all the walking at the Home Show and the energy expended tearing off boards . . . I'm really tired :-)

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KATIBUG49 4/2/2014 12:08AM

    Sounds like fun!

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SHAMROCKY2K 3/29/2014 10:10PM

    Great to have spring plans.
I need to get to one of those home and garden shows soon and the inspired!

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Laughing at stress

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Got a phone call from my attorney last week that she was sending me some paperwork to which I needed to respond. We were headed to Tulsa at the time with no computer. That was Wednesday. We got back late Thursday night. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Opened the e-mail on Monday to find interrogatories that I need to answer and have returned by this Friday. And I have to work Wednesday and Thursday. Grrrrr.

Reading thru some of the questions from the opposing counsel, I have to laugh. Either the source of their information is a complete idiot or they are grasping at straws. Either way, there are a lot of questions about events that have never happened and are easily confirmed as never having happened and a lot of suppositions and assumptions. I don't know whether they think that I'm just stupid, or extremely stupid, but I honestly just have to shake my head and laugh. Very few of the questions they want answered have anything remotely to do with why I was terminated.

This shall be interesting, for sure.

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KATIBUG49 3/28/2014 1:51PM


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A little laughter, a little good news

Monday, March 24, 2014

Okay, so I have the results of the MRI but I haven't had a chance to blog.

The blip in my head (also known as a glioblastoma) is still there (no brainer, pardon the pun) but it is smaller. I get a three month break from any treatments and then another scan and depending on where it is, depends on what direction we'll take.

I got the oddest phone call from my attorney's office regarding my lawsuit; questioning me about my activity with our local volunteer department. When I got a chance to download the defense's interrogatories for me, it is VERY clear that they are grasping at straws to find something to support their argument. But to declare that I was terminated from the volunteer department down here and sued them for sexual harassment as well . . . really? Their research department has apparently fallen down on the job on that one as I was never terminated from a job before this one and I've never sued anyone before this -- and it would show up on the court network if I had and there is nothing there folks.

I'm tired of the whole rigamarole. Ready to get on with life.

Other than that, I had a lot more energy today which is 1) surprising since I went to the gym at 2 am when I got off work, but 2) not surprising because exercising always makes you feel better LOL People wonder why I go to the gym at 2 am. Several reasons actually:
- it helps me unwind after work
- I'm awake and the kids are with someone else
- NO ONE else is there which is an important thing for an introvert like me
- I have access to any and all equipment that I want to use without waiting for someone to finish or having to make small talk (eeeeek!)
- I am a night owl by nature, so 2 am works for me - get over it!


Waiting in anticipation

Friday, March 21, 2014

We were in Tulsa, OK the last two days for my follow-up appointment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for an MRI of my brain. I just finished a third round of chemo -- 6 months worth of pills for 5 days with a 28 days break between cycles. The tumor is smaller but still there (no surprise there) My neurosurgeon saw me before I had the scan but was in surgery the rest of the day, so I haven't heard his thoughts.

The drive home was stressful and tense, I lost my temper a few times as we continued to talk about what had happened earlier in the week. I am a big "WHY?" person and he couldn't fathom why he did what he did. . . finally it came down to assumptions. He assumed that because I was sick after I did a cycle of chemo that he would be putting too much stress and pressure on me and so turned to an outlet with another woman.


Never assume. Always ask.

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KATIBUG49 3/23/2014 7:00PM

    So sorry for everything you are going through!

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MINTEXAS 3/21/2014 2:42PM


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