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Not letting stoopid keep me from seeing my strength

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One of the things I love about SP is how supportive and positive people are.  So far, I haven't run into the sniping or negativity that you often see on Internet sites and that is really impressive.  In addition to all I am learning here, I also really appreciate the positive atmosphere and people.  

Today, I went to one of my company's offices that I don't get to very often.  It has been two or three months since I was last there, and I am down at least a couple of sizes since then.  A number of people were very complimentary about how I look, which is of course gratifying.

But what did I leave that office thinking about?  The coworker who exclaimed to me, "Wow, I didn't realize how bowlegged you are!"

Just what a girl wants to hear.  :-/

At my age, I tend to blow off stupid comments and this guy's comment was stupid with a Capital S and two oo's.  The reason this incident bugged me so much isn't just because I am not thrilled to be bowlegged, but the reason for being that way.  As I told my coworker, it was due to my severe arthritis but thanks for noticing.   

He later said some other dumb comment and I am going to guess that he has some problem with me.  


Today wasn't a great day at work for a few different reasons and I let that guy get to me for a couple hours.  He had me thinking about my flaws and weaknesses, of which I have, just like any person.  In particular,  I started feeling bad about my knees and my diagnosis.

The good news is my bad mood did not translate into any bad choices for eating.  The better news is I have come out of my bad mood and am back to focusing on my goals and all that is going well for me.  Two of those things are my legs, bowlegged and arthritic knees regardless.  Those legs take me on brisk hour long walks every morning.  On the weekend, I make every effort to walk on the beach for two or three hours, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I ride my exercise bide with those legs, working up a sweat I appreciate even if I find the actual exercise pretty boring.  I do step aerobics and Zumba, which I enjoy.  

Those legs are pillars of strength and have been integral to helping me lose over 160 lbs since March 2011.  Amazing legs.  I am not going to feel bad about them because of some stoopid comment.   

So I am glad I thanked him for noticing.  And thankful I have the true support of many people in my life.  I am happy with my strong legs that take me where I want to go and carry me to each goal I set for myself.

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SANDYBREIT 9/21/2012 2:27PM

It sounds like your legs are working one heck of a lot better than your coworker's brain is!

Well done on being able to focus on the positive comments and the positives about yourself

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BGAIL521 9/20/2012 10:36PM

    You are doing awesome and should be proud of everything you have accomplished! I love SP also because of the support of those who are going through the same things I am! Sounds like you handled your stoopid coworker just fine! You and your legs are doing great! You are apparently very active! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JACKIE542 9/20/2012 10:34PM

    You go girl!!! Really happy you didn't let him win by making poor choices in your eating. Good job. emoticon emoticon

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The Moving Target of Maintenance

Saturday, September 15, 2012

So, today is the start of Week 3 of Maintenance for me. When I first began losing weight over 18 months ago, I didn't even have a clear goal in mind other than at over 300 lbs I needed to lose weight. I finally found my commitment due to a few different health concerns and the weight came off steadily with only a few plateaus.

Then I began to formulate goals -- pretty vague ones at first. 200 lbs might be ok for me, I thought. I'd like to be below 200 by New Year's. And I was. Or 180. Anything less than a size 16 probably isn't maintainable, I later figured. Ok, size 14 seems to be an easy weight for me and then on it went.

The more weight I loss, the more activity I did, the more I clarified my goals. Finally, I settled on a goal of 150 which was about what I weighed the last time I had been at a healthy weight, even though it was 10 lbs over the BMI upper limit for healthy or average weight at my height. The heck with them, I thought. I look fine at 150. My blood pressure has gone from being barely controlled to almost too low at times. My physical endurance is great. The only thing limiting my activity is the arthritis in my knees. Plus, at my age, going much lower probably wouldn't be attractive what with wrinkles and sagging skin. 150, it is.

Then I thought, as I sat on a plateau through most of August, watching my weight move UP two lbs for NO reason I could discover (I was totally keeping in my calorie range and exercising persistently), I had better lower my goal a bit to accommodate these fluctuations.

So I settled on 147 as the top limit of my weight range but was strangely silent (given my at times obsessive nature) on what would be my lower range. On September 1st, 2012, I hit 147. I was officially in Maintenance. And it was a three day holiday weekend! Happiness!

In the past two weeks since entering Maintenance, I have lost over 5 more lbs. After a plateau, my body tends to lose weight at a good clip and I always do what I can to encourage that sort of attitude. ;-) I am now only 1.6 lbs over what that darn BMI chart says would be a healthy weight. Totally doable. So now I have again revised my goal to 137, but my secret goal is 135 so I will be that much more likely to stay in the healthy, if high end, of the BMI chart.

The BMI chart isn't perfect, of course. Chosen weight goals are just numbers. Same with clothes sizes, though there you have to wonder if the Size 6 or 8 is really a10 or 12. The most important thing for me, is to concentrate on the actions and the results will follow. There may be frustrating times like the three plateaus I hit over the past year and a half. And there are measurements other than the scale that I need to remember. Inches lost. How clothes fit. New sizes. Better health and higher quality of life. But goals are still helpful, even when they are vague and easy so as to be attainable like my original thoughts on what I wanted to achieve. Those vague goals led me to the point that I am aiming for a weight I haven't been in 30 years.

So 137 (135) here I come. Or not. I decided if I hit another plateau, I'm not going to get frustrated. Hopefully that will come after I sneak past 140, but either way, I plan to live the healthy life, stay in my calories, and keep active. The moving targets are just part of the fun of maintenance now.

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WILLOWBROOK5 9/15/2012 4:30PM

    Thanks so much, Marsha! Not sure why it took me until age 52 to figure out that maintenance is just like losing, except more so in some ways. Amazing how simple yet profound that is. Glad I finally learned that! :-)

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SLENDERELLA61 9/15/2012 2:41PM

    You are doing FANTASTIC!!! I also found once getting to my "goal" that a lower and healthier goal weight was achievable. Congrats on all you have achieved.

And more than that, congratulations on attaining the attitude you need to live life at your healthy weight from now on. You are doing it!! Maintenance is just the same as losing (tracking, exercise, water, good sleep, setting goals and rewarding yourself)only with a little more food.

"Concentrate on action and results will follow!" You know it!! Very profound. When we aim for healthy habits and take action, we achieve and stay at a healthy weight. We can do it!!! Thanks for your comment on my jock blog today, too. -Marsha

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