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Food Recall Alert

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Food mistakes like this sure do happen a lot. One of the latest in food recalls is Alexia Foods, Inc., which has issued a recall because of a food allergen, pine nuts, not declared on the package of its olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and Pesto Oven Reds frozen seasoned potato wedges. This is a nationwide recall for products with the UPC # 34183 00108, and sell by dates of: Sell By 5385050811, Sell By 5385050911, Sell By 5385051011, and Sell By 5385051111 (printed on the upper left back panel).

See the following Food and Drug Administration Press Release for further information about this recall:


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SUNNYH99 11/3/2009 12:46PM

    Wow, thanks, Will. BTW, how're your Redskins doing? Our Giants are so bad now DH wants alternative Sunday plans! Have a great day.
emoticon Sunny

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November is American Diabetes Month

Monday, November 02, 2009

November is American Diabetes Monthģ and this time every year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants to use this time to help bring awareness to this debilitating disease. Diabetes is a serious medical condition, and if not treated, it can cause complications such as heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and loss of limbs.

The important thing I want to tell you about diabetes is that it starts out as a silent disease. That means, there as it is developing in your body, there are no outward signs. Usually by the time you do see physical signs, your diabetes has reached the chronic stage.

According to the ADA web site:
-24 million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes
-57 million Americans are at risk for type 2 diabetes
-1 out of every 3 children born today will face a future with diabetes if current trends continue
-The deaths of nearly a quarter of a million people every year are attributable to diabetes

I have had several family members suffer and die from it. Diabetes is no joke, and the only way to catch it in time is to get tested. Did you know that many people can control their diabetes through diet and exercise? But in order to do that, you have to first find out if you have diabetes, and people with weight problems are at an increased risk for getting it. Donít tell yourself that you donít have to worry about getting it. Just get tested. It just may save your life.

For more information on diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Web site:


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TRAVELNISTA 11/2/2009 9:21PM

    emoticon Blog! emoticon info!

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Keeping Halloween Safe For Your Kids

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Itís that time of year again. Halloween is meant to be fun for kids. Exercising a few measures up front can help ensure it is fun, healthy, and safe for kids of all ages. This is a good time to remind people of some things we should already be doing all year long.

First, teach kids about portioning out the treats they get from trick-or-treating. Although many people are giving out healthier treats than the chocolaty, sugary treats that are commonly associated with Halloween, too much of anything isnít good.. Teaching them portion control is an important lesson for kids to learn, particularly with the obesity problems facing many children. Developing good habits while young is a lesson that will serve kids well into adulthood.

Second, be sure your childís costume is flame resistant. These types of costumes have labels that let you know that they are treated or made with material that will not easily burn. Also, talk with your children about safety measures, and tell them to fall to the ground and roll. It is a good idea to practice this beforehand. The ďStop, Drop, and RollĒ technique is one that can save their lives, and if you practice it with them, they will be better prepared if they should ever need to do it for real.

Third, even though many smart parents will go with their children (or entrust them with other responsible parties) while trick-or-treating, it is very easy for the children to become separated. Sew your childís name (and your own name) and contact information on the inside of the costume, letting your child know that it is there. Also, teach kids what to do in the event they are lost. Many parents think it isnít necessary since they will be out with their kids, but it only takes a quick blink of an eye for a kid to turn up missing.

Fourth, stress to kids about being alert to strangers. Also kids should be taught they should never go inside anyoneís home. Halloween is a popular time for child predators to abduct or harm children. Arm your children with knowledge without scaring them. If you need help, visit the Web site of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). There are many resources on the site to help you to keep your children safe. Itís important not to scare your children; however, discussing safety measure can save them from harm.

Take a moment and surf through the pages of the NCMEC; these are helpful not just at Halloween, but all throughout the year.


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TEACHINGAGAIN 10/28/2009 2:32PM

    Another way to keep safe is not to go at all...

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Eat More Tomatoes

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tomatoes are a very diverse food. I hesitate labeling them as a fruit or vegetable here, as the debate on which category they fit into has been going on for decades. But whatever you call them, tomatoes are great to add to your diet.

