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Make Halloween Fun and Safe for Kids

Monday, October 27, 2008

With Halloween approaching, this is a time to remind everyone about how to keep your kidís safe and healthy.

First, donít allow your kids to have free reign to eat all of the candy they collect while trick-or-treating. Teach them to separate their cache. Learning portion control is an important lesson for kids to learn, particularly with the obesity problems facing many children. Developing good habits while young is a lesson that will serve kids well into adulthood.

Second, be sure your childís costume is flame resistant. These type of costumes have labels that lets you know that they are treated or made with material that do not easily burn. Also, talk with your children about safety measures, and tell them to fall to the ground and roll. It is a good idea to practice this beforehand. The ďStop, Drop, and RollĒ technique is one that can save their lives, and if they practice it, they will be better prepared if they should ever need to do it for real.

Third, even though many smart parents will go with their children (or entrust them with other responsible parties) while trick-or-treating, it is very easy for the children to become separated. Sew your childís name (and your own name) and contact information on the inside of the costume, letting your child know that it is there.

Fourth, stress to kids about being alert to strangers. Halloween is a popular time for child predators to abduct or harm children. Arm your children with knowledge without scaring them. If you need help, visit the Web site of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. There are many resources on the site to help parents and other caregivers to keep their children safe. Take a moment and surf through the pages; these are helpful not just at Halloween, but all year long - both on the Internet and in the real world too:


Halloween is meant to be fun for kids. Exercising a few measures up front can help ensure it is fun, healthy, and safe for kids of all ages.

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TRAVELINGARTGAL 10/29/2008 10:51AM

    These are all great tips! I do not have kids, but i have a 3 year old niece who loves candy (of course what child doesn't). I am going to mention to my brother about portion control, and teaching her a fun way to separate her candy.......child hood obesity is something that adults should be able to change...i am hoping parents will be smart with their children's candy, and like you said teach them early about portion control!

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ASH72461 10/28/2008 7:31AM

  great advice
i'm very glad you said put their names on the inside ,that way no strangers will see it and use it to thier advantage emoticon

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LIVINHEALTHY9 10/27/2008 8:05PM

    Great tips, Will

Thanks for the reminders about Halloween Safety.

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DEEANN8 10/27/2008 1:25PM

    emoticonGreat advice. Thanks for posting.

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Kitchen Helper

Friday, October 24, 2008

If youíre looking for alternate ways of fixing some of your favorite foods, give this a try. It just might surprise you:

Instead of
Cooking with cream
Soy, rice, or almond milk; pureed tofu works well too

Instead of
Cream to thicken soups
Pureed potatoes or vegetables (add water or veggie broth to get your desired thickness)

Oil-based marinades
Citrus juice or flavored vinegar (you can add your own flavor to regular vinegar)

Instead of
Small amounts of olive oil, canola oil, or vegetable broth

Instead of
Cheddar cheese
Soy-based or rice-based cheese substitute

Instead of
White rice
Brown rice, bulgur, kasha, quinoa, whole-wheat couscous

Instead of
Meat or poultry for stir fry
Tofu (extra firm, cubed) or try adding more vegetables

Instead of
Ground beef
Ground finely chopped vegetables; crumbled tofu, tempeh, or soy crumbles; beans

Instead of
Flour and grease (or fat or oils) for making gravy
1 teaspoon of corn starch to about 8 ounces of vegetable broth. Also is good to thicken other liquids, like tomato sauce, stews, soups, etc.

The best ideas are not always something you will find in an expensive book. I find that some of the best ideas youíll use will be things you discover on your own, and most of them will be something simple. The more you do, the more great ideas you will have that will make your kitchen experience better - and HEALTHIER!.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LIVINHEALTHY9 10/24/2008 10:16PM

    Good tips, Will. Thanks!

Comment edited on: 10/24/2008 10:13:56 PM

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    I like the idea about using pureed potatoes in soups! Thanks for sharing!

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DEEANN8 10/24/2008 2:37PM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Go Rays! Thanks for the ideas!

