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Sensa - My BFF of 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What is Sensa?

Sensa is unlike any other weight-loss program. It is a 6-month system of Tastants that are sprinkled on your food to help you feel full faster, stay satisfied longer and lose weight.

It is not a diet. You can continue to eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight. There are no prepackaged meals, stimulants, drugs or diuretics.

It uses your senses of smell and taste to control appetite. Although many people think the feeling of hunger or fullness comes from your stomach – it is actually governed by the satiety center in your brain. When Sensa Tastants are sprinkled on food, it triggers this satiety center, so you feel satisfied with less food.

It is scientifically proven. Sensa’s patent-pending technology was proven to be effective in one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted on a non-prescription weight-loss product.

To learn more about Sensa visit:

That is the general story... as for my story... you can see from the results below and my pictures in my other blogs, that it works!

6/12/09 = Week 18 = 1 lb ( so far ) = 30 Total
6/5/2009 = Week 17 = 1.5 lbs =29 Total
5/29/2009 = Week 16 = 4 lbs = 27.5 Total
5/22/2009 = Week 15 = 2 lbs = 23.5 Total
5/15/2009 = Week 14 = 1 lbs = 21.5 Total
5/8/2009 = Week 13 = .5 lbs = 20.5 Total
5/1/2009 = Week 12 = 2.5 lbs = 20 Total !!!!!!!!!
4/24/2009 = Week 11 = 1.5 lbs = 17.5 Total
4/17/2009 = Week 10 = 2 lbs = 16 Total
4/10/2009 = Week 9 = 2.5 lbs = 14 Total
4/3/2009 = Week 8 = 0 lbs = 11.5 Total
3/27/2009 = Week 7 = 2 lbs = 11.5 Total
3/20/2009 = Week 6 = 2 lbs = 9.5 Total (Happy Birthday to me!)
3/13/2009 = Week 5 = 0 lbs = 7.5 Total (also spent 3 days in California on a family trip!)
3/6/2009 = Week 4 = 2 lbs = 7.5 Total
2/27/2009 = Week 3 = 2 lbs = 5.5 Total
2/20/2009 = Week 2 = 1.5 lbs = 3.5 Total
2/13/2009 = Week 1 = 2 lbs
2/6/2009 = Start Date with Sensa

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or email me and I will happy to try to answer them.

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LAURAB_143 8/22/2013 8:05AM

    What incredible success you have had. I tried Sensa a few years ago and I actually found that the food tasted or smelled better and it made me want more. I ended up fighting the urge to eat with the product. I only used it for a few days and sent it back. Did you immediately notice you wanted to eat less?

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Newest Progress Report

Friday, June 05, 2009

So I finally got brave enough to have a new "during" picture taken... it doesn't look like what I see in the mirror...but oh-well, it is still different than last time... camera adds 10lbs right??? LOL!

Taken 6/5/09 - Have lost 31.5 lbs in 2009, 29 with Sensa since 2/6/09. I am modeling Size 18 Capris and 1X Stretchy Top.

Taken 4/29/09 - Size 20/22 roughly

Taken Fall 2008 - Size 24/26 roughly

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MRSWHITEWOLF 6/5/2009 1:32PM

    Looking great! You really can see a big difference! I really mean it too, you can see a huge difference! Keep up the great work! I love your background...my favorite whale.

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PJMOMMATO3 6/5/2009 12:31PM

    Looking good , keep up the great work! emoticon

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My In-Home Track Race

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

As some may have noted, I have a Wii and I have the new exercise game called EA Active. I bought a double set of bands needed to allow a partner work out with you, cause my 7 year old likes to do it with me, when I fix up short custom games for us to play. Ok, so that isn't the funny part. Though watching the two of us work out together probably is pretty funny.

The funny part comes from the baby, almost 2, that wants to do anything me or big sis does. So she standing with us and doing the motions with a remote in her hand. This is always funny and she does it with most of our Wii games. But last night it went to a whole new level of funny. I had played a game or two with Shellbee and was starting my real workout with my usual audience... hubby and both kids. So it started with a short run around the track. I am not really good at this yet, cause it is hard for me to jog in place for some reason, so I was kinda running around the living room, back and forth and back and forth... again, funny, but not the funniest part.

Sydnee (baby) decided to join in and in the process we ended up running circles around the coffee table for the duration of the exercise. She was squealing and laughing and acting like I was chasing her, which I was, since I needed to go faster than her little legs will go, and she told Shellbee, "Wun, wun, wun, wun!", so she joined in. Then she told Daddy, "Wun, wun, wun, wun!" and he though he didn't join in during my workout, he did eventually give in and chase her around the coffeee table a few times later in the evening. It was just so funny!

