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Self Perception

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ok, sometimes it is hard to really understand how far you have come and how different your body really is. This is because you see the gradual progression and in your mind your own visual perceptions don't always change with your clothing sizes.

Last night I was grocery shopping in the cereal aisle when a lady in an electric scooter crossed my path. She was looking at oatmeal products, as I was. I asked her if I could assist her in reaching anything. She gratefully told me the flavor she wanted and also mentioned she had to read every label these days since she was on Weight Watchers. I told her I could relate to that. Her response almost took my breath away- "But you are small already!" I smiled graciously I hope and then I told her that I haven't always been "small". That I had lost over 85 lbs! When she asked in amazement how I had done that, I told her about Sensa! She said she had seen Sensa but hadn't been sure it could work. I assured her it did and that I would even be featured as a testimony for Sensa on ShopNBC this weekend!

It is hard to put to words how this "by chance" conversation impacted me. For someone to only see me as I am now and not as an "after weight-loss" or "Sensa Success Story" was an eye opening moment for sure.

This last weekend was a real treat to me too, and I only just realized how much my life has changed. I used to be a loyal Lane Bryant customer, having been in their size ranges probably all of my adult life! I rarely shopped in other stores for myself. So when Sensa called last week and asked me to join them on ShopNBC this weekend, I realized I needed a few new things to make the trip! So I asked my BFF to a shopping date and dinner.

A quick back story... my BFF is easily the smallest person I know, at a whole 105 lbs maybe dripping wet I suspect, and hope she doesn't beat me for mentioning it (Love ya!). I have joked lightly the whole time I have been on Sensa that I would need to lose "her" basically to get to my goal but even when I get to my goal, I will be "her & 1/2 still". But as BFFs do, she has taken this ribbing in stride! (I hope!) So in the past, us shopping together has rarely meant shopping "together". It was always... her in one store and me in another and each of us waiting to approve the others choices. The only joint shopping we could do was at Bath and Body Works!

So back to our shopping date. We met at JCPenney's and shopped and tried on clothes TOGETHER! We then ventured on to New York & Company and shopped there TOGETHER! We had a very lovely dinner that neither of us had to share with our children or eat cold because of bathroom breaks! It was a totally lovely evening, one in which I am not sure I have ever fully experienced or appreciated before! And one I hope to have repeatedly in the future, even if less often than we might both like!

Anyway, once again I am at a loss for words to describe the appreciation and gratitude I feel for the new lease on life I have! Thank You Sensa! And thanks so much to my friends and family that have supported me! Especially to my darling husband who eats what I cook, will cook for us when needed and grants me enough time most evenings for my workouts! And to my darling children who love to see me try on new dresses for them and are always full of adoring compliments!


P.S. Note to self, you aren't big anymore even if you aren't quite small yet!

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SWEETPEA0214 9/30/2010 6:30PM

    Wendy - I am so happy to read that you are finally seeing yourself as others see you. You are beautiful. I can't wait to see you this weekend on SHOPNBC.

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Losing with SENSA Helped Me Win $1000!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have been using Sensa since Feb 2009 and to date have lost over 84 lbs! I was invited back in April along with a number of Sensa Success Stories to LA for a Success Story weekend! We were pampered, photographed and had video testimonies taken! This week they have announced the winners and I am one of them!!!! I am so grateful to Sensa for all they have blessed me and my family with!

See the link below for the official announcement and before/after shots of me and other winners!

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AGAIN1 2/24/2011 11:07AM

    I am wishing to have success with this product. I have heard the positive and negative claims about it. Do you find that you are using it as much as you were in the beginning and do you believe that if you were to stop that you'd gain back the weight? It would sound to me that if it helps to decrease portion sizes that you'd get used to it and not need the product as much...is this a correct assumption? Well, congrats! I know you didn't do this by Sensa alone and I don't plan to either! I believe that some people struggle initially and need to give themselves a boost! Keep me posted! Cool! $1000 on top of your AWESOME weight loss...sounds like a win-win situation! Take care! Jules emoticon emoticon

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MAGGIEYE 9/21/2010 11:12AM


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Latest Updates from Sensa and ShopNBC Land

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sensa was on ShopNBC this weekend, and though I wasnít there, the footage taken in April 2010 was used for the first time and the photos. I also called in to give my testimony over the phone. So I thought I would share. It is funny to me that I havenít lost a lot of weight since going to LA in April, but I feel like I look a lot thinner than the pictures/video show. Course maybe it is just the camera adding 10 lbsÖ LOL!