First of all, I love the flavor. They are delicious. My grandmother ate them like most people eat apples. I love the little cherry or grape tomatoes that I can pop in my mouth as an alternative snack to eating grapes.

Second, tomatoes are diverse. You can do so many different things with them. You can eat them raw, make juice, use in a marinara sauce over pasta or in soups, and use as a main ingredient for casseroles. I once had dinner and the host served some tomato bread. That was amazing.

Third, and one of the most important reasons to love tomatoes, is because they are filled with many nutrients. Some of the big ones are Vitamins A, C, E, and K, potassium, iron, and protein. Tomatoes also are filled with fiber and aid colon health, prostate health, and help guard against carcinogens.

Any way you slice them, tomatoes are good for you. There are many different types and varieties. Take some home today, or try to be like a lot of people and grow your own.

Read more about tomatoes from these articles:




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TRAVELNISTA 10/22/2009 4:39PM

    I love tomatoes, especially our Jersey tomatoes but as soon as we have the 1st frost they are no longer available. I feel so sorry for those that are allergic to tomatoes because I don't think I could ever give them up. There are so many uses as you pointed out.

The grape and cherry tomatoes I can eat like candy. I will even buy the sun dried tomatoes you find in the Farmer's Markets and some grocery stores and eat them as a snack. They are so flavor intensified when they are sundried. I eat the ones that are not packed in oil, I don't need the extra calories.

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PLATINUM755 10/21/2009 9:58PM

    Another person who eats them like grapes... how cool! emoticon

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ETAGGEL 10/21/2009 12:41PM

    Thank you for posting!


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TEACHINGAGAIN 10/21/2009 9:28AM

    For those who cannot eat them because of the seeds, my brother found and raised SEEDLESS tomatoes this summer. He said they were good.

For those who do not eat them because of the acid in them, they have had LOW ACID tomatoes for years now. We love them!

Now if they only had a LOW ACID, SEEDLESS tomato! (Anyone ever heard of that?)

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    emoticon Great blog about a great food! Thanks for all the info!

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    I agree!

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Struggling Weekends

Friday, October 02, 2009

The weekend is one of the most difficult times for many. A lot of people struggle during the weekend. Thatís the time when lots of people complain about how hard it is to stay on the wagon. So, here are three tips that may help:

First, try to stay busy. The busier you are, the more likely you are to avoid too much snacking.

Second, donít keep the junk in the house. If you live with someone who eats it and you do have junk food around, portion out small snack serving sizes. I use little baggies for that, and I just grab one when I want to snack on junk food. Itís healthier that way, and most importantly for me, itís cheaper than buying those snacks already portioned in small snack sizes (such as those 100 calorie snacks you see these days). That will help keep the calories down, not just for you but for the other snack eaters in the house.

Lastly, schedule more time for physical activity. Do some crunches in between commercials or turn off the TV and play some music and dance.

Good luck and enjoy your weekend! I'll be rooting for the Washington Redskins. Lord knows if anyone is struggling, they sure are.


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_VALEO_ 10/11/2009 4:49AM

    Planning my weekends and my meals works for me.
I don't buy anymore the 100 calorie snack, because I ended up eating 2-3 of them -sometimes more- as it doesn't fill me up enough. :(

I hope you enjoyed watching the Redskins.

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TENNISJIM 10/5/2009 6:57AM

    Great advice. Yes, the Skins are struggling. They barely beat one of the worst teams.

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AGENTMNA 10/4/2009 5:10AM

    Great blog! I dined out this weekend (Friday AND Saturday) with girlfriends! That through me way off! Jumped back on the saddle as of this morning though! Love the tips!
-Reese. emoticon

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HAPPY-DESTINY 10/3/2009 12:17AM

    Thanks..great tips!!

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LIVINHEALTHY9 10/2/2009 10:23PM

    Weekends are definitely more of a temptation.
Great suggestions, Will.


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