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My first time coming in last...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Yesterday was race with my grandchildren day, and it was awesome. The first was a 5k with my granddaughter. The decision to run it was made the night before. But it was like a practice run for my granddaughter because in three weeks we will be doing a chip timed race.

It was a small group, and judging from the conversations and appearance of the others, it looked like the group consisted of high school and competitive runners. This translates into my granddaughter and I took the tail end within the first tenth of a mile.

My granddaughter turned around and saw no one running behind us. I said, "Yes, we are last." Then she took off running, too fast for me to keep up. So, there I was trailing behind my granddaughter. For the first two miles, I was not sure if her motivation was not to be last or to beat me at the finish line.

She did not have the endurance to keep up the pace and I caught up with her at the end of mile 2 and we ran/walked the last mile. (She became a bit shy at the final stretch and tried to hide behind me. )

I usually look at previous times before I sign up for a race and then join if it seems like I won't be the last one coming in. But, you know what? I did not care this race. It was not a bad feeling coming in last because my granddaughter had a great time. She beat her mother's 5k time by almost 2 minutes and her previous time by over 7 minutes.

It wasn't my best time, but it was a good run for me because I pushed myself so I could keep up with my granddaughter in the beginning. I knew it was too fast of a start for me, but I could have ran faster that last mile, but I could not leave my granddaughter behind.

After the 5k, there was a kid's fun run and my grandson wanted to run it. He is not quite three and I think he is beginning to love to race. I know he likes to run with grandma but yesterday, I realized he is actually understanding the concept of racing.

The distance was about .45 miles and he ran the whole distance, even after he tripped and fell and skinned his knees. He just got right back up and continued to run. What a lesson for me! Despite what some would call a failure, he just got right back up and continued on. There was no moment of self-pity or poor me. He did not even take time to brush off his knees. Although he did need some comfort because we ran hand in hand for a short while.

He understood that he had to run to the finish line and run he did...

The one thing I like about running races is finishing each one is an accomplishment in itself. Sure, it is nice to have a new PR but constantly striving for a new PR each and every time takes the fun out of it. Being last in not a bad thing, but giving up and feeling sorry for yourself is.

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ELIZRN 8/27/2012 4:07PM

  Terrific lessons taught & learned....for all of us!!

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MIRAGE727 8/27/2012 12:38PM

    I love this and I live it! Thanks for sharing!

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CIRANDELLA 8/27/2012 12:38PM

    What an adorable little guy! And you're a pretty wonderful grandmother, too :) Keep on running; it's fantastic that you're able to do this!! emoticon

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ROSET491 8/27/2012 11:11AM

    What a great Grandma you are!! How fun for you to be able to do a race with her no matter where you finish!!


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LIVNFITNHAPPY 8/27/2012 10:52AM

    Thanks for sharing! Wonderful story and great lesson for us all!

You know, there really is no such thing as Last.
You are way ahead of me. There will always be someone "ahead" of us and someone "behind" us in anything we do.

So, glad you had a wonder-filled time with your family!

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LIV2RIDE 8/27/2012 9:17AM

    You might have come in last in the race but in your Granddaughter's eyes you are first. Spending the day with her and running WITH her made all the difference. Congratulations!

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BEACHBUM4LIFE 8/27/2012 8:58AM

    Sounds like it was a wonderful day! It is always great to spend time with family!! Your little grandson is a cutie!!

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JANEMARIE77 8/27/2012 8:36AM

    wonderful times thanks for sharing

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Granddaughter's (10 years old) 5k finish

Monday, August 27, 2012

This race was a last minute decision. It was a small group and the other runners were a bit faster then my granddaughter and I. So, we took the tail end almost from the start. Despite that, it was a PB for my granddaughter and she beat her mother's best time.
Time: 34:36

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YOYONOMORE1 8/27/2012 7:30PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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Determined to run

Monday, August 27, 2012

My grandson is not quite 3, but he is loving starting to "race". He did a fun run yesterday and is so proud of himself for his accomplishment. And what a runner he was. The distance was about .45 miles (according to my garmin) an he ran the whole distance. He started to look tired and when I asked him if he wanted to walk, he shook his head. He was determined to run.