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NATTSO78 10/24/2008 12:26PM

  nice - thanks for the tips!

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Too Much Stress: What Will Happen Next?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You get home from work feeling tired and frustrated because your boss gave you a last minute special project that will require you to work over the weekend. No sooner than you get your foot in the door, your son races to you asking for a snack before dinner and your daughter is upset because the other girls in school excluded her from a small clique. Your spouse dumps on you about a promotion he was passed over and how the person who got it was the bossís nephew. If all that werenít enough, the dog had an accident and pooped on the living room carpet and everyone else in the house is acting as if it didnít happen, leaving you to clean it up.

Stress can come in many shapes and sizes and it affects us all in different ways. If youíre on a quest to improve your health by losing weight, too much stress can adversely impact your progress. The key to a happy and healthy well-being is coping with stress appropriately. The following five tips are things you can do to at any time and in any place to help you push away the stress and tension youíre feeling.

First, take a deep breath. This is not just some exercise in futility. Breathing deeply in and out can have some very therapeutic effects on the level of tension youíre feeling. Close your eyes and deeply breathe in, holding it for 10 seconds before exhaling. Repeat this three times.

Second, make a list of the top three things that are stressing you out. If itís your husband or wife, write it down. If itís your daughter, write it down. If itís your parents, write them down. Instead of merely writing down the name of the person, write down specifically what it is the person has said or done that has made you feel stressed. This takes focus off the person and places it on the behavior.

Third, go for a treat. Grab a small piece of chocolate or some fresh strawberries. Some people keep jelly beans or other sweet candy at their fingertips for those stressful times. If thatís not possible, try a cup of hot tea. You should find something that you can have to take you away from the moment and indulge in a quick pleasure.

Fourth, take a walk. If possible, find a stairwell and walk up and down a flight or two. Exercise helps to boost your adrenaline, which can help knock that stress right out, or if nothing else the exercise may help ease the stress a bit.

If these tips donít work, create some things of your own. Some people draw while others play the piano. When I was a kid, my mom, a self-made part-time seamstress, made her own clothes. When I saw her with a bunch of new outfits, I new she was having a stressful week. You have to find the outlet that helps you deal with your own stress.

The only thing prolonged levels of stress will do is keep your focus away your life, your family, your job. Get rid of the stress so you can put your attention where it is most needed.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MISS_VIV 10/22/2008 10:46AM

    This is a great blog. You did a great job. Something that is VITAL is the deep breathing for relaxation . I am sending this link so people can learn to do it correctly (as far as I know). The page belongs to a close friend of my cousin and I take NO claim to it. Just passing it on because I think it has value. http://www.deepsloweasy.com/html/in

Thanks for your continued motivation.


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BUNNIESFUNNY 10/21/2008 10:15PM


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DEEANN8 10/17/2008 3:06PM

    Very good and very well said.

LOL, I was going to make a joke about 'going for a treat' being one of my problems - LOL. But actually, I find in the afternoons when I'm wearing down and the stress of the job is getting to me, and I THINK I'm hungry -- i can often feel much better just having a cup of hot coffee or tea --just a little something to help me relax.

Anyway... good post. Have a great weekend!

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CUTEPACK 10/15/2008 8:10PM

    People don't know just how much suffering stress can cause in ones life. Taking out a few moments in your life for yourself is the best thing one can do. Life is to precious to be stressed.

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LIVINHEALTHY9 10/14/2008 8:28PM

    What a great blog with a lot of good advice. Thanks, Will

I am someone who usually stresses out pretty easily, but I have noticed since I have gotten back into shape and become more disciplined about exercising, I don't get rattled so easy. It's definitely better health wise.

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NATTSO78 10/14/2008 7:44PM

  good blog my friend - a lot of usefull tips!

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    I take the dog for a walk, or come in my room and watch my recorded soap and get on spark people and I feel better and have more patience for my kids.

