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Doctor's Visit Update

Sunday, October 05, 2014

So why am I just now posting on last Tuesday's doctor's visit? Well, negotiating the healthcare system isn't a straightforward as it used to be.

First I had to find a new doctor, since the old one fired me. I pulled up a list of doctors in my plan, and discovered that even though I had specified doctors treating diabetes, the first listings that came up were for psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral therapists. This makes sense in context of what followed.

After editing out pediatricians, pulmonologists, immunologists and a host of other irrelevant specialties, I had list of possibilities, and proceeded to call them. No surprise that the listing was way out of date; doctors listed as accepting new patients either are no longer accepting new patients, have left the practice or have retired.

Eventually I found one who was fairly new to her particular practice, confirmed that she did accept my insurance plan and I was able to make an appointment. Good, so far.

So I called my insurance plan to inform them that I had a new Primary Care Manager. After going around their voice-mail program twice -- "If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911. If this is a mental health emergency, press # now." -- I'm beginning to see why they're pushing mental health services.

Finally, I get a real live person and explain that I need to change my PCM, and give him the name of the person I'm scheduled to see. Oops! Not all doctors on their listing are acceptable as Primary Care Physicians, but the website DOESN'T TELL YOU THAT! By this time I'm almost ready for that Mental Health Emergency option. Fortunately, the young man -- God bless you, Mark -- did some further checking and found out that the head of the practice is a registered PCM. So my primary care manager is a doctor I may never actually see.

I saw the new doctor on Tuesday, and she's quiet-spoken, seems knowledgeable, listens carefully and even took notes of what I said. She wanted to run some tests and tweak one of my medications to see if we could get it working better. For the first time in twenty years, I didn't walk out of a doctor's appointment feeling like a total failure. So, on to the lab to get blood drawn.

You know it's not that easy, right? The front office people who were supposed to fax over the request for blood work, hadn't. So the lab tech called and they said they'd fax it over right away. We waited another half hour, then the tech called again, and the office was closed. An hour wasted sitting there, and since they also wanted a urine sample, that was an hour sitting there with a full bladder.

Wednesday I called to remind the front office girls that they still needed to fax the lab request in, but I wouldn't be able to get in to have the blood drawn until Friday since I live fifty miles away. "So, what do you wanna do?" she asked. Oh, lady, don't ask; you really don't want to know what homicidal thoughts are rolling through my mind at this point.

Wednesday is grocery shopping day, so i stopped off to pick up my prescriptions as well, and got home to discover that the doctor hadn't made the dosage change we'd talked about.

So Friday morning in addition to having the blood drawn, I stopped off at the doctor's office to remind them of the change. "Doctor probably won't be able to call it in until late this afternoon." Sure enough, I was nearly home, seven miles past the pharmacy we use, when she called to tell me the prescription was ready. Made another trip, twenty-five miles, on Saturday to get my adjusted meds.

That Mental Health Emergency option is looking mighty good about now.

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SPARKASAURUS 10/9/2014 1:10AM


Sorry, but you were funny!

Keep that sense of humor, sister, you're gonna need it emoticon

Sorry that was such a PITA for you.


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FEEDTHEHUNGER 10/7/2014 6:04AM

    Due to various factors beyond our control, now every visit to a healthcare professional turns into an opera.

Ugh. I have been there many times this past couple of years.

Comment edited on: 10/7/2014 6:05:26 AM

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APPLEPIEAPPLE 10/6/2014 7:41PM

    LOL, So sorry you are having issues but I can relate to the Mental Health Emergency options. I hope this doctor works well for you AND with you. Living miles from doctors, pharmacies, and stores is a challenge. I used to live like that in WV. Now I live in a small rural town where most things I might need I can walk to if needed. I get the best of both worlds, country and city. I also get hit with more taxes! LOL.

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Doctor's Visit on Wednesday

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The visit started off with the usual, "So, how's your diet?" and deteriorated from there. Mind you, the last three visits have been for stomach problems last August, heart irregularities in January, and a severely bruised and swollen knee last April from a bad fall. None of these have been followed up on -- just "How's your diet?"

