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Why We Do The Things We Do!

Friday, March 28, 2008

We all have different reasons for maintaining a healthy diet and getting more exercise. Some people are concerned about hypertension, cholesterol, or clogged arteries. Others want to look better while strolling the beach wearing next to nothing. Still, others are interested in becoming more active and participating in more activities with their spouse or their kids. For many, their appearance is tied closely to how they feel inside and the ways in which they view themselves and their overall level of self-esteem. There needs to be a compelling motivator to keep you focused and on track or you wonít likely be nearly as successful. Furthermore, the more personal the reason, the better results you will see.

It is easy to set a weight loss goal for yourself. Why do you want to lose weight? What is your motivation and how personal is it? If youíre not really ure what the reason is, that doesnít mean you should throw in the towel and give up on your goals. But you ought to take time to focus and identify a goal to keep you focused on that target.

Recently, an associate who was severely overweight had a mild heart attack. During her two-stay in the hospital, the only thing on her mind was her nine-year-old daughter. She kept thinking that she knew of no one reliable to care for her daughter if she were not there to do it herself. That little girl was her motivation to change her ways and improve her health.

Like that woman, take some time to think and reflect on what your motivator is to lose weight and become healthier. Doing so will increase your chances of success; if you have more than one motivator, thatís even better.

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HEADRICK 3/30/2008 10:49AM

    This is all very true. My children, and of course my back problem is my stimulus to lose weight and live a more healthier lifestyle. I just lost an aunt to ASVD (arteriosclerotic vascular disease) at 55 years of age. She was a beautiful person. However, we both grew up eating the same types of food, cooking it the same type of way; and not moving!! My plan is to get healthy, and enjoy doing it. Thanks Will, this is a pretty good blog.

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Share The Wealth

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making progress with our health, nutrition, and fitness goals isnít always easy; however for some people, it seems much easier than it its for others. But just because it seems easier doesnít mean that it IS easier. No matter how easy someone's elses success may look to us, let's face it: trying to eat healthy and lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle can pose challenges and be very difficult.

That is the beauty of a network such as Sparkpeople. It allows each of us to unite to share tips and ideas, ask questions and post our goals so that as a community, we can motivate one another and learn from each other. That makes a very difficult and daunting goal easier to manage.

We all have techniques and strategies that help us, even when we backslide and fall of the wagon. We always go back to our own tried and proven ways. For me, I think of my progress as a little baby step toward the finish line. If I donít snack all day on unhealthy foods and if I stay within my calorie and protein objectives and if I find the energy and motivation to do some exercise, then I consider myself as making progress. Baby steps.

I donít need to lose two pounds every week for me to see progress. I donít need to lose an inch or two from my waist to see progress. Progress to me is being consistent and staying true to my plan. Progress is not getting discouraged even though I saw no change, with my weight (and waistline) remaining the same for several days. Progress is recognizing that I followed all the proper steps that I created for myself toward a healthy lifestyle. Baby steps.

Itís those baby steps that keep me going. In the end, itís those types of little steps that have the longest and most significant impact, bit by bit - inch by inch. Typically, weight that is lost quickly does not usually stay off for long. It is the small steps that offer the greatest chance for success. Just think of the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare" where the hare took giant leaps and bounds toward the finish line and the tortoise moved forward at a slow even steady pace. The tortoise was victorious. This is my strategy and in the end, I will be victorious too. This is what keeps me going and remaining successful.

What about you? What is YOUR trick or tip for your success. Share the wealth!

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MEYCHEY 3/20/2008 8:40PM

    Well said, Friend. I've been on diets where the weight couldn't come off fast enough! And then it returned as quickly when I stopped dieting. I like the SP way of planning for your health and making the changes that are going to last me this time around. And you are absolutely right...it is baby steps we're taking. The weight comes off slowly as I learn how to eat in a healthy manner and exercise to help my body become as fit as it can be.

I'm glad we're sharing a part of this journey together. You've got some things to say that I need to hear. Thank you.

Peace and happiness. Meychey

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    Well said! I wish you luck on your baby steps.

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It Just Takes 21 Days

Friday, March 14, 2008

We all make one excuse or another when it comes to eating in a more healthy way. For me in the beginning, Iíd eat healthy Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday I rationalized by saying I would reward myself on the weekends. Well, I donít need to tell you that doing that was no reward. Friday through Sunday ended up being Friday through Friday until I completely fell off the wagon.

On some level, I donít even believe I was ever really on that wagon. It takes several weeks for there to be any marked changes to the body from improved diet and nutrition behaviors. While you may see an inch off the waistline here or a pound off the scale there, those instant noticeable changes are really perfunctory changes. The real changes come over time when your mind and your body become a new organism to complement your fitness and eating habits.