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Detox Your Mind

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Earlier this year, Oprah went on a 21-day detox diet. Many people do this from time to time to rid the body of harmful toxins. This can be particularly beneficial to those on a weight loss diet. Impurities can build up in the body and focusing on your eating habits and limiting certain foods or certain groups of foods can be good. There are some products on the market that bill themselves as a detox elixir; however, those are unnecessary and whose safety is questionable. You can have a successful detox just by focusing on foods alone. Oprahís detox diet excluded sugar, gluten, alcohol, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese. But there are many ways to detox the body.

Equally as important for your overall health as well as to charge your weight loss progress is employing strategies to detox your mind. Many people on diets have the wrong mindset. Some people will say, ďIíve tried everything and nothing works.Ē They also may tell you that they cannot lose weight, listing all the different diets they have tried, feeling destined to remain obese forever. Those who think this way are the perfect candidates for a mind detox.

It is their thinking, not the diets they have tried, that is the reason for their lack of success. Their success or failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They tell themselves they canít do it, and thatís exactly what happens. If this is you, here are three simple steps to practice that can help you rid your mind of this type of destructive thinking. If practiced regularly and routinely, this can have some very positive effects on your weight loss progress:

First, decide on a detox period. A week is a good time period because it isnít to long, yet itís long enough to be a challenge. Then everyday for the week, look in your mirror and say uplifting things to yourself. Even if you donít believe it deep inside, tell yourself anyway. Say things like, ďI am beautiful; I have the willpower to lose this weight; I will succeed.Ē Say things like this everyday over and over again all throughout the day. Saying these things everyday will help to flush out those negative thoughts.

Second, pay attention to what you are thinking about yourself. If you find that you are thinking any discouraging thought, stop yourself. Donít allow those thoughts to linger in your mind.

Third, and most important, envision yourself at your desired weight. In your mind, see yourself 10, 15, or 30 pounds lighter. If you were ever at your desired weight and have photographs of yourself, post them around your house as a reminder that you were there before. This can help you focus more stringently.

A mind detox can be helpful if employed on a regular basis. Doing this can really help to improve your physical body. Working on one without working on the other can make your progress twice as difficult. So, give it a try. You might be surprised just how much your own wrong thinking can stifle you.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I agree this is very important to do, it helps everything, your physical, mental and spiritual health!

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TWICETHEMAN 10/10/2008 2:04PM

    I am going to start a week long mind detox, thanks!

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MARYCMCGREGOR 10/9/2008 11:26AM

    I just wanted to thank you for the comments you have left on my blog this week- I really appreciate them!

And I am so glad I decided to read through your blog- you have a lot of wonderful advice to offer. I think detoxing my mind is exactly what I need to do right now. I need to clean my mind of all the "diet" impulses- and start re-introducing the "change" impulses.

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LIVINHEALTHY9 10/8/2008 8:22PM

    What a great blog, Will
I think this mental detox issue is something we all need to work on at one point or another.
It's so easy to fall into a negative frame of mind and self defeating practices.

Thanks for reminding us we can be our own best friend or worst enemy.


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LILSHINE 10/8/2008 1:54PM

    I thank you for that blog. I'm working on that as well. Self doubt and mental sabotage kills us in many areas. Affirming the positive can only improve our lives. Thanks for that reminder!

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CUTEPACK 10/8/2008 9:56AM

    As most people know on this site it has always been hard for me to even look at myself in a mirror let alone tell myself I was beautiful. To some point it still is. Believe it or not I have one mirror in my home and that is in the bathroom. It has always been hard for me to accept compliments.
Reading this and listening to people on sparks tell me that I have done a good job is all the more reason I need to learn to accept the fact and reap the rewards. Great Blog as always.

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MZUNGU-TEMBO 10/8/2008 9:20AM

    This hits the nail on the head. The first change one must make is a mental one. My friend's mother tried a 'detox' of some sort back in the late 1990s and she died in a clinic in Mexico. The fact that it was in a clinic because this type of detox wasn't allowed in USA should have given her pause...but that is neither here nor there. We need to change the whole culture of the relationship with food. An economic downturn will be met with lower priced fast foot 'deals'. What an uphill battle we face!