This man, who calls himself an osteopath and a hands on healer literally never touched me during the whole visit; didn't listen to my heart, take my pulse, or even shake my hand on entering the room, wasn't even facing me during much of our conversation.

He "doesn't remember" making the remark about me eating an entire chocolate cake, didn't deny that he might have said it, but didn't apologize for it. Instead he asked me it I was so insulted by it, why I had continued to come back.

He asked me if I was AT LEAST willing to take an A1C test, and I told him no, because in four and a half years, he had never given me copies of my lab results, even though I had asked. He denied this as well, saying he would never refuse to give someone a copy of their results.

Bottom line is he "fired" me as a patient, and told me he would send me a letter stating he was no longer my physician. So I'm now shopping for a new primary health care doctor in my insurance plan, preferably someone I can actually talk to.

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SPARKASAURUS 9/19/2014 7:53AM

    Seriously, your doctor sounds like a douchebag. Hopefully the next one has a better bedside manner. Or at least acts a little professional!

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INFLATED 9/13/2014 2:38PM

    I think I would report him (I don't know to whom) since he doesn't interact with his patients, nor seem to care about them.

I have terrible problems staying on track when faced with foods I like. My husband and son eat processed and junk food, tons of sweets and snack food items. My doctor suggested Tic Tacs as a low-calorie alternative and is patient with me.

I am here for you to try to encourage you. It is knowing that people here want me to succeed that gives me the only incentive I have at times. I want to succeed too, but I give in to temptation far too often.

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APPLEPIEAPPLE 8/18/2014 10:13AM

    I hope you find someone who can relate to you. Instead of letting him "fire" you, why don't you call the health care provider tell them your shopping for a new provider and explain to them why you were unsatisfied with the one they offered? Do not let him label you when you have done nothing wrong.

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Dreading Wednesday

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I called yesterday to make a doctor's appointment. When the girl asked the reason for the appointment, I told her it was my annual visit so that the doctor could yell at me for 20 minutes then renew the prescriptions that aren't working for me anymore. Unfortunately, it's true.

My doctor absolutely loathes diabetics, sees it as a self-inflicted disease like drug addiction, and believes that lecturing will make me "see the light" and stop being diabetic, or at least get it under tight control. The first visit to him, he told me not to expect to eat a whole chocolate cake and then come to him to adjust my insulin. Obviously, diabetics are gluttons, in his eyes, and would cheerfully eat a whole cake just to spite him. BTW, I'm not on insulin, and never have been.

He had also asked for a 3 week food log, which I gave him, and the only thing he took note of was that the previous day I'd had a hot dog from the local convenience store while I was doing laundry at the laundromat. "I suppose it came on a bun." Well, yeah, they usually do. otherwise the mustard drips down your hand and makes a mess.

OTOH, when I asked him how many calories a day I should be aiming for, he gave me a song-and-dance about how it "depends on the individual." Likewise, when he told me no heavy lifting, I got the same routine, and had to literally scream at him to give me a freaking number. He finally decided no more than 20 pounds.

No matter what I go to see him about, he invariably turns the conversation to diabetes, as if there were nothing more to me than a defective pancreas, or as if my diabetes were somehow the root cause of a bleeding scalp wound or twisted ankle. He has never followed up on the tests he ordered except for the blood glucose and A1C, and made no reference to the results of the colonoscopy he ordered, in fact, hadn't even read the test results when they came in. .

I dread my appointments with him, and usually walk out feeling lower than whale turds. I asked about changing doctors, but was basically told that all doctors hate diabetics. So it's going to be a rough week.

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INFLATED 8/15/2014 5:09AM

    My primary care doctor chewed me out about a month ago saying I wanted to go on insulin (4 shots a day). I told her I didn't want to go on insulin, I wanted to quit taking all of the meds I am on. She sent me to a nutritionist at an endocrinology office. In the meantime, I had to find a new OB/GYN doctor because mine had retired. He was himself a diabetic and told me about this book, The End of Diabetes by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. I haven't read all of it yet. I know the OB/GYN doctor spoke with me for at least a half an hour about diabetes before he did the PAP smear. He saw my medic alert bracelet and that was what started the conversation. I felt like he really cared about my whole body and helping me to get back to health.