I still cannot fit into my skinny jeans

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last year I purchased the smallest size in jeans that I can remember for my adult life. Even with the vanity sizing, it was small. But, this year I cannot get those things past my hips.

It must be that when I was going to the laundermat last winter that the dryer must have shrunk them. emoticon

I honestly do not know if I will ever get them back on. I took my measurements today and, if I recall correctly, I am about the same size. I weigh about 5 pounds more than I did back then. However, after I had an 8 pound weight gain this spring (courtesy of Peanut Buster Parfaits from the Dairy Queen), I got serious about getting rid of the extra pounds. I started strength training.

So, it must be I am gaining muscle. emoticon

I have no clue as to whether or not I'll ever get back into those jeans but I do know now that I am exercising more days of the week, I feel a lot better. Also, I am cutting back on my morning coffee and am noticing that I am sleeping better than before.

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CIRANDELLA 8/20/2012 9:37PM

    Never mind those jeans...they're never the barometer of who we are - or who we're becoming - in life. Dryers are such mean things, aren't they? Grrrr... but CONGRATULATIONS emoticon emoticon emoticon on building that muscle!! THERE'S a real accomplishment, one which will serve both you - AND your health! - well. And, I just nominated you as a motivational member, because you ARE! Spark on!!

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LIV2RIDE 8/19/2012 9:10PM

    What a great year! emoticon

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    My dryer tends to shrink my clothes, too (lol). I agree that maybe it's muscle - toss those jeans!

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1954MARG 8/19/2012 9:37AM

  If you are a healthy weight and feel well, ditch the jeans. It is better to reach and maintain a realistic and healthy goal than to set yourself a goal that is unachievable and then beat yourself up about it. Buy yourself a pair of jeans that fit how you are and use them as your fit-me measure instead.

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NANADERRICK 8/19/2012 9:35AM


You have a great attitude. and actually it will do your health much more good to gain muscle than to fit into those jeans.

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Naturally Fat-free

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We purchased a huge bag of sugar to be used for bear baiting - on the package it states:
"Naturally fat-free" 15 calories per teaspoon"

A few decades ago, itwas concluded that fat was our problem with the increase of heart disease. So, the food manufactures took fat out of a lot of processed foods and replaced it with sugar. Unfortunately, for most consumers that was just replacing one evil with another. So, while sugar may be naturally fat-free, that does not make it a better food (if you can call it food since it is empty calories, devoid of nutrition).

What do you think, does being "naturally fat-free" make it a good food choice?

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CIRANDELLA 8/20/2012 9:39PM

    Nope, I think it's all about the big picture. In other words, I think about the nutrients, fat, salt, and other factors as well, when thinking about what to eat. I'm also of the mindset that anything's okay to eat, though some foods should be eaten sparingly and only very occasionally. That strategy has really helped me in my own struggle, I know...

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BRENDARUN 8/15/2012 6:46AM

    I agree with what everyone is saying about "catch phrases" that seem to lure in the consumer. Sugar, in moderation, probably isn't too bad for you, and probably better than a lot of the artifical sugars.

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FRAN0426 8/14/2012 6:48PM

    Food manufacturwea like to use these words hoping we the consumers will buy their mumbo jumbo----thank goodness many of us are smartening up

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    emoticon is naturally fat free. emoticon

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ELPHABABLUE 8/14/2012 12:59PM

    We're so tuned into the "fat-free," "lite," and "low calorie" schtick. Ingredient lists keep getting longer and we keep getting fatter. I truly believe that the America's "weight problem" is a result of a looser definition of what constitutes food.

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LIV2RIDE 8/14/2012 10:28AM

    I personally don't buy items that are "fat free" or any other catch phrase. I tend to stick with real fruits, veggies, beans etc. I'll take the natural fat of homemade nut butter or an avocado. YUMMY!

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QUEEN-EYDIE 8/14/2012 10:26AM

    I'll take my fat free stuff in the form of fruits and vegetables and grains and beans; except for lovely full fat avocadoes!

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DOLLFACEDX 8/14/2012 9:57AM

    I believe we've over-hyped the 'fat-free'. . .reduced fat intake is a good thing but is not the full solution to the problem of overweight. I've learned I need to be watching it all - especially the carbs. . .matter of fact, watching carbs over fat and cals has resulted in some good weight loss for me.

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