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Still at it

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am still continuing with my half marathon trainig, but the days are mixed up a bit now that I am starting school. Plus it is cold here in MN and so it back to the gym. Treadmill running is so boring.

A lot of people say running on a treadmill is easier than running outside, but I find the opposite to be true. I have much slower times on the treadmill, even slower than when I run on the sandy, gravel roads near where I live. I think a lot of it because I have this fear of being distracted on the treadmill and missing my step and well, you know what may happen.

School work is taking a lot of my time. Accounting class and Business Math. My brain is getting weekly workouts.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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HBOWATCH 1/18/2012 10:36PM

    Good for you continuing the training. I've got to agree about treadmill running being boring. Maybe you can find some good pod casts to listen to instead of just the blaring music in the gym?

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LIV2RIDE 1/18/2012 12:10PM

    Life sure does get hectic! I'm sure you will make it happen!

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Enjoyed some spring-like weather and about my runs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday and Tuesday were beautiful here in Minnesota. I took advantage of it and went for a 5-mile on each day. I started Monday's run a bit late and it got dark too fast, I get nervous running at dusk because of the critters. One year, when I was running at that particular time, I turned around to see if any cars were coming and I saw a bear crossing the road. But this year, it is the canine tracks on the road that worry me. So, hubby met me on the last mile and followed mein the car. So, note to self: leave earlier.

Yesterdays run was a good one; I used a track from Motion Traxx with coaching from Jeff Galloway using the 1:1 format. The music was enjoyable, sometimes that techno progrogressive house music gets on my nerves. My run were run well and I walked at a brisk pace. Usually when I walk I forget what I am doing and end up strolling along looking at the scenery. But I stayed focused. It took me about an hour to do both runs.

I am thinking if my speed doesn't improve over the next few months, I may be looking at a 3 hour + time for my half marathon in April. But I am trying not to think abut speed, because I think it will be more important to work on increasing my distance as the weeks go by.

My eating habits can be improved (I gave in to temptation and bought some Newman-O's, which I might add, taste soooooo much better than Oreo's) That Nike Training Club routine is still giving me sore muscles when I do it so I will stick with that one for a few more weeks before I move on. I am maintaining my weigth within my range, but noticed pounds were up but body fat % was down - so, I'm not complaining.

It is starting to snow now and I think old man winter is rearing his head once again. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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LIV2RIDE 1/11/2012 4:18PM

    I had to have my hubby come rescue me this past weekend too. Thank God for good men! Good job on your runs. I'm glad the weather has been cooperating with you so you can get outside.

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HBOWATCH 1/11/2012 11:40AM

    What a shock seeing that bear must have been(shutter). Seems like you're doing great with your training. Good job.

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Starting my 4th week of Half marathon training

Monday, January 09, 2012

I am starting week 4 of my training and the mileage is going to start adding up so my focus needs to be on sticking with the plan now.

I did some figuring with the magic mile using what I had run in the past and am thinking that maybe the 2:30 time is a bit unrealistic for me. So I am adjusting it to a longer finish time. But who knows, I have not yet done the magic mile with this plan yet and I might improve my time. I am not scheduled to do the magic miles until March. That gives me two months to work on my endurance and stamina - notice I did not say speed. Speed is NOT my focus. I just want to finish and finish strong.


I am going back to school

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I am going to start classes tomorrow. I had been planning to go back to school but kept putting it off and last week, I decided to "Just Do It". I registered at the last minute and the counsler did everything in her power to get me registered. Just a couple of the classes I wanted to take were open so I was limited in what I could take.

I am glad that I am taking 2 instead of 5 - much less stress and since it is really an almost last minute decision, I'll be able to still focus on the other things I am doing now.

I am looking forward to it, at least now I'll have a sense of organization in my life (for the mornings anyways)

So, I may not be as active on Spark People but I'll still be thinking about you all and wishing you all the best success

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LIV2RIDE 1/8/2012 8:14PM

    Good for you for going after a dream! Good luck!

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363237 1/8/2012 7:58PM

    Good for you! I wish you much success with your education. It will be a great experience. emoticon

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Did great til 7pm

Thursday, January 05, 2012

So, yesterday, I decided to focus on Michael Pollan's advice to "eat food, not too much, mostly plants". I had oatmeal with fruit, flaxseed and almonds for breakfast. Post run, a cup of homemade minestrone soup. For lunch, I had a vegetable stir fry at a Thai restaurant (little oil and sauce) with white rice.

So, far so good. I was eating food, not too much and mostly plants. I did mindlessly eat the mints that came with check at the restaurant. We went to Barnes and Noble after lunch and I did well staying out of the Starbucks there and resisted the chocolate chip cookies. Also, I did not buy the Godiva chocolate bars as I paid for my books and magazines.

I even noticed that I felt different, lighter for that matter. Does digesting food make one feel heavier? Since my family is on a no junk food challenge, I stayed away from the snack bar at Sam's Club even though I wanted to have a milk shake for on the way home. I resisted the urge to stop at the DQ for a sugar rush halfway home.

Wow! you might be thinking I did so well yesterday. WRONG! We arrived home about 7 pm and I was getting hungry (It must be a real workout resisiting all that junk food). I decided to eat the apple I was carrying around with me all day, just in case. I should have stopped with that, but decided to have some toast. I ended up eating 6 slices. I am not happy with my decision to eat 6 slices of bread, mainly because the first 2 satisfied me and I did not "need" to eat the other 4.

That is something I need to work on - stop eating when I am satisfied. I have a tendency to eat more than I should at a sitting. I need to keep in mind the sensation I had in the morning and afternoon when I ate just enough to be satisfied and did not overeat.

Let's see how I do today....

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LIV2RIDE 1/5/2012 11:09AM

    I'm much the same way with bread. I could eat a whole loaf in 2 days. I have to freeze it and make it so much of an effort that I often don't go to it anymore. I now will take out only what I want, put it in the toaster oven and then eat it. I don't like going all the way out to the garage to get stuff out of the freezer so it's helping me stay away from the bread. Good luck today! emoticon

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