The End of Diabetes has a strict diet of mainly raw vegetables, fruit and legumes. I am to the point of being willing to do it if it would get me off of pills for blood pressure, Metformin for diabetes and lower my cholesterol. The new OB/GYN doctor told me not to tell my primary care doctor that he recommended this book. We treat the symptoms of diabetes, high blood glucose, and not the cause.

Please don't feel I am telling you how to run your life, I am not. I just thought I would pass this information along if you want to look into it. I had some chest pain and my primary prescribed another pill-a coated baby aspirin. Now I take 17 pills a day! I want to take control any way I can and reduce this number.

I hope you have a good Friday and a good weekend. I wouldn't let this jerk spoil it for you. Hugs and prayers!

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FROSTY99 8/14/2014 5:30PM

    I would have been on the hunt for another dr a long time ago. My DH #1 was diabetic and I have a diabetic granddaughter and never ever would have tolerated a dr this rude. Even back the 70's & 80's when they didn't know as much about diabetes he always had understanding and compassionate care. One dr would stay on the phone with me so I could give him his insulin shot when he was so sick he couldn't do it. Now Makayla has a great doc. She was diagnosed when she was 5-did she do that to herself-think not, it was just in the genes.
I really, really hope you can find a dr who doesn't make you feel like this.

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JUNEAU2010 8/14/2014 3:09PM

    My primary docs have that same kind of response to me. not diabetic, I am morbidly obese with a handicap! Demotivating, for sure!

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BUTTONPOPPER1 8/12/2014 10:16PM

    Well, what a rude you-know-what your doctor is! No wonder you dread appointments with him. It must be really hard to maintain your dignity and good manners while listening to his tirades. It raised my blood pressure just to read your story! I think that what he hates is not diabetics but his job and himself. His behavior has nothing to do with you, and I agree with Sparkasaurus that you should not let him affect your mood in any way, if at all possible! What a bully.

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SPARKASAURUS 8/12/2014 8:02AM

    That's BS. But I know what you mean-I was in training the other day on behavioral issues. and the teacher kept using diabetics eating sweets as their example of how people exhibit negative behavior. I was like wtf?? We're talking about kids bashing their own heads in, and you're using someone eating a cookie as your example??

I'd find a new doctor. As TRIXY said, he works for you, not the other way around. If you're working on it, he should be more supportive. At the very least, he shouldn't be rude.

emoticon don't let someone with a bad bedside manner ruin your week!!

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APPLEPIEAPPLE 8/11/2014 10:36AM

    I would see if you can find a doctor who HAS diabetes. Contrary to common thought, doctors do the same stuff and have the same issues we all have. Personally, I feel diabetes may be triggered by the massive amount of changes to our food the food industry has made. You rarely heard about it or obesity until manufactures began adding preservatives to our food so they would not loose profit. Sugar is additive and is probably one of the most synthetics types added to our food. When we mess too much with nature, it fights back.

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    I think you should still change your doctor. This guy sounds really really rude. He shouldn't be talking to you like that. HE works FOR YOU, not the other way around.

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Saw the cardiologist on Wednesday, and she put me on a blood pressure medicine which lowered my blood pressure way too much -- 106/57 -- leaving me feeling unfocused and woozy. Called on Friday and didn't get a call back. Meanwhile, my blood sugars are going over-the-top crazy; no answers there either.

Slept until 7 a.m. and Hubby had a fit, because he fed the goats alone -- his choice -- because, he says, I "chose" to sleep late and ignore my responsibilities to the poor goats, who depend on us, and if that's the way I feel about them, what does he need me for? So I'm basically lazy and worthless because I need extra sleep right now.

Unfortunately, this cut to the heart. I'm not pretty, or smart, well-educated or wealthy. All I have going for me is being useful, and apparently if I can't get up at 6:30, nothing else I can do counts toward anything.

