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Ok its time to get serious!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have no one to blame but myself this time. My lack of willpower this time around amazes me. I have called my Dr. and he has agreed to put me back on my phentermine but at about 1/2 the dose I was on before. When I lost the original 200 lbs I was on 60mg a day. I am only getting 37.5mg now. Hopefully it will work to help curb my appetite just a lil. I have not weighed myself in the last week. I am having my menstrual cycle and I dont want to see what that scale says till I dont have all this bloating. Anyway, I have already started logging my calories again starting today. I went to the store this morning to get good foods for lunch so I dont keep ordering pizza lol. Its cool in the evenings right now so I think I may start walking our dog after Will goes to work. I have GOT to do this!!! emoticon

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ISAVEDME80 2/14/2013 4:32PM

    you can do this. you can.
have faith.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ok, so over the last month I have been sooo blah. I fell and hurt myself in the bathroom of a Golden Coral which has caused my back problems to flair up, my mom is having health problems and I have been trying to deal with that, and to top it off I had some problems with my fiancÚ. I have not been dieting, but somehow I have managed to stay at the same weight and not put any back on, thank God! I need to start logging in everyday and entering my calories again so that I am accountable in some way. Will and I are going to visit his family next weekend and I had sooo hoped to have lost the 1st 50 by now. Maybe I can lose at least another 10 by next week? lol. We shall see! I did go walking again this past weekend and I walked a whole 3/4 of a mile which is an improvement from last time. Hopefully weather permitting I will be able to make the full mile this Sunday. emoticon

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ISAVEDME80 3/17/2012 5:40PM

    I hope you will be able to make it the whole mile on Sunday girl if you want someone to help ya keep accountable I can mail you my number and we can text each other and i can help you and vice versa I'm with ya on the exercise thing I've noticed even when I slack i don't gain weight which is good but i want to loose it and like you seem to be Im very impatient I want to loose the dang weight NOW LOL.
I hope you will start to log in daily if not then good luck and also hope things get better with your Mom, mine passed away a yr ago on the 10th so I know how precious time is with them. And I hope things get straightened out with your guy as well. I;; do anything I can to help, it sometimes helps having a frined or someone to talk to who is outside of your situation, at least it helps me
I hope you get to feeling better soon

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Cycle Interference

Monday, February 06, 2012

I went to weigh in Saturday, first off, the scale would not zero out. I'm not sure whats wrong with it but I stepped on it anyway. It said I had gained 2 pounds! That's after I subtracted the 1.1 pound that it was registering before I stepped on. I tried to tell myself that the scale is just really wrong! There's no way that I could have gained two pounds! I havent had a soda in weeks! Thursday and friday nights before the weigh in I had an enormous craving for chocolate. The craving was sooo bad that I could not ignore it. The only chocolate in the house was chocolate chip cookie dough. I didnt sit down and eat the whole roll like I wanted too lol but I did have what I would call one cookie both nights just in dough from. But I looked at the calorie intake from that and I just dont think it was enough to constitute a 2 pound gain. Especially with me doing more exercise this week than I had all month! Then after I got home form work saturday I realized that I had started my period. Could that possibly account for the weight gain? Is 2 pounds of water weight normal? I know that's why I could not resist the chocolate now lol! Anyway, just wondered if anyone else was experiencing these issues with the diet/cycle battle?

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ISAVEDME80 3/12/2012 2:17PM

    Yup the beloved period is def the cause of the weight gain i've gained a lot more than 2lbs.

It also greatly depends on what time your weighing yourself and if your clothed or not.

I weigh in Thursday mornin when I first get out of bed after I've went to bathroom and naked, clothes add up to 5lbs or more if you add heavy shoes, I like seeing my truest weight so its easier to calculate how my weight loss is going.

Later in the day after you've eaten and drink you add weight from the fluids and food, i've noticed up to 5lbs difference so that's what works for me, idk how yours is, but i hope you continue to be successful, 32lbs already is great since your doing it alone this time, i know its hard to see it go so slowly cause you lost 200lbs so fast the first time, but you did say you had a diet pill the first time, that makes a huge difference. Be proud of where you are today. Thats what matters, not what you did yesterday or even 10yrs ago.
you go girl and keep up the good work :)

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STRTCURRAN 2/11/2012 5:30AM

    just talked to the wife she says yes she always weighs a few pounds more when due so its normal it must be the body holding on to more water to help the cycle so do not bother weighing in until after each time so you don't get down about it and I too had a naughty time last night at mc donalds back on the wagon again today keep going emoticon

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COWGIRLENUF 2/6/2012 5:45PM

    That happened to me last week. I usually weigh in on Mondays. Last Monday I stepped on the scale and it was up .6 pounds from the previous Monday. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it was very frustrating, since I've been right on track. I felt like I was running to the rest room even more than normal for my high water intake on Monday, so weighed again Tuesday morning. It was down a bit over 2 pounds, so, essentially, I had 2 pounds of water weight on me on Monday morning. I didn't do anything wacky, like not eat all day, or take a diuretic, I just kept on eating how I should and I was able to pedal my exercise bike for a bit, so I know there wasn't some miraculous overnight fat shedding, it was all water.

