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Exercise and Appetite

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I wonder whether there is any correlation to exercise and appetite. Iím finding in my case, since Iím increased my physical activity, I donít seem to be nearly as hungry and donít have the cravings for snacks (or junk food). Is there any scientific basis to what Iím experiencing?

I have talked to others who unofficially state the same types of findings. So, maybe for those of you who much on things when you donít desire to, try beefing up your exercise plan. I has worked for me.

I sure would love to know whether anyone knows of any sourcing to support my findings. If you know of any, please reply here.

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    Sorry dont have facts to add, but I do see the same results. I thought it may be the protien stakes too.

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Don't Let Setbacks Ruin Your Progress

Friday, September 21, 2007

If you are on a health and fitness program, there is likely to be a day when you slip up and donít meet your daily goals. Those times have the potential to sabotage the gains you have made. Donít allow those times to discourage you and stop you from being focused. It isnít a big deal if you went out drinking with your buddies and had a couple Margaritas, consuming 2000 (or more) extra empty calories. So what if while at dinner, you couldnít resist the temptation to have a slice of that cake being served for dessert and took in another extra 650 calories and 45 grams of fat.

Today is a new day. That one moment of lost discretion and judgment wonít stop the progress you have made. Donít allow the guilt you feel cause you to continue with bad habits. Take time to review your fitness and nutrition goals and put them into action again.

You only had one day of setbacks. If you begin again today, what happened yesterday doesnít at all matter!


Stay On Track

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"The things that are hard to bear, are sweet to remember."

Sometimes, itís those tough things in life that ring the loudest in our minds. The pain and adversity we endure can be worse if we dwell upon them. We let the setbacks keep us from working assiduously toward our goals.

While those barriers can be enormous learning tools and can teach us a lot about the strategies we employ, we need not let them hold us back. As itís been said, ďkeep your eyes on the prizeĒ and through this affirmation, we will be more successful.

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JAMES_NORCAL 9/20/2007 3:27PM

    Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I forget that "slow and steady" will get me to my goal...

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Don't Wear Your Smile In Your Pocket

Friday, September 14, 2007

Smiling is an effortless gesture that is free. Some people believe it's difficult to smile if there is pain. "If you're unhappy," they proclaim, "how are you supposed to smile."

I say, in the midst of your agony, smile anyhow. Relish at the joy that you will enjoy in the future. If you smile now, the joy will come later. You're never fully dressed without a smile, so smile on today so that you will be happy tomorrow.



Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have heard it said that it takes 20 years to achieve success. There is no such thing as an overnight success. While you may look up one day and suddenly realize that this person over here of that person over there is a big sensation. Believe me, it didn't happen over night, even if it appears that it may have.

When I say that it takes 20 years to achieve success, "20" is an arbitrary number. The point being that success begins with a seed that is nursed and watered for many years. We do not always see the hard work that it takes to become successful. But the fruits of that hard work are manifested years later when you suddenly look at your achievement and can say, "job well done."

Nothing is more true of this than your fitness and nutrition goals. If you have a 42 waist and your goal is to get down to 32, don't expect it to happen suddenly. Have patience and determination. In time, you'll see that your hard work wasn't for nothing.


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