I think we should do that every night just to wear her out and it isn't like she doesn't need the exercise for sure. You guys haven't seen her little (not-so-little) legs, but she needs to get to work on them... LOL!

Anyway, it was a great memory to make!! And during my 24 minute workout I burned 202 calories.. and still had fun!! I love EA Active!

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JANISTROTMAN 6/2/2009 10:41AM

    Keep having fun with your family as they are the one who gives you the encouragement when you reach a plateau. Thanks for sharing emoticon

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HIONLIFE93 6/2/2009 10:26AM

    Oh my, thanks for sharing, we have some similar funny exercise moments at our house. My 15 year old son was making fun of me until I told him to join me.....he couldn't keep up with the exercise dvd any better than me....we got to laughing so hard that we both had to run to the bathroom......all in all it was quality time with him. And I'm sure if someone was looking in our window, they would have wondered what the heck we were up to.....

Keep up the exercise with family, as the kids grow up they will automatically have it in their daily routine.

Sounds like you have a fun family.

Take care and again thanks for sharing. Joyce

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PJMOMMATO3 6/2/2009 10:20AM

    That is too funny. I love it when my kids join in!

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LEPETITCHIHUA 6/2/2009 10:00AM

    That is so fun! I have a hard time with the jogging too! emoticon

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30 lbs gone in 2009!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am down a full 30 lbs since the beginning of 2009!!!

Wow!!!! I am so pumped at the moment! I got the new Wii game EA Active and I have really been trying to use the cardio workouts. This is the first I have really worked out on a regular basis in years and the first since starting Sensa.
Sunday to Thursday = 4 Workouts = 123 Minutes = 1000 Calories burned.

And if you knew the hectic schedule I have been on this week, you would know what a real accomplishment this is for me, to not only do it... but to want to do it!

Summer is almost here and my schedule will really allow me to get to work on me till August! I still have 1 more week on Month 4 tastants... so 2 more full months to go before the end of the 1st 6 month portion of my transformation.

New tip for us busy people... cause we need them really bad. Monday I cooked spaghetti, in a large quantity like I always do on a busy week, so there are plenty of left overs. And last night I got home a little later than I would have liked to be eating dinner, but having the meal already prepared and only needing to microwave it was a big help. But that isn't the new tip... and it may be a little wordy for me to explain... but here goes. Tonight my daughter is performing a full length ballet production of Cinderella. She has to be there by 5pm. I have to take off work at 4pm to get her there with costume and make up and have time to feed her. The show doesn't start until 6:30, so after I drop her off, I have time to run home, change myself, come back. And I knew cooking wouldn't be an option. So here is the tip... finally... though I ate leftovers last night, while I was in the kitchen and feeding baby and doing dishes and all that fun... I cooked dinner for tonight and put it in the fridge. Now this may seem wierd, to cook a whole meal just to store it for another day, but it will make the difference in my evening tonight in so many little ways that it was totally worth the effort. Of course, I am not talking cooking a real real meal. All I did was cut up some chicken breast and cook in a skillet with all my favorite seasonings, then tonight I am just going to put the chicken on top of a large salad. How easy is that!!!??? Anyway, just thought I would share... how life can totally rushed and with a little creativity, you can still succeed in reaching your goals!!!

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MONIQUE138 5/29/2009 11:05AM

    I also have a hectic schedule and I really never get a chance to cook dinner so my kids feast on microwaveable stuff because by the time I get home its almost 7:00pm and I have to get ready for work the next day and try to clean a little around the house. I really want them to have good healthy meals and because I reach home so late I tend to eat the wrong things because I need to get to sleep. Thanks for the tip. I think it will help out alot.

Congradulation on the weight loss. emoticon

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Finally the 240s are gone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I finally changed weight brackets!!! I have lost just over 10% of my body weight so far! And I am already 1.5 lbs into the next 10% loss goal that is 24 more pounds! (that means only 22.5 left till end of second goal. I am using my new EA Active for the Wii and loving it. I am not a gym person, who has time with small children and working full time. So this way the kids can watch and help and get in the way, but that is what makes it family fun!

I updated my virtual me..she hasn't really changed since the last time, but she is ready for the pool now! I can't wait to make another one at the end of the summer, when she is another 20+ lbs lighter and worked up her tan a little better! LOL!

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PJMOMMATO3 5/26/2009 12:26PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JOVDEG 5/26/2009 11:12AM

    Very good Wendy. Congrats! emoticon

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NTANELSON 5/26/2009 11:07AM

    emoticon Congratulations on your weight loss goal.

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