You can fast forward to my portions with the time stamp info I am providing. I start my call in testimony at 12:25 and my video testimony starts at 52:55 roughly.


I start my call in testimony at 8:10 and my video testimony starts at 46:25 roughly.

I am currently down 86 total pounds and only have 20 more to go! Course remember on ShopNBC I canít claim my actual weight lost, I can just say over 50 lbs.

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SWEETPEA0214 8/23/2010 7:07PM

    I don't understand why they won't let you claim your actual pounds lost? That doesn't make sense to me. What about when you reach your 100 pound goal? Can you claim that then?

I'll watch this tonight when it's kind of quiet. You are a STAR my friend!!!!

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My Next Adventure

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ok, all my SENSAtional Friends - I am starting a team for the Race for Cure 5k Walk on May 8th. I am looking for teammates. You donít have to be a SENSA user to join me. I have called the team SENSAtional Friends, because SENSA has been my inspiration and has helped me get to where I am today. If you think you might be interested and would like to join a team for the moral support, please join me. I am not looking for jogging partners, just few friends to walk with me for a good cause!

For those that donít know, 5k is 3.1 miles roughly and you can walk that generally at around 18/25 min per mile depending on your current fitness level! You also have just about 4 more weeks to get into better fitness level if you so desire. I wonít have group shirts or anything like that for us. I would just love if you invite your friends to join us and support each other.

And for those that would rather donate to our team, that is greatly appreciated too!


If you have any questions, please feel to email me! Thanks again for your support and encouragement over the last year!

"I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down..."
-Abraham Lincoln

Wendy Bassett


First Race Results! Tyler Azalea 10k!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here is a quick intro to my jogging history!

I started walking in September. I could rarely get to 5000 steps a day, then I got closer to 7000 and such, but almost never 10000, unless on the weekends!

I started Couch to 5k jogging program at Thanksgiving. That is a program designed to take you from walking to jogging a full 30 mins. I completed that program in mid January.

I picked this 10k race to run with only 8 weeks to train from 30 mins to 90 mins of jogging. I spent 2 weeks of that injured enough to not jog. And today is race day and I have yet to jog the full distance, but I have gotten up to 75 mins/5 miles without too much trouble, so I am hoping that aredaline can carry the last mile!!!!

If I can do this... it will be a victory we all can claim for Sensa and ourselves!!!!! See ya'll at the finish line!!!

That was me before the race!

After the race thoughts!

There were people walking in front of me that stayed in front of me the whole race. I did manage 1to jog it fully at my normal pace, which is all I was shooting for, but still a little annoying to be passed by some walkers...

Just checked Body Bugg... 20k in steps today and 3500 calories. Guess my pizza last night and my pancakes this morning and mexician food tonight shouldn't hurt me too bad next week! LOL! Shame on me I know... but such is life!

473 out of 494 =Total 10k
47 out of 48 for my age bracket- 35-39 ( but did beat the 48th person in my bracket by 20 mis) LOL!
Electronic Time=1:29:59.1
Gun Time= 1:30:26.0
Average Mile 14:31

I was only hoping for 15 min mile average and I got better than that! I am beat and ready for bed! I will include a few pictures to prove I was at least there! LOL!

As I got close to the finish line, I saw my family and finally gave into the crying that had nearly overtaken me numerous times during the race.

My darling angels with me after the race!

That is me almost exactly 1 yr ago. It was taken in early March 2009! 75 lbs behind me and whole new world ahead me!

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  Congratulations! This is a wonderful motivational find for me. I recently registered for a 5K walk/run in September. Your success over the past year is just so inspiring. Keep up the good work!

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