Right now I don't even want to speak to him, except out of necessity I cry every time I think about it.

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INFLATED 8/15/2014 5:20AM

    I find that when my sugar is up, I sleep like I am in a coma. I don't hear the phone, when the timer on the oven goes off or anything including the clock radio. Maybe you could let him read this for himself.

Stress can affect our blood glucose. My Dad would cuss when anyone of us got hurt and it was because he didn't know what to do to fix it.

My husband gets upset with me too, if he feels that I haven't done much during the day. After this scare with chest pains, he hasn't said a word.

You are of value, God doesn't make junk. If your blood pressure goes too low, you can pass out so I am glad your husband took care of the goats.

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PINKPANTHERS 5/4/2014 1:29PM

    Sounds like hubby needs to remove his foot from his mouth, after he removes his head from his butt! I hope he I just scared for you and not handling it well. You are valuable, and having health issues does not in any way make you less valuable. You have to focus on your health right now, and let him deal with the goats. Don't let this get you down, rest and take care of you and worry about your health first. Maybe a reminder of the sickness and health vows is in order. emoticon Sending positive thoughts and blessings your way. Hope the Dr. calls you back and gets this straightened out for you! emoticon

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MCVEEGIRL 5/3/2014 6:12PM

    ((((Hugs)))) Don't feel bad. Every person has great worth and so do you. It sounds like you needed the rest so please don't take to heart what your husband said (It sounds like he spoke without thinking). Health issues can take a toll on our bodies so please take good care of yourself.

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SKIMBRO 5/3/2014 5:34PM

    emoticon I feel so sad and sorry for your situation.

But you are not worthless. You are very valuable and I understand your medical situation as most of us on Sparkpeople do. That is why were are here. emoticon

Your husband may be going through his own coping/uncoping skills right now and everyone deals with stress differently. What I have found is that many times our spouses do not know how to deal with our medical situations...especially when they do not know how to help us. emoticon

I pray that your situation get better and that your husband will find understanding and learn how to help you. emoticon

He may be scared, angry, etc., because you are sick. He could be feeling helpless himself and it is coming out negatively towards you. emoticon

Remember, if no one loves should love you. emoticon

If no one cares for should care for you. emoticon

If no one understands should understand you. emoticon

Keep checking in to Sparkpeople and taking care of yourself. emoticon

God Bless You! emoticon

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VICKI-B-N-FLA 5/3/2014 5:28PM

  I'm so sorry he put you down like that. Hopefully the doctor will call you and get your meds straightened out. You need to take care of you right at this point. Let him take care of the goats!!! emoticon

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Medical Update

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saw the doctor yesterday. He said my heart is skipping roughly one out of every three beats -- not good. He has to get permission from my insurance company for me to have an EKG and Holter monitor, since he doesn't do anything like that in-house so it may take several weeks to get approval from the insurance company, plus who-knows-how-long to get an appointment with the cardiologist. Welcome to "managed care." Then depending on what they find, possibly echocardiogram and stress test. Beyond that, who knows?

Meanwhile, he says "No heavy lifting" but doesn't define "heavy." Fifty pounds? Twenty? So I guess cutting down trees is out for now. emoticon

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INFLATED 8/15/2014 5:26AM

    Have you had the stress test and echocardiogram yet? I go for a treadmill stress test next week and the echocardiogram the following week. My Mom had heart disease and A-fib and when my Dad was at West Virginia University Hospital, we were told he only had 3 heart valves. The cardiologist thinks what I had was related to digestion, but with the family history, he is going to check the heart valves and the stress test will reveal angina.

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APPLEPIEAPPLE 1/29/2014 9:52AM

    Take it easy. All will work out.

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JUNEAU2010 1/28/2014 3:45PM

    I hope you're right as rain asap!

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FROSTY99 1/28/2014 2:51PM

    Hope it doesn't take that long to get things approved. Praying all will stay stable while all these issues are ironed out.

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AJB121299 1/28/2014 2:14PM

    Feel better

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