Stick with it, and you should get see good results next week!

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Pressing On

Monday, January 30, 2012

So Will, the best boyfriend in the world, was supposed to have started this diet with me. Instead for the last 3 weeks I have been dieting and he has been eating whatever he wants. I hadn't said anything about it. Last thursday he came into the bedroom eating a hostess chocolate pie. I jokingly said that I couldn't believe he was eating that in front of me. I love those things! Then I said, "What happened to us doing this diet together?" He said "Yea, I know I did say that but..." and we left it at that. Friday night while he was at work he must have had an epiphany or something cause he text me and told me that he wanted to be there on this weight loss journey with me as he had promised before so that he could help and support me as I always have him. He said that after this weekend we would totally commit to it and start over together. So we went out this weekend to celebrate our anniversary and I ate a couple things I probably shouldn't have but, I still didn't go overboard. Then sunday (my cheat day) after meeting the family for breakfast at Ihop, we headed home, scooped up the dog, and headed to the high school where we could let the dog run and walk the track. I was quite proud of myself. I walked a 1/2 mile! For me that's huge! I am feeling it today though! I could barely walk this morning lol. Anyway, I am so ready to get this weight off!


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SISYPHUS_CLIMBS 1/30/2012 2:50PM

    My husband does the same thing -- he'll bring home donuts when I'm trying to cut down on sugary snacks. When I complain, he says "well, you don't have to eat them", which is technically true, but still it's a lot easier not to eat it IF IT'S NOT IN THE HOUSE. (sorry for the shouting). Anyway, glad your boyfriend has decided to stick to the plan with you - it will make things much easier for you both. And great job on the 1/2 mile walk! emoticon

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Whats a girl gotta do to lose weight around here?

Friday, January 27, 2012

I just don't get it! I have been on this diet for 3 weeks now. The first week I lost 6 pounds, the second week I only lost 3 and I felt bad enough about that. Now, I weighed this morning and I lost 1 pound! I would understand this if I had cheated on my diet but I have not! I was better this week than I was the past two in hopes that I would have a really good week and break that 400 mark! The first thing I wanted to do after that weigh in was head to McDonalds and order a Big Mac! Good thing it was too early in the morning for that huh? I talked my self out of it but its so disheartening, to work so hard all week and have almost nothing to show for it. I just dont remember it being this hard last time I lost weight. emoticon

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COWGIRLENUF 1/28/2012 12:52PM

    I just read this article this morning:
/nutrition_articles.asp?id=1605 I thought it was pretty helpful in that it talks about some reasons for why weight loss isn't always a strictly mathematical formula.

Losing 200 pounds in a year is astounding. What you are or aren't losing now doesn't change what you've already accomplished, and what you are accomplishing now by taking care of yourself every day.

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WINK9044 1/27/2012 5:30PM

    I know you guys are right but its just hard for me to deal with. I lost 200 lbs in a year. I guess I was hoping for that again ya know?

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COWGIRLENUF 1/27/2012 4:34PM

    Don't lose heart! Do you realize that you have lost 10 pounds in only 3 weeks? Most people it takes 5-10 weeks to lose 10 pounds. That's your progress in only 3 weeks taking 2 and a half MONTHS for other people. I know it's frustrating and you expect to lose more when you're starting our pretty heavy, but it is true that sustainable weight loss shifts down to 1 to 2 pounds a week once you shed the initial water weight. Even 1 pound gone is SO, SO much BETTER than even a pound the other way, or more. As long as you keep adding up little victories, you will get where you want to go.

I am a little concerned, though, checking out your nutrition tracker, that you seem to be staying around 1k calories a day. That seems awfully low. I hope that you are at least taking a multi vitamin, if you plan to keep your intake that low. As bigger people, we really can eat more and still lose weight, especially if we concentrate on whole foods. I set my nutrition tracker to "share" if you want to look at it. Not saying that what I'm doing is "right" but it feels sustainable, for me. We are doing this to take care of ourselves, not torture ourselves to a lower weight. :-)

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WILSHAR7 1/27/2012 3:16PM

    When most people start a weight loss program, the 1st week or so, you lose a lot of excess water. You should only lose about 1 - 2 pounds a week anyway. The slower you lose it, the more likely it is to stay off. When you make changes in your eating habits and your workout habits, you need to do the same thing for a couple of weeks so that they become a HABIT! And HEALTHY HABITS at that!! Use the nutrition tracker to keep track of everything you put in your mouth. Use the other trackers too! They all will help you every day!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CARRKM 1/27/2012 3:06PM

  Don't get frustrated! The weight always pours off the first week or two, then slows down to 1 - 2 lbs per week. That is perfectly normal AND healthy! Hang in there!

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