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NATTSO78 10/8/2008 8:14AM

  this is pretty much what I needed at this point in my life - thank you!

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Pitfalls To Avoid

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So now, youíre determined to lose a few pounds and get rid of that mid-section and those love handles. You know you need to make some changes in order to have a healthier life. Just be sure you donít do things that might decrease your likelihood for success - and a key to this is improper goal setting. Here are three things that I think are important things to consider.

First, be sure your timeline is realistic. If youíre overweight, establishing a plan to lose say 35 pounds is excellent; however, if you expect to lose that much weight within the next month Ė safely Ė for your high school reunion, then youíre setting yourself up for a big disappointment. The average healthy man or woman should lose approximately 1 to 3 pounds per week, give or take a pound depending on the individual, their amount of muscle mass, and their metabolism. Losing much more than that could have negative health consequences and may do more harm than good. But more than that, if you set goals too high and you donít meet those goals, that can be very discouraging and ultimately sabotage your progress. That is when many people give up and quit.

Second, your exercise goals can either help or hurt you. Itís noble to want to exercise everyday. But if youíre like many people who are not accustomed to a regular exercise routine, working out everyday may be quite a lot. In addition, you might be a little disappointed if you can only exercise 4 days in stead of everyday. Set doable exercise goals to help ensure you meet them.

Finally, be sure you donít allow other activities to interfere with your fitness and nutrition plans. Itís easy to let family demands get in the way of your exercise, or your hectic work schedule might prevent you from eating a healthy meal. Other times, your three-year old son or daughter having a tantrum might make you feel too stressed to have dinner. While these things are significant and do require your focus, they are no more important than your health goals. You must make a plan and stick to it, remembering to have a back-up plan too.

Make plans to have full meals; however, always keep healthy snacks on hand in the event you canít eat when you want to. Donít think that since you didnít have time to go to the gym today that youíll just get in your exercise tomorrow. Be creative and design a regime that you can do at home. If you belong to a gym, take a few minutes to ask one of the fitness instructors. Many gyms charge for a formal consultation. But youíd be surprised just how far a little kindness and a smile will get you. I have had some very good luck with getting advice from the fitness instructors at my gym just by being pleasant and asking nicely. If that isnít an option for you and you are unable to think of anything on your own, go online. The Internet has information on anything under the sun. A few carefully constructed search queries will give you lots of things. If you donít find what you want (or like) on your first try, revise your search terms by using synonyms of the words you used. If you canít do that, take a look at your cable or satellite programming. There are some channels that feature exercise shows. In addition, if you have some type of On-Demand programming such as what Comcast offers, look for a Fitness channel. Other cable and satellite companies have similar programming too. You could also grab a broom or a mop or a dust rag or the vacuum and clean your house. Activities around cleaning can be great because if can require your use of many different muscle groups Ė upper and lower body workouts.
If all else fails, pop in a CD or put on your iPod and start dancing around the room. The type of exercise you can get at home is only limited by your imagination.

Your health is important. You have to work hard, set realistic goals, and treat them with just as much importance as anything else in your life. Keep at it and in no time at all, youíll be proud of yourself for the progress you have made.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LILSHINE 10/2/2008 1:36PM

    Wonderful advice, thanks for sharing

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ASH72461 10/2/2008 1:19PM

  that is great advice
setting goals you get actually get
i get live with that

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CUTEPACK 10/1/2008 10:47PM

    Being a Gastric Bypass patient I have been having a tough time with eating. I have been trying to set new goals as far as getting all my nutrients in. I have started a monthly meal plan with a check off list as I eat the food (SP meal plan printed helps).
I definitely have to get the exercise in during the morning because if it doesn't get done then it wont get done any other time during the day.
Without setting goals and guidelines I know I would not be where I am right now (at goal weight).

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NATTSO78 10/1/2008 9:37PM

  awesome advice! emoticon

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ZORAHGAIL 10/1/2008 4:16PM

    Great guidelines!

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