As you maintain healthy living, your new habits soon become ingrained within you and you find yourself spending less time thinking and planning. Maintaining healthy living eventually becomes natural, and all it takes is having willpower and dedication to keep doing it amidst the temptation.

Experts agree that it only takes 21 days to change behavior. Maxwell Maltz first introduced that concept in a book, Psycho-Cybernetics. His training was as a cosmetic surgeon who advised his patients to try changing how they viewed themselves before getting surgery to change their aesthetic appearance. Over the years, the 21-day concept has been used for virtually everything, as the premise is the same no matter what the topic, especially when it comes to eating and living more healthily.

Stick with your eating plan for 21 days Ė consistently Ė and you will notice several things. First, your body will begin to adjust to your new habits and will help you to burn more calories and consequently, youíll notice how your weight loss and your toning will soar. Second, exercise and eating a more healthy diet will come more easily and naturally to you and youíll likely enjoy the new habits. Third, youíll notice improved changes in your numbers (i.e., blood pressure, cholesterol), and for most people, the changes will be significant. And last and most important, youíll love how you feel both inside and out. Youíll have more energy and you will sleep better and find yourself more productive throughout the day. But you will also feel good about yourself for making progress and moving one step closer toward your goals. That will go a long way to motivate you not to give up.

Add the 21 day thinking to your life. As youíre starting out, 21 days may seem like an eternity. Thatís especially true when you are thinking of that three-cheese lasagna or that German chocolate cheesecake. But with a little effort and motivation, those 21 days will zoom by and you will be well on your way to the new you.

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NIGELNIA 3/22/2008 7:47AM

    I can definitely relate to this blog as I have been working real hard during the week and the weekend comes and I am hanging out with my family and making bad choices. Which of course affect all the good work I did during the week. I read about the change of life style that can occur in 21 days. I have manage to change my life style in regards to my work out but truly not my eating. So I will renew my 21 day challenge today focusing on the entire picture. Great blog. Brother keep on doing you. Work it. (smile

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JIBBIE49 3/18/2008 10:53AM

    Maxwell Maltz, M.D. was a brilliant man and his book was proven over and over to be factual. I've signed into SP for 158 days now and I've so changed my eating habits and drinking my water. My weight loss has been slow, but I hate WINTER and COLD, so now that it is getting pretty outside I feel better and I will start seeing my numbers go down. My #1 Sparkpeople goal is to NEVER EVER GAIN BACK A POUND THAT I HAVE LOST. I have been staying with that goal first and foremost.

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SUZE307 3/17/2008 12:22PM

    Thank you. I am up for the 21 day challenge starting today. I am excited about getting results. So far I have lost two pounds. You have encouraged me:)

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HAPPYKATIE27 3/14/2008 10:01AM

    I love this! I'm going to give it a shot :)

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The Push For Whole Foods

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More people these days are striving toward a diet that consist of whole foods. No, Iím not speaking about the supermarket chain. Iím speaking about a way of eating. If you are unfamiliar with a whole foods way of eating, then take note. Whole foods, also referred to as natural foods (or all natural foods) are those food items that are in their most natural state. Whether cooked or not, whole foods are unprocessed, without any artificial colors or flavorings, and contain no preservatives.

You might wonder how to tell whether or not something is a whole food. Well, in most cases, if it comes in a can, jar, bottle, or other packaging, it usually isnít very whole. But the best way to tell is by reading the ingredients.

In many cases, reading labels or searching the Internet will not always help you. Even some experts have a difficult time trying to figure out what is or is not a whole food. When in doubt, just ask. With the increase in the number of people concerned about maintaining a more healthy diet, some food manufacturers are eager to accommodate and provide healthy options. Call or write the company of your favorite soup or juice.

Okay, I hear what youíre thinking. You want to know why you should be interested in whole foods, right? The healthiest people are those who consume foods that are in their natural form. Whenever foods are processed, it changes the foods composition and doing so diminishes some of quality. Not only that, but some of the preservatives may not be good for you.

Donít be misled. Natural or whole foods donít necessarily equate to organic. There are federally-mandate requirements that must be met for manufacturers to label something as organic. The US Department of Agriculture regulates. For more information on these requirements and a primer on whole or natural foods, visit the following Web sites:







Workout Help

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did you know that Sparkpeople has free workout videos? If you said no, then I have good news for you. SP has several workout videos, hosted by Coach Nicole, to help those of you who spend lots of time sitting at home on the floor in need of exercise not knowing what to do.

Whether youíre a fitness pro or just starting out, there is something just for you among them. Check out the site,


and get busy with working out those muscles.

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BIGMISTA 1/23/2008 4:21PM

    Cool! I have been incorporating bodyweight exercises into my work. Never hurts to have some variety.

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    Thanks for the good advice... Its always good to mix it